Secrets to Flawless Skin!



Flawless skin is something every girl dreams of and hence why we pray at 15 for our teenage years to pass us by... that is til we now know that with age comes adult acne, scarring ( from those pimples at 15), sun damage and overall loss of hydration. I have tried just about everything as my skin has always had it's issues. I only hope these products help you as they have changed my skin as well as some of my clients. Some are reasonable and some pricey however, if they are on this list I promise to baby Jesus they ARE worth it!

If you are a drier skinned bird here goes! I'm gonna start with the one that literally made me eat off the 1$ menu for two months!! Eve Lom!!! I literally get hearts in my eyes over this product! This Eve Lom Original cleanser has honestly changed my skin completely. It only takes a little bit and you warm it up by rubbing it all over your face ( bonus is it tells you how to rub to help liven up your skin to enhance radiance ) then place the Muslin cloth it comes with in hot to warm water and hold on your face so your skin is absorbing all the essential oils that is packed in this cleanser. Then start rubbing off in circular motions and your makeup has melted off without stripping your skin or tugging to hard like a regular wash cloth does. Then place the cloth in cold water to close your pores! It is so easy and simple which is Eve Lom's way of beauty. The cleanser is an award winning cleanser and after much debate on trying it out I understand why. My skin texture has improved and I used to wake up with flaky, dry skin and I have not had that problem since using this and my breakouts have cleared up as it helps to decongest the skin as well. If you are hesitant on trying it out always purchase the smaller tub and I have been using for 2 months and I am not half way through the product as it only takes a little bit! I have not had a facial since I have used this product, so I look at it as a cheaper facial ha really the only way you can think about it and justify the price.


If you have more acne prone skin and first need to establish your ph balance or have oiler skin I would start with Cor SIlver Soap . This is more wallet friendly as you can try a travel size for 15$ and although clearing up skin isn't on it's list of things it does I promise it will!! Someone told me about this and gave me their travel size. At first my skin was a little itchy because it does dry out your skin a little so I would not recommend for really dry skin like mine. However, on the positive side it cleared up my acne and balanced out my skin so I was not breaking out as much. After this is when I switched to Eve Lom as I need something mre hydrating that helps acne. If you are an oily skinned gal then this would be great for you!! Give it more than week to change your skin and I doubt you will be going back to anything else...

Now my fav thing in the whole world! Moisturizer!!! I honestly believe it is my favorite thing in the world as my skin is more dry than a desert so to me my moisturizer is literally my everything. I have a few favorites but I will start with what I have been using and now am a lifetime customer to it and yes what I will hold down 3 jobs for... you guessed it .. Eve Lom TLC Cream . This cream is part of the reason my skin is constantly hydrated. My fav thing about this is that although it is a rich cream it does not break you out!! I just take a little warm it up in hands and press it into skin like you would an oil. It has arnica oil in it which helps with puffiness and in the morning that is a life saver as I can tend to get puffy sometimes. It also helps the cells turnover as my skin has a much more supple,smooth texture which I have noticed over the past few years has started to change.. ( gotta love getting older) so this is why I consider this my youth serum!!!

This next gem I have been using for years and it is a miracle and even if you have oily skin you can use it!!! It helps with bruises, acne, dryness, wrinkles, texture, scars and heartache ( ok , it might not help with that ) but it does everything else! I have all my clients addicted to this as f they have a blemish or bruise it will make it smaller within a couple days... Egyptian Magic  I have smaller tubs of this in my car as it is also a good cuticle cream and lip balm.. Especially in the dead of winter place on your lips and you will have kissable, soft lips overnight! Kate Hudson has been using this for years as well and let's be honest her skin is perfect! I switch off with this and my Eve Lom every other night.. I would not recommend you to use it before you apply makeup as it can get a little oily with the oils from makeup so only use at night or as a spot treatment. 

My final step is of course retinol! I only use once maybe twice a week as my skin is sensitive so I have to be really careful.. I use Skin Ceuticals Retinol Night Cream I would start with the  0.5 and build your way up... heck I am still on the 0.5! Every woman should start using some sort of retinol in their skin care routine by 25 at latest! Again, this is something you only want to start out with once a week then move to twice and listen to your skin.. if you start getting dry slow down and wait a while and then gradually start back up. I still pair this night cream with either Egyptian Magic or Eve Lom, I just wait abut 30-40 min for the retinol to soak in that way I get all it's benefits. 

Well those are my coveted secrets in my skin care and I promise I will not change as once you find something that truly works stick to it!! After 29 yrs I finally found my true loves in skin! Hope you all enjoy and feel free to ask questions as there isn't a lot I have not tried !