Beach Bunny Beauty

Summer is officially here and ya'll have asked me for a go to  "no makeup, makeup"  look for those summer days. I love that this trend is finally catching on as I remember and sadly still see some gals wearing full blown 1990 beach makeup aka "club makeup". Don't get me wrong I am probably the biggest fan of the dark, chocolate brown smokey eye that put Cindy Crawford on the map and yes I will do a tutorial on that soon! However the beach is not the time to wear all that makeup. Here are some reasons, tips and product recommendations for your summer.  

The biggest problem with makeup under the heat in the dead of summer is 1. it is harder to stay on as you are sweating balls and 2. It's bad for your skin to not breathe when it is that hot as your pores are opening from the heat and all that makeup is going in them. This is the common reason girls break out more in the summer. So slather on that acne treatment at night ( Kate Somerville Eradikate is ahhmaazing) and tell your boyfriend to shove it if he comments on it and let your natural, beautiful skin show in the summer.

Opt for a tinted moisturizer.. I know you gals with some acne ( and trust me I am right there with ya) are thinking I'm crazy for just wearing this however I promise your skin will clear up cause it can breathe better. If you have spots you want to cover up more then just add more concealer in these spots, as it honestly will look like you have less to cover to other people as you aren't all cakey from heavier makeup. Also there are tinted moisturizers out there for all you oily skinned gals that is thinkin I for sure do NOT need any extra moisture. When setting the makeup I would choose a nice translucent powder. Here are my can't live without's ... Jouer Illuminizing Tinted Moisturizer The most common shades for skin are opal (fair) Golden (light ) Pearl (medium) Bronzed ( dark/olive) and for all you oily skinned gals Jouer Matte Moisture Tint . The most go to shade is probably Nude ( light to medium tones), Porcelain (fair), Linen (light) Chamomile (medium/dark). My go to translucent is Jouer Mattifying Translucent Powder .. I love their line especially in the summer as it is just soo light and easy.

When wanting to add a beautiful flush to your cheeks choose a nice stain. This way there is a no slip and stay all day policy and you won't look like a total rockstar with pink color stripped down your cheeks. The best part about stains honestly are that they are a 2 in 1 which means pop in on your cheeks and lips and when you are on vaca or at a summer beach party everything will just think you are naturally gorgeous ( and you are but hey why not cheat it a lil if ya can) ha! Most stains will last up to 8 hrs again nothing is completely water proof so if you rub your face in a towel like a frat boy in college chances are some is gonna come off. If you like more of a gloss then you will want to add lipgloss to these as they are matte. Also don't forget to shake them as they are mostly water and the first use you usually squeeze out a good amout of water. My go to water resistant stains are Becca Beach tints  my fav colors are Fig ( the perfect nude on your lips and a great natural blush on your cheeks) I also like Grapefruit ( true coral shade). If you like more shimmer go for their brand new Beach Tint Souffle versions which combine my coveted skin perfectors along with the beach tints for nice glow with color .The colors I like the best for these are watermelon ( great pink mauve shade) and of course fig I swear i am too obsessed with that color and Raspberry which is beautiful berry color and gorgeous on darker skin tones.

If you need a little faux glow on your face mix a bronzer in with your tinted moisturizer as if you try to use a powder or cream I promise you will look cray at the pool party from streaking! Here are some mix in bronzers I like.   Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in #10 ,  Jouer Bronzing tint  and  Dr. Hauschka  Bronzing tint  . Top off this look by combing and filling in your brows like in my previous blog " Brows, Brows, Brows"  and then pop on some waterproof mascara like Kevin Aucoin Volume Mascara as this stuff will not move at all.. like literally you are swimming with the sharks and yet your mascara is still not even touched! 

As far as lips go, whatever you used on your cheeks pop on your lips and enjoy a sunny day at the beach knowing that when every other girl is melting looking like a raccoon you are fresh and makeup in place! Hope you all enjoyed this blog I am gonna try and do more so you guys let me know what you want me to write about.. Til then enjoy your pink lemonade and don't forget to wear sunscreen!!!