If you weren't born a beautiful brown baby..

Due to the fact my momma decided to procreate with another insanely white person I turned out the color of mayo.. Just plain white. I always believe in embracing your natural self and being happy with what we were born with and I am however, I do prefer my skin more on the brown side. I wasn't born with beautiful, porcelain skin a la' Nicole Kidman or I might feel differently. That is why I have tried everything under the sun with it comes to tanning. If you have more olive skin you are lucky because you can truly us ANYTHING and it will look like you were sippin on a pineapple smoothie in Maui, however I will turn orange.

Here are some of the products I have tried and why they did not work for me. I want to stress again everyone is different and something might be amazing for you and not for me so if you use one of the products below it does not mean you should switch if it is working and you love it. Ok here goes my years of being streaked and orange...

Fake Bake : streaked and a little green even after it was supposed to turn brown.

California Tan : President of Orange R US

Xen Tan: This is amazing for olive skin gals and it smells delicious and they have different options... so if you are an olive skinned gal, this is fantastic! http://rstyle.me/~1Qco3 this is the one I personally have used on more olive clients.

Tan Towel : Like it for a very, very, subtle glow. I like it for travel and that is super fast and great for beginners as it is so easy. It wasn't dark enough for me but if you just want a little color it is ok.

I can't even begin to name all the drugstore gradual tanners that have turned one leg darker than the other and I was orange.. I have seen these work wonders on some gals but they have never worked for me.

St. Tropez Gradual tanner: Honestly I thought it was good but that was til I found my secret tanner :)


Kate Somerville: I adore your spa and think you should stick to facials because the tanner was ehhhhh...and made me want a scrub

Brazilian Peel Tanner: I def was NOT in Brazil... I was a streaky mess

Guerlain: This pains me because I adore your products butttttt I am better off without a tan in this situation.

St. Tropez Tan Bronzing Mousse/ Lotion and Spray : The only product I got a "brown" tan from however I was soo dry that my skin would itch like crazy!! I would still use it but I would scratch and look like I had ants in my pants. Also it would come off in patches

The Lindsey Lohan Tanner: It was the only thing I truly thing was a bigger mess than she was at the time ( sending prayers to her and happy she is getting healthy again) but please stay away from the tanner.

After being an dried out, streaked, oompa loompa on an orange tree for far too many times I care to count I found the PERFECT TAN! Not only is this product a beautiful, golden bronze but you can actually put it on and wear it that night as it gives you an insane golden shimmer that is STUNNING. Also it is sooo HYDRATING!!!! I am incredibly dry so anything that will hydrate me and not make me be all itchy and will go on smooth I am SOLD! This miracle product I am coveting is ST.TROPEZ DRY OIL!!!! http://rstyle.me/~1QcAX I liked the other products St. Tropez had but they would flake off and the wear was like 4 days then splotchy. This tan literally is soo hydrating and soo naturally golden I am obsessed and can't get enough! Not to mention it literally lasts the 10 days like the company says it does and fades off soo beautifully not like the gross patchiness we all have had happen. This just naturally goes away. I apply it 2 nights in a row as I like it a little deeper. My skin is left hydrated, golden, bronzed and ready to sip on a peach or pineapple smoothie and pretend I am the Hawaiian brown baby I always dreamt I would be.

When I am going to event and want a lotion to enhance the color and add more sheen here are the products I love for lotions..


Prtty Peaushun http://rstyle.me/~1Qcu7 This lotion is ahhhmazing to give you a glow for the night! I pair it over my tan anytime I have on a skirt or shorts. It comes in different colors for all different colors of skin which I love! I go between medium and deep.. Like I said I wish I was brown! If you are fair skin the light will give you a beautiful glow. This is my secret weapon lotion on set.

Hope you all enjoyed I have tried more tanners than listed however after 12 yrs of trying them I only remember the most recent..


Now brown those buns its summer!