Minimal, Easy, Bronzy, let's make a date!



Ok ya'll so as you might know I am obsessed with winged liner however yesterday morning i had to shoot for Access Hollywood and I woke up late ( go figure) but I was talking red carpet trends so I figured i might as well do one on myself and make it easy!! Well I loved it and did it in about 15 min which is great if you are in a hurry!! Here are the products I used and how I used them!

To get the bronzy eye I first did a neutral pink based shadow by Stila in color Eden I love this color in general as it is a good buffer shade I think. I applied it all the way to crease and slightly above to make it look like it was fading. Next I applied Stila shadow in Citrine it is part of their jewel shadow line and its amazing!! Be careful though and do the eyes first so it's easier to clean up. I took this shadow and actually applied it with my finger to get it more pigmented then buffed it out in the crease with a blending brush. After that i took a eyeliner brush and applied the shadow under my lower lash line to give it a slept in look.  I then applied Stila smudgestick eyeliner in stingray  in the waterline and really worked it into the lash line as well.. Topped off lashes with best mascara in my opinion YSL Shocking you can also buy it at Sephora


That's it!! Literally the easiest fastest bronze smokey eye!! Hope ya'll enjoy let me know if you have any questions!!! I am gonna post about skin soon so stay tuned pretty birds!!