First Anniversary

Well, Here is its.. the Big First Anniversary.... Let me tell you this is not the one we expected to have.. First we were going to Cuba, then a staycation in St. Pete due to Zika and now trapped in our house waiting for Hurricane Irma. Yes, we were the Floridians that decided to stay because we truly thought it would miss us. So, since I am stuck in the house awaiting a hurricane I have had time to reflect and wanted to give you some advice/insight. 

I love my husband and we have been married happily for a year.. That is what matters.. Not some silly vacation or gift. We have each other and are thankful. We made vows on this day and we have lived by them. Do we argue? Yes, Do we get mad? Yes, do we learn to accept each other the way we are? Yes. That is what is important. Social Media plays a hard trick on people thinking couples never argue and have perfect lives.. I am here to tell you that EVERY couple has arguments.. Not knock out drag down ones but normal ones, that normal couples have. Why? Because that is normal and no matter how hard you try one day you will just wake up pissed out at the world and be a complete crazy person for the day and ya know what? That is NORMAL!! 

I wanted to say that because everyone always thinks "perfect" exists and it doesn't.. While I have the perfect marriage for me that doesn't mean that we are always perfect. We love each other through everything no matter what. That was our vow. Always choose love. We have had struggles this year with what we thought something would be an easy process and turns out it has not been for us. We have now embraced the path God chose for us and we know that path will lead us to the right way. I will eventually go in detail about our struggle when the time is right. Right now it just isn't. I have been doing videos during this process and I think a lot of women will relate. I will say this.. My point to this whole thing is nothing is perfect. But my marriage is perfect for me and him. He is perfect for me. I accept him and love him as he does me. These past months he has been my rock and had my back during every decision which I will explain would be hard for some men to do and Logan has been a champ. I hope you all love these videos. I am also sending the link and passcode to watch our whole video for the ceremony in case you are bored lol. 

This was the best day of my life and I love looking back and seeing everything from the way he looked to his smile, to his words and the way he said them. Today, I am thankful my dear, sweet husband. You make me proud everyday. You are my rock, and personal comedian and I love you. 

The Most Tender Meatballs Ever!

Ok ladies, listen up! If you are like me you always are trying to figure out how to make the perfect meatball! I swear mine are always tough and never tender.. Well, the search is over and I hope you enjoy this recipe as I know me and Logan did! I will now use the applesauce in all my meatballs as it made it beyond tender! This dish is also healthy so not a bad way to start off tomorrow and get your week on track with healthy eating! I found this recipe in a Cookbook I have been loving, called Add a Pinch. I have linked it below as well! Ok, enough talking... Recipe below!!!



2lbs ground beef

1/4 med onion

1 garlic clove

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

1/4 cup Apple sauce (recipe for that follows) 


1/2 med onion

1 small belle pepper (chopped)

3 Cups tomato sauce (I normally make my own but I bought a onion one at Sprouts and worked and tasted amazing)

1/4 cup applesauce

1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

1 garlic clove

1/2 teaspoon pink salt

5 med zucchini with veggie peeler (will be linked)

Grated or shaved parmesean cheese for garnish 


STEP 1.  Make the meatballs- In a large bowl, combine the ground beef, onion, garlic, applesauce, and Worcestershire sauce. Roll into 2 in balls.

2. In a 12 in skillet set over medium heat, working in batches, cook the meatballs turning occasionally to ensure all sides brown, which takes 7 min. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the meatballs to large bowl and discard any drippings in the pan. 

3. Make the sauce:  In the same skillet, set over medium heat, combine the onion and bell pepper. Cook, stirring until tender, about 3 min. Add the tomato sauce, applesauce, lemon juice, garlic, and salt and cook until the sauce has reduced and thickened, about 20 min. Add the meatballs to the sauce and simmer for 10 min.

4. Use the Veggie Peeler, and then either put on plates and pour sauce over and serve or I personally like to heat up the zucchini for a few min on medium heat in a clean skillet. Then I add to plates and spoon sauce and meatballs over it and top with grated parmesean.


Homemade Applesauce: 

3 Granny Smith apples, peeled, and cored

3 Macintosh or Honeycrisp apples, peeled and cored

1/4 cup apple juice

Cut the apples into wedges and place in large pot of water. Bring it to a simmer, and cook until apples are tender enough to mash, approx 30 min. Remove from heat. Working in batches, Place apples in food processor and blend til the sauce reaches the consistency you prefer. Great news, this applesauce will last for 3 weeks in a airtight container in the fridge! 


There is its! The best meatball recipe!! Also, a few of you asked about my plates and they are discontinued so I linked the other ones I have as they match the other ones perfectly and are still cute and rustic looking! I also am linking all my pots I used! Hope you all enjoy! 



FullSizeRender (6).jpg

The New Cleanse

So many people juice these days it is unreal... You would think the vitamix was invented this year! I have tried juice cleanses and they do not work for me as I am starving and fail... No matter what I cannot keep with the program. That's why I tried Soupure. I have tried it before but this time I did the Summer Slim down and I loved it! I felt energized and full and loved I could eat food as I was doing it. This is not a cleanse but a jumpstart on a healthier life. 

Before, with the soup cleanse you just ate the soup which is delicious btw, but that was it. After that, you go back to regular life. Well, with this one for me it was about starting over and monitoring my eating habits. The goal is to have a soup before your meal. Their soups are whole veggies with fiber and protein, so you get full faster and therefore eat less. Not only do you get to eat real food but they give you recipes. In my book this was an added bonus. When you are not full you tend to crave more starchy foods, so due to you eating this soup which is low in sodium and high in protein you tend to not crave the foods you normally would. Therefore, you are starting to restart the way you live your life and eat. The best part is you slowly lose weight which means you keep it off, because you are making small, healthy choices and learning as you go. 

With most cleanses, you might lose weight faster but you can it back immediately!!!! How bad does that suck? You starve for 7 days and then you lose 5 lbs all to gain it back the second you eat a cheeseburger? Yea, that does not work or sound pleasant to me. This is something I can follow and start to crave. These soups are soooo delicious and trust me, I didn't think they would be. I felt like my mom was trying to feed me veggies as a kid and I wouldn't like it but would have to force down.. My first spoonful of the split pea was to die for!!!! Logan, even liked it so much that when I did the Summer Slimdown he said "did you get some for me" lol no joke!! And, I didn't lol I know insert bad wife comments. It is just rare a man would like this stuff but it si so good he does!!! After my 10 day slimdown my body reset and I was making healthier choices and not craving potatoes lol to fill me up! I lost 3lbs that have STAYED off! That right there is why I love the Soup Cleanse and summer slimdown. You keep what you lose off! Ladies, i swear you will be addicted to this Soup trust me! Today they have coupon on their website for 25% off if you are a returning customer! And they lowered shipping rates!!!! By a lot!!! Go check them out as you all know I love tea, but you cannot do it all the time. This you can and it is a long term fix!



Botox and Fillers Round 2.

Well, maybe some of you know and some don't but every time I am in Nashville I call it my B&B (Botox and Blonde) because they are the only people I trust for my Botox and color. I went to see Dr. Biesman again, as honestly he really is the best! What is amazing is that some of you go to him and have said the same thing.. which was great to hear! I love knowing that who and what I recommend you had the same interaction with and love them or the product, whatever it may be.

This trip to Nash, I went in to get Botox and Dr. Biesman had noticed I lost weight.. great right? Well, maybe for the body but not for the face. That is why when you see people with a tad more weight that have zero wrinkles!!! It is amazing!! Anyway, He said he wanted to lift my cheeks ever so slightly with Restylane Lyft which last longer and is the new "it" filler.  Because I know he is very "light handed" when it comes to cosmetic procedures I trusted him after we finished my "baby botox" which I got 14 units. I chose to get this amount because at this point I still want movement. So I might need touchups a tad more often I still like this because I am comfortable with it and my doctor supports it. * Note* always find a doctor who you trust and in return they respect your wishes*

Now, back to my little ol' cheeks. He injected a tiny amount to give me a little lift where I had lost the volume from my weight loss. I had lost about 10lbs since my wedding as I was 125 before wedding and now 115 lb although i dropped to 112 for the actual wedding day (another blog post in its own lol). So that 10 lbs left my face a little flat. After he injected I saw a subtle immediate result and loved it. It did not look fake or anything just a  "lift", which is exactly what I wanted. Also, this part is amazing... He also injected my chin.. YES CHIN!!! I have deep smile lines and that is hereditary BUT I HATE filler in those smile lines because it moves and then you have chipmunk cheeks and that is not good on me. Did it once and never again! He gave me a little on both edges of my chin and guess what diminished??? Yep my deep ole' smile lines. Yes, they are still there, Yes, they are something that will always bother me BUT to think he can inject me in my chin and my upper cheek and somehow the combo makes them less noticeable without chipmunk face? ALL IN!! Sorry I was amazed and literally so happy when I saw that!

Next we did my lips. I only wanted a tiny about for a "bump" that's all.. For  lips we used Volbella.  A lot of people think that when you get lips you overdo it but if you have the right doctor that isn't the case. Mine are such a subtle difference that no one notices the lips they just say "you look refreshed" and girls, let me tell you, I am NOT refreshed lol! I barely sleep, so it is def Dr. Biesman on this one!

Every time I come back from Nashville I am feeling like a new and improved woman.. I mean I am but I feel it lol. There is no better feeling than feeling great about yourself! That is why I like being open about what I do. I am strict with skincare and my yearly upkeeps. I have found the best doctor, best skincare and I am sticking to it! You have to do what makes you happy and honestly.. to hell with anyone who judges you!!! YOUR life, YOUR body, YOUR choice. As my mamaw would say "tell them to stick it, where the good Lord split cha" lol. 

Dr. Biesman was kind enough to give some advice and I want you to keep reading to see what he has to say!!! I did a little Q & A with him for the 2 most common questions! Hope you like! Til Next time ladies!!!  Be sure to follow Dr. Biesman on social for skincare and updates! 


1. How old should I be before I get Botox? Filler?

We have learned that Botox does seem to prevent the development of wrinkles and lines,

especially if one of both of your parents (or older siblings) have them. We routinely treat

patients (men and women) who are in their early 20s.

Fillers are also commonly used in young people. When treating patients in their early 20s we are

typically enhancing features that were never prominent- filling in depressions under the eyes that

make us look tired (tear troughs), enhancing lip volume, or creating a stronger chin profile. As

aging changes begin to take place, volume is both lost and redistributed. The goal of treatment

with fillers in these patients is to reverse the aging changes.

2. Should I use permanent fillers? Wouldn’t that be better as it would save me having to get treated regularly?

NO!!! There are a number of great fillers on the market that all have somewhat different and

unique properties. Some are better for lifting, some better for filling, some “stiff” whereas others

are smoother and softer. Some products are best used in lips or fine lines whereas others are

better used in the cheeks, chin, and/or temples. However, all of these products have a limited

lifespan. This is a good thing as you want to be treated with products that can be adjusted as

your needs change over time. The vast majority of the filler products on the market today can

also be reversed if you don’t like something about them or some problem arises.

When using permanent fillers you do not have a choice as to flexibility, softness, etc., cannot

modify the products if there is a problem and, even if you love the products, what looks good

when you are 35 may look terrible at 45, 55, or 65, depending on how your face changes over

time. The one exception to this rule may be the treatment of certain scars but, otherwise, please

avoid permanent fillers

Another Sale, Another Dollar.. Dollars... Charges.. explanation to Husbands

Well y'all the Nordstrom Half yearly Sale is here and I have been waiting for some items to go on sale and they did! Below find a guide to my top fave items from this sale. And if your significant other asks you " babe why did you buy that" say " well honey it was 40% off so it was basically free..  I basically got it for free it is next to nothing, I did it for us" lol.. NOTE: This will not work but worth a try.



Women's Clothing Under $50

Pants and things like that 


Honestly girls, stop judging and say yes!! I just want to maybe go on a rant for a second before i talk botox. Why do we need the urge to judge someone that gets botox or fillers? It makes them feel better, they like it, and guess what they aren't hurting you by doing it! Do they judge your no botox? Or lack of fillers? Probably.. This goes for BOTH sides!! Stop judging each other!!

If someone feels better with zero botox and is an au' natural type gal then so be it if she is happy, and same goes for you all too! If you see a girl that has fillers and botox and she is happy who cares! We thankfully live in a world where we can make our own decisions and do what we want and makes us feel beautiful! Ok, I'm done for now lol! Now to botox!!!!

In my line of work I concentrate on clients meaning , I get lines in my forehead because I am squinting and concentrating. I noticed them getting deeper and I personally wanted to prevent it. Nothing wrong with aging and having wrinkles, however, my choice is to prevent!! So, I started going at 28 and honestly it was best decision for me! I love it! I can still move my forehead and have less wrinkles! I don't want to be a plastic face but some things  I like to fix and this is one. I also looked at my mamaw and mom and saw where they aged and I am cautious of that because well this is where DNA kicks in. If you notice your mom, dad's, or anyone in your families wrinkles chances are that is how you will age. You can do creams, lasers and stay out sun and yes all this helps BUT it will not take it completely away!! 

Girls and Women all the time ask me " what is your skincare" and I have a very good skincare system I follow and do it religiously. I also stay out of the sun and apply SPF. I am very good to my skin but guess what? Age is age and sadly over time a wrinkle will occur so I shoot that puppy down with Botox. Another common misunderstanding is that makeup can cover wrinkles.. Are you ready for the most truth I will ever hit you with? It is harsh but true.  You know how you pave your driveway and it has cracks and if you put water in it the water seeps down into the cracks but if doesn't make it better? It just lays in the cracks? Well, my dear that is makeup on a wrinkle! I could scream the amount of times girls have said can you cover my wrinkle. I am honest and I'm like "girl, here is my doctor" and sadly they get offended, however, I will not lie. No, you cannot cover wrinkles with makeup!  

Now, to finding the right Doctor! I found Dr. Biesman through referral and that is my advice to you. Find someone who your friends go to or someone you know. Trust me on that! I went to him because I knew about a handful of women that went to him and they all look amazing! Well, I went and have never since been to anyone else. I trust him! I don't get nervous or worry because I know it is going to turn out great. He doesn't ever try to push more on me and I love that. He is a fan of aging gracefully and that is what I love about his practice. When you see a doctor they should become a friend, someone you can trust and take advice from. If you do not feel  that way then you haven't found your doctor! 

Now that is in my 30's I am finally confident in my Doctor and my choices I have made. Some might not feel the way I do and that is ok. Remember, don't judge. I am in the beauty industry which means I will probably try anything once lol. However, with botox I am a lifelong client. Not only has it helped with wrinkles but my oh my girls my forehead glows after a visit lol! That btw is a rule of thumb to know when someone is lying. There is only so much highlighter one can add and if they have on no makeup and they are glowing on their head.. well... it is probably botox! And guess what? It is ok! So, if after you read this you are wondering if you should get it, first look at your family, then at your wrinkles and how deep, next compare photos of you when you were younger to see how you are aging. If there is a big difference then go see a Doctor and get their opinion. 

Upkeep was the best decision I made for myself. 


Florals and Suede

As much as I love a nice jacket I love floral and fun blouses! They are so fun to pair with anything, even sweatpants! Ok, I know you are asking yourself "Really? Sweats?" and the answer is yes! I have done that before and highly recommend! Anyway, today I paired a fun, floral and ruffle blouse with a army green suede skirt, well, faux suede as it was only $12!

I purchased it as a local boutique in Nashville and haven't worn it yet.  However, when I ordered this blouse I was like Ding!!! This is the skirt! And so it was an outfit was created... Maybe one of my fav girly ones at that! Check out where I got this outfit! 

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 8.37.02 PM.png

That time I actually had my makeup done!

Since I am a makeup artist, I hate having my makeup done as honestly it isn't that it is bad it just isn't what I like. Well, for the first time I actually ASKED someone to do my makeup because her work looked amazing and she seemed very sweet. We had chatted before on Insta (as most makeup artists do) and became "insta friends". Her name is Lyndsay Kravitz and she is a talented, sweet, hard working artist! Her clients include: Jessica Burciaga, Renee Bargh, Becca Tilley, Joelle Fletcher, Pia Toscano, Shae Wilbur, just to name a few. So safe to say I was excited to have her glam me!! Did I forget to mention she started out by assisting the fabulous Patrick Ta? Yes, the man that paints all Hollywood faces from Gigi Hadid to Jenna Dewam Tatum. 

When I reached out to her she was so sweet and I could not wait to meet her! When the shoot happened and she showed up she was a living doll! So kind, sweet, professional and let's talk talent.... This girl glammed me and I felt amazing! I loved what she did and I told her "trust me girl, I would tell you if I didn't". My skin looked flawless and she was using some products I  haven't used and some I love (insert our mutual love of La mer powder). I told her I wanted bronzed and lashes and that is what she gave me! She customized individual lashes to give me a soft flutter and fit my eye shape (no one has been able to make my eyes look big) Lyndsay made my eyes sparkle, big, and fluttery and I loved it! I wore the makeup all night and my friend Halle kept telling me how good it was!! We took a few photos for fun shoot and I can't wait to get them back, but until then I wanted to share what products she used as a  lot of you asked so she was awesome enough to send me a list!! Hope you guys enjoy the photos and a product breakdown! 

You can see Lydnsay work on her Instagram Lyndsayzmakeup



Primer: Smashbox original

Foundation: La Mer in Linen 13, mixed with Laura mercier Silk Creme

Concealer: Kevyn Aucoin in 06 and Nars Creamy Concealer in "honey"

Powder: La Mer

Brows: Anastasia in Taupe

Eyeshadow: Kylie Cosmetics "The Bronze palette", Charlotte Tilbury in Dolce Vita, Tom Ford Palette in Golden Mink, Stila Metals in Kitten and Gilded Gold

Bronzer: Gold Dust by Tom Ford

Blush: Edward Bess in Monte Carlo 02

Highlighter: Laura Gellar in Gilded Honey, Artist Couture in Double Take

Eyeliner: M.A.C in Teddy

LipLiner: M.A.C  in Strip down

Lipstick: Smashbox in Nylon Nude and M.A.C in Shy Girl.


Wait.. Safavieh Furniture on sale and extra 25% off?!!!

This is an emergency post! Yes ... I just saw on Gilt that they are having a Safavieh furniture sale and had to post ASAP before it goes away and better yet it is an extra 25% off! Just use code : Safavieh and boom you are all set! If something happens to be out of stock check on their website Safavieh !

I could not be more obsessed with this brand! They are trendy, classic, well made and affordable for furniture and quality! So many brands are thousands of dollars and their's are not which is amazing! The loveseat I got is soo darn cute! I honestly want one in like every room possible! Poor Logan lol! 

Here is the loveseat I have that you guys loved! It is on sale for $629 but with discount is $535!!!! That is amazing for a great piece of furniture! All the prices listed below are without the extra 25% off!!!! Happy Shopping. Now decorate that home in style without breaking the bank! 

Here are my other picks!!

12 days til Valentine's Day.. The countdown begins!

Hey y'all! So maybe it's because I am a girl or I actually come to find out rather love the color pink (I used to think blue) or maybe it is because I am a hush puppy deep inside.. either way I love Valentine's Day stuff and always have single or not I think it and Easter have the cutest stuff! 

With that being said I wanted to do another post about some really adorable finds! All these items are so darn cute and can be given as a gift or just for yourself! Seriously, I want them all and have a couple! I can vouch for the Herbivore " Coco Rose" body scrub as it is absolutely amazing! The slip pillowcase I have used for over a year and truly incredible, helps with preventing wrinkles and bed hair as the silk keeps everything more "kept" and smooth. As far as the Sugarfina gummies... need I say more other than they are Rose' gummies.. yes, girls, our fav drink of the past 2 years. 

I just personally ordered the Lip charger and Wine is my Valentine shirt because well, I had to! Ok, enough talking.. Enjoy! 



Outfits to get you in the mood for Valentines Day!

With love day right around the corner I wanted to share some of the adorable outfits to get you in the spirit. Also, stay tuned as I break down some of my favorite red lipsticks coming soon to Youtube! But for now check out this! 

After Christmas Deals and Steals!

Well, if you are like me then you are exhausted and searching the internet for the best finds possible. The best part about after Christmas sales are that next year you are fully prepared.. yes I mean I have already bought wrapping paper and some cute decor I found online. Before you judge everyone loves to decorate and everyone (well most everyone) will so why pay full price? Exactly!! So now enjoy my Christmas finds. 

Hope you enjoyed and had a very blessed Christmas!

P.S I will be finding more later this week!!



Stocking Stuffers For Everybody under $50!

Due to the fact I have a few stocking stuffer ideas, I decided it is best I just dive right in! Hope you guys love the ones I chose! 

For the Hard Working Mom's and Business Ladies to relax.

Le Mini Venus Rose- Lasts for 1 yr and is only 2 inches in height. I love mine, so petite and smells amazing.

Dr. lancer Lift and Plump Mask: Mask is everything  

Slip Eye Mask

Peter Thomas Roth Mask Sampler Kit  

Coconut Hand and Body Scrub  

Bubble bath Milkshake set

The Men.. They are so hard lol

Cigars: Local Cigar Shop 

Moscow Mule Cocktail kit

Yeti 30o Tumbler

Neff beanie- The best beanies for men 

Gold Plated Flask

Beard Tonic

Jack Black Travel Essentials

Turbo Body Bar


For the Beauty Junkie (even though she doesn't "need" these she needdddsss these!) Also, some M.A.C. products are 25% off at checkout! 

Supergoop Mini Hand Cream : Every girl needs this hand cream beside her bed

Tweezerman Rose Gold Tweezers- Trust me any beauty gal appreciates a gorgeous tool 

Spongelle Mini Spa Set - This thing is amazing! 

Philosophy Amazing Grace Set - My go to perfume

Real Techniques Miracle Sponges 


M.A.C. Cosmetics  Nutcracker Sweet Gold Pigment

M.A.C Cosmetics Nutcracker Nude Lipgloss Set

For the Cook! 

Polka Dot Potholders- I have these and am obsessed!

Paris Spatula's

Hot Chocolate on a stick! - So yummy! 

Malvi Marshmallows - Most beautiful you have ever seen 

Pumpkin Chocolate Bread Mix

Adorable measuring Spoons

Well, that's a wrap on my stocking stuffer ideas! I am going to be posting a Santa Dream Wish list, Gift swaps for under $25 and some holiday makeup tutorials! Be sure to subscribe and also don't forget my youtube channel!   

Cyber Monday- Best Deals from Beauty to Home!

I love Cyber Monday! Mostly becauseI l am lazy and can stay in bed, watch TLC and also shop. Here are my favorite deals and i have included some home finds since we just moved into a new house, home decor is slowly catching up to my beauty addiction. Below are links with codes and then shop the bottom for my personal picks.


Joss and Main : CYPERDAY  Get's you 30% off select sales at their already low prices. Home makeover here we go!

Koh Gen DO : One of my fav foundations has 35% off all products! Discount is applied at checkout with no code necessary.

 Nasty Gal: The coolest store online just got better. Up to 80% off with newly added styles. Check out before they are all gone!

Bhldn: Extra 20% off sale items with code "thebigday" This is where I got some of my wedding items so Brides, your welcome.

BlankNYC : 40% off sitewide! Use code " Cyper40" 

Wayfair: Up to 80% off - If you need home stuff then holy moly you will find a lot!  

Gilt: AKA my guilty pleasure! Use code " CLICK40" for 40% off everything and code "FREESHIP" for free shipping! 

Binxybaby: I have had friends that have had so many babies and I wanted to add! get 20% off with code "20BINXY" and free shipping! If you have anyone that is getting ready to have a baby this is a great find! 

Revolve: My Holy Grail of clothes.. Seriously if I could die in any websites closet it woul be theirs! Use code " Cyber20" for extra 20% off sale items and they have New markdowns of up to 75% off!!!

Chinese Laundry: Some of the best shoes at a reasonable price are now extra 30% off sitewide! use code " CyberMonday" at Checkout!

Wildfox: use code ALLMINE for 30% off Sitewide! Best gifts ever to give and receive! 


Shop my favorite items from today's sales! Hope you enjoy! 

Black Friday Deals!

Honestly, just get out your wallet.. there is no point in trying to pretend we aren't going to do this together. That being said, here we go! Take a look at my Top Black Friday Deals!

Baublebar picks are so cute! Use Code "Thankful30" for 30% off everything! Literally! Also, to my future brides, now would be the time to buy some adorable earrings for your girls or mom's! It's where I found my bridesmaids gifts at!


My fav shop Revolve has 65% off.. yep, love me or hate me for this but I am addicted. This is sadly hands down my favorite store! Mom... this is my fav store.. Mom I love House of harlow and Grlfrnd denim... Mom... Just in case you wanted to know... ok... lol. here are my picks

Now, y'all know I love my beauty tools. Hair, skin, wands, dryers and anything else. Well, it was only natural for me to add these into my top picks! Like this GHD classic curl hair iron that is 25% off. Not to mention the whole site is 25% off as well! 

The NuFace Collection is 20% off all Gift Sets. Yes that means my facialist Shani Darden Gift Set of the Haute Contour is 20% off with code "GIFTS" at the checkout! This is an excellent gift to add to your list or possibly for mom as a massive "Thank You" for everything she does for you! 

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

I am going to for once make this short and sweet.. Well as much as possible.  When I was thinking of what to get my girls I wanted something that was sweet, funny, and yummy. So it was only natural I added some of my favorite treats and hit up Etsy for affordable prices!

The Bag! The 1st item I recommend getting is the bag! I searched all over Etsy and I finally found someone that had canvas bags with Leather handles which I knew my girls would carry again. Her shop is Lylagracedesigns and so cute! My only mistake.. I didn' get me one lol! A lot of girls get the full name but I went with initials as I thought they were more likely to carry initials in a nice font than their name. Personal preference! The next big item I purchased was Robes! I wanted angelic soft blue robes to be my something blue. These robes are OMG SOFT!! I ordered from Plum Pretty Sugar and ordered them in groups of 5 as things get expensive so this is why i say maybe every month or every other month so that way it isn't one huge hit with everything you decide to add to your bags! Trust me this is the best advice! 


Now that I had the bags ordered, I needed to fill them! For me it was pretty simple. I took my time on it and did not rush! I think a lot of girls just order things all at once. I started when I started planning wedding and finished about 4 days before wedding! LOL! I chose items that I loved so here is a list of what I chose and why. Always remember make it about you and them. They will love what you love..  I mean, that is why you are friends right?  

1. Fav 4 mini sprays- one of fav hair products ever 

2. Bad Ass Bridesmaids Candles- I needed something a little rock n roll lol 

3. Mod Party Personalized tumblers and glasses - Every Bride has them so it is traditional and cute and my friends literally are using them at work. 

4. Yummy Cotton Candy. I have followed Fancy Pufs on Instagram for a while! So I had to order for my girls.. these are delicious and so darn cute. Well worth ordering from Canada I swear there is a taste difference! 

5. No Mo Stache! Just in case I had some hairy ladies that day, they could take care of it! Honestly, again used these for years and keep in suitcase. They are practical and easy!  

6. Bridesmaids emergency kits! - Bottom line a must! Hands down we used this and thank God I had them! They even came with their initials on it!  

7. Fun Tank! The ladies over at City Roots in Boots made the best tank that said " Make America Country Again" being from the south this was an obvious choice and something different that the Bride Tribe 

8. Earrings! Obviously I wanted some jewelry and I have loved Baublebar for some time so I went and they had the perfect pair of pink earrings and personalized bracelet that I fell in love with! I also got my earrings from my Honeymoon there! 

9. Project 7 Gum! I wanted something little so I added this gum while buying toliet paper at Target lol. It is so good actually! My bridesmaid Angela (fab makeup artist FYI follow her beautybyalessi on insta!) had gotten me this for my bday and I fell in love then so when I saw it standing in line I tossed in cart! 

10. Pretzel sticks from my Cake and Dessert Goddess Erin Coffey from Custom Coffey Cakeries! Honestly these are something you can make at home but i adore Erin and I wanted them fancy lol so she did them! 


Hope you guys enjoy and hope this helps all my future brides 




Preventive care

Ladies, all I hear while doing makeup on clients throughout the years is.. 'i wish I didn't have wrinkles", "How do I get rid of them", "I don't want to be fake but I want my wrinkles gone". Well, bottom line is this. If you want them gone then do something! It is OK to want to be beautiful and feel good about yourself. If someone says different call Betty ford and immediately have them sent in for treatment.

There is nothing wrong with feeling this way and acting on it. We start at an early age trying all the different creams, and oils that we possibly can. I think I went to Merle Norman and spent my first paycheck on a wrinkle cream at 15! It is in our blood to want to look our best and it is ok and I cannot stress it enough. I started getting Botox last year and I am so thankful I did. Dr. Biesman has been so wonderful and has understood and also agrees with my "preventive care" as just a little helps you in the years to come.

When I first went for Botox with Dr. Biesman i was coming off someone injecting too much in me and he agreed that less is more! Finally, a doctor that agrees with this statement.  His intelligence and care for his practice was so wonderful that I knew I had found my doctor. He literally fixed my eye and not by adding more! He told me to be patient and let it wear off.. Imagine someone that would not inject anything because they want you to be better. I was in LA and I cannot tell you how this would not happen. If I were to go to a doctor there they would have said "let's inject more to get better results". That didn't happen so after my 3-4 months of being patient it paid off! My bad Botox job was a lot better... Oh and my bad Botox made me have a droppy eye.. I left that part out. Anyway, my eye is now better thanks to him telling me to be patient and get proper dosage of Botox.

Yesterday, I got 10 units to help me keep from frowning as that is my concentration face while doing makeup. He was very understanding with me not wanting to do more and agreed natural is better! We filmed a video before that where he answered all of your questions and I cannot wait to share but, in the meantime,  I wanted you to know that is ok to get injectables if you have wrinkles. If you have fine lines or even deeper lines it is ok. it will not change your appearance if you are in the right hands, it will only make you look younger.  Below is my advice on finding the right doctor and making the decision.

1. Do your wrinkles bother you and make you feel bad about yourself?   If so, get them fixed. you don't deserve to have low self-esteem because you are worried what others think about getting "something done" like Botox. So Do it for you! Only do it for you, no one else should matter. It is your face, your self-esteem, your life. Do it for you!!

2. Find a Doctor you are comfortable with and one that is knowledgeable.    They can be the best but if you don't feel comfortable for whatever reason then move on. Your gut is always right.

3. Word of mouth. If you know and feel comfortable with your girlfriends ask who they go to. Be open  and ask. Now, if your girlfriends look cray cray you know who not to go to.

4. Don't get talked into any procedure you are not comfortable with. Again, a good doctor will not do this. Now, this isn't to be confused with their opinions. Opinions are great and I always ask Dr. Biesman what he thinks and he gives an honest answer. Build a trust with your face guy as y'all will become really good friends. Especially as you get older lol.    

5. Always start with a small amount. You can go more, get bigger, but it is harder to take away. So just do a tad on the first time to test your comfort level.

If you are not ready to get injections here are my Top 5 wrinkle creams

 Skin Medica Tns Recovery Complex This will help with fine lines and wrinkles. TNS has naturally recurring proteins that repairs blood vessels, encourage cell growth, reduce inflammation.  

IS Clinical Active Serum - This is a fast acting, long term result product. Reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, great for acne prone skin. Physicians have said this is a miracle product that will produce results in a few days.

SkinCeuticals A.G.E eye complex - This product will dramatically reduce dark circles, and puffiness, boost elasticity, It provides instant and lasting results.

Retinol Reform- I feel like I don't even need to say it because this product is a must have. It helps with acne scars, resurfacing, wrinkles and lines. It is an overall must have and will not dry out your skin.  My old facialist in La makes it and she is genius! 

Skin Medica TNS Serum- This is a little pricey but worth it. This combats wrinkles and regenerates cell turnover. Consisted of peptides and antioxidants it not only helps wrinkles and signs of aging but also sagging skin.


Hope you enjoyed!!  


Why doing a boudoir shoot was money well spent!

Boudoir might be the scariest word ever to a bride or a girl in general.  1. because we are vulnerable and half dressed and 2. you have to be "sexy" in front of someone you don't know. Trust me, that is terrifying and I don't care how perfect your body is. Everyone told me to do one and I had actually said no and was going to get him a watch instead. Well, I did get him a watch as well but, I decided to just go for it. Here are my reasons/ tips for doing a Boudoir shoot. I hope you love it and I would encourage everyone to do the same at some point in your life.

1. I ain't getting any younger! My body isn't perfect but I have a man that loves me for me and I also am not going to be this age forever, so when i am 80 I can say "hey babe, remember when my ass wasn't completely to the ground?" lol. You can remember your youth in a fun way for the rest of your life! Also, having a man that loves you for you and your body gives you the confidence to start the process of  doing these photos.

2. In life marriage isn't always sexy.. lol it is real. Meaning no makeup, sweatpants, not washed hair so anything to remind your husband that you can be sexy is great. Also, it feels liberating to do this for you and your husband. As much as it is a gift for him it is a confidence boost for you and as women we all need a little boost sometimes.

3. I didn't want the typical "Boudoir" shoot photos. I wanted something that represented me and who I was and what Logan loved about me. I highly recommend taking this into consideration before you go and spend hundreds at Victoria Secret. Think about where you live, what you love, what he loves about you. Logan loves my edge. His family and him have said it before that he loves my style so considering I am a bit "rock n roll"  I hopped on my photographer's motorcycle  and wore my fav Ozzy Osbourne tank with no panties and boots and rocked it! I then laid out like a magazine spread with gold star pasties and high waisted denim shorts. Logan also loves my fun side so kicking around in the ocean topless with my friend Jami's body jewelry and swimsuit bottoms on made more sense than just a white teddy with garter. I have never worn one and never will. 

So, if you live in let's say Utah and love snowboarding find a photographer that is down for something different and get topless in the snow and snow goggles on your head. If you all like reading books try sneaking into a library and lifting a skirt a little bit, or if he loves your cooking make it fun and toss some flour on yourself and bake some goodies barefoot with an apron only on the bottom. The heels and cooking thing is way to porn. We want sexy and not porn. Make sure to just make it you. Save money and find things that you have in your closet or buy stuff that you will actually wear again. Like I have been rockin those denim shorts everyday!

4. Get photographers you feel comfortable with and vibe with. My people were actually my wedding photographers CPT photography. Sara and Jason are so cool! I told them my idea of a Sports Illustrated/fun/edgy type boudoir shoot and they were game! Not one time did I feel uncomfortable and anytime I wanted Jason to turn his head he did.  You have to feel comfortable and trust your people. Look out for people who aren't typically "Boudoir" type photographers. That is my personal opinion. My photographers do it but not their "main" thing which is why I think they did such a great job.

5. Let's be honest we want to look our best so start spinning! Yes, I started doing spin 3 months prior to the shoot. I did it 3 days a week and started eating healthy. I started before for my wedding but once I decided to do a shoot I really buckled down on myself and my intake.  I would not eat after 7 and tried to cut out as many sweets as humanly possible. I worked my ass off and I am proud of the results after I saw the photos. Looking at the photos is like a YESSS all the sweat was worth it! 

6. Badass and Pampered! You will feel like a badass sex kitten lol or at least I did ha. Afterwards, I felt better about myself that I had the nerve to do something like this.I knew Logan was going to love it. Well, actually truth be told I was like will he like? Only because anytime I post a bikini pic it gets taken down and I am positive he is one who reports me lol. Everytime,  he always says " well, you shouldn't show your butt" so coincidence or not lol I was nervous for that reason. During your shoot, you get to be pampered and taken care of ... well, at least you guys will.. me, on the other hand, I had to do my own makeup and hair because I am crazy about it. But, you all get to be pampered beyond belief and every woman deserves that!

Those are my reasons for wanting to them and also why you should. Even after you have babies, I think women should do them. Our bodies are beautiful at every stage and I cannot wait to one when I am blessed to have a baby. These type of photos can be for an anniversary or birthday not just for a wedding. I wanted to get Logans view on them so here is his answers:

1. Jess: were you surprised?

Logan:  I was completely surprised and no idea you snuck away and did those. 

2. Jess: Instant reaction?

Logan: Wow, you are so beautiful ( swwwooonnn i love him)

3. Jess: Are you happy I did one? Why?

Logan: I am very happy you did one, especially because when you are gone I have something to remember you by when you leave me to go work in Nashville..  (clearly he hates me being gone as I am in Nashville right now asking him these questions) lol so his little jab

4. What did you think about the style of the boudoir shoot? 

I loved that it was you. It was 100% you and your style and it was sweet, amazing and very edgy. 

* See ladies he noticed it was true to ME!!! That is the whole point of this blog post. Don't try to be someone else and what people tell you they should look like. Do you, your future husband will notice just like mine did! 


Check out some of my photos from Concept Photography




How to pick your wedding favors and desserts

Well, if you follow me on social media you know I have gotten married!! Yikes! I am a wife and I have a Husband... ok sorry, I am just so excited to say to it lol! I love him so much and our wedding was so magical. Get ready for a lot of posts about our wedding. Due to me not wanting to bombard you in one sitting I am breaking up my wedding blogs in few different ones. Since I love food, I thought why not start here. Here is what I used and my guide to food, dessert tables,  and favors.

Wedding Food- For us, this was the easiest part of the wedding. Our amazing venue The Bella Collina had an in-house catering company and all we did was pick what we wanted. For cocktail hour we did a bruschetta bar because our venue was like you were in Italy so it was only fitting. It was delicious and came with assorted bread's, spreads, olive oil, cheese, and pesto. So delicious.  As for dinner, we went with a plated dinner as opposed to the buffet. My personal reason on this was simple. I wanted to sit down lol. I didn't want to wait in line I simply just wanted to sit and eat and relax. I think that is something you want to consider when choosing either a buffet or plated. Our venue was basically the same cost wise so, luckily didn't have to have that as "pro" or "con".  I kept it simple. I had guests choose on their RSVP either chicken or salmon. That way they had a choice and it was simple. Sometimes when you give too many options people go back and forth and change their mind. Yes, they will text you saying can you change this to this and take away the sauce and add extra this. This was my way of cutting that out. To pair along with it I chose a simple garden salad so it was filling and everyone enjoys a salad as opposed to soup. Most people believe it or not really don't care for soup.  Crazy, I know, but true. 

Also, when choosing food take account your venue. If it is more formal then plated dinner is better option or if you are having an outdoor more rustic wedding I think having some great southern food is a wonderful idea and it is personal to choose some of your personal favs as a couple. If it is a beach wedding bring out the tacos or fresh seafood. You could do a ceviche bar, shrimp taco bar and custom guacamole. Ok, now I am going crazy, a custom guacamole bar.. lol whatever it would be fab!

Desserts- I wanted personal favorites of ours for desserts. Since Logan doesn't really care for sweets (I know and I still married him) I basically got to choose whatever I wanted. I love cake, cupcakes, cookies, rice krispies and doughnuts. Boom, there was my table. I honestly feel like now days people go with very, fancy desserts and they are beautiful but what do you do with them? I never want to eat them! So, I was thinking well i want my dessert table glam but delicious and then I contacted my wonderful cake lady Erin from Custom Coffey Cakeries. I found her years and I mean years ago in my hometown of Kingsport, TN and she, to this very day is the best baker I have ever met! Yes she travels (sided note) She makes gorgeous treats but they taste good. That is key! A lot of times the desserts are so pretty but taste awful and I told her I want cake with buttercream and gooey goodness.  

Because Florida is so hot I opted for a naked cake so the icing would not be falling off the table. Our colors were shades of pinks, from pale to the deepest magenta to even some burgundy. I wanted to add that into the table of treats so we did a 3 layer naked cake starting with almond vanilla, strawberry and third layer was coconut. This way since it is a naked cake you can see the shades of pink throughout the cake. We also had mixed metals and going back to the whole Florida is so hot thing I was thinking we could not glaze the doughnuts so why not throw on some gold and silver to them? Well, we did and we tossed some on our heart shaped rice krispie treats as well. Every girl in the room was freaking out over "wait, you have glitter doughnuts and rice krispie treats" yes, yes I did and yes they were so cute, glam and yummy!

So, my advice when picking for wedding desserts is to name your top 5 fav desserts or treats. Whatever they may be just write down on a list without thinking. Those should be your wedding desserts. Don't try to do anything trendy make it you and your husbands. Logan did ask for a chocolate grooms cake so I made it a small 3 layer chocolate cake. Nothing fancy just good. If you like pies do a pie bar, or brownies might be your fix toss glitter on them. Even if you like Jello you could do a Jello bar with your colors and a flower in the middle. Although side note I don't know who likes Jello but hey, good for you if you do!   

Wedding Favors-  I went back on forth as to what I should have. Honestly, after a wedding these things add up and I wanted something affordable and something I thought everyone would enjoy. I was going to do bottle openers but let's be honest. Do you think drunk people at the wedding will remember to grab a favor? No.. Not really. I honestly and sadly cannot remember the last favor I held on to and not because I am a jerk and didn't want it but purely because it got lost. So, since while planning a wedding you basically just toss out money I was like ya know what? I want something that people (drunk people especially) will love. Food.. Treats.. yes more desserts lol. This is the thing, if I was gonna spend money it was gonna be on something that people actually would enjoy and not lose. So after all my fav desserts what do me and Logan enjoy. Pie and cotton candy. Random but we love both. I had these amazing pie pops when I lived in La and reached out and they shipped so I was sold, especially after the sweet lady said she could custom the stick.. I mean Logan and Jessica  custom sticks for our pie pops? Yes!! The company is called Hello Sweetie Pies and aside from their darling name they are so good! And not one was broken and everything shipped on time! The prices were seriously around the same for favors no one would remember or keep so this was an easy choice for me. 

After we got the pie pops I was like ok let's add something else so people could choose which one they wanted and since we decided on cotton candy I reached out to a Cotton Candy Palace in Hyde Park in Tampa that made organic cotton candy and it was local which made it easy. Not to mention for them to deliver to Orlando was only $25 made it even better. They packaged it where the cotton candy wouldn't shrivel up which honestly, I did not even think about to be completely honest. The nice lady Priscilla told me they did small jars and could do different flavors and colors. I chose apple pie, cookie dough, and birthday cake. This way it was all flavors me and Logan liked and in cotton candy. Everyone that we spoke to loved our favors as they were personal and usable which for me was key. if you are deciding what to do for favors think about those things. If you love to cook maybe get cookie cutters and then for guys cigars or football cookie cutters. Don't just do something just to do it because chances are you can find something just as affordable with a little more research. My recommendations are to keep it where people will want to take it home or eat it after the wedding.

I hope this helps you guys. I wanted you to know my thought process and why I did what I did and chose what I chose. I would do everything to exact same which is rare with weddings these days. I was lucky enough to have an absolutely perfect wedding.