That time my lips made out with a strawberry in that Southern Heat..

When I was back home for my friend Ashley's wedding I could not have fell more in love with how everyone's skin looked! It was just so dewy, and glowy and wet looking but in a good way ha! The second I got back to California my skin wasn't as dewy and let me tell you I always love me so dewy goodness going on but I couldn't quite get that "southern heat glow". So I decided to come up with my own version of Southern Heat makeup and here it is.. First I always use and prep my skin with my Eve Lom Day Moisturizer with SPF . As most of you know I am obsessed with this skincare line and use all of it! Next I used Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Primer in Pearl  I use this all over my face, and neck to start with a nice glow. If you are more olive you want to opt for the color opal or moonstone.. I personally like moonstone more on olive skins, if you are darker in tone go for topaz as it has a rich, brown, golden color.

For Foundation I stay true to my Bobbi Brown skin finish with SPF this is a more sheer fluid foundation however I love it. It gives me enough coverage but if you want more look at their foundation stick or creme foundation as it is a bit more coverage. The reason I love Bobbi is because her products are not too heavy looking but truly made to enhance your natural skin. Next for concealer I do normally use the Bobbi Brown foundation stick however I need a bit more coverage and love Kevin Aucoin skin enhancers I use shade 4 and 5.. however I like more of a highlight and lighter concealer under my eyes. I have used this stuff in my kit for years and honestly it is one of my "ole faithful" products.. literally looks like you have been airbrushed! I apply it around my nose, under my eyes and above my brows, not my brow bone but literally above my eye brows and down the middle of my nose. I next buff that in and now comes the fun part.. CONTOUR!!!! LOL! The next product I am using I again have used for a while now and its ahhmmaazzing .. It does have a pricey tag, however it is well worth it in my opinion. Tom Ford Shade and Iluminate in Shade one this product literally looks like your skin where sometimes a powder you are able to tell that maybe those are not your cheekbones. I take the darker one and go under my cheekbones and around my forehead and blend in, next I take the lighter one and dab on tip of nose ( i never say let me powder my nose it's always let me go shine my nose" ha then along the tops of my cheekbones and a little on the cupids bow of your lips.

Normally I would set this with powder however I want the beautiful glow all those girls had from that southern heat that there is no call for any powder!! In fact let's add some more dewiness!!! This next product is all organic and is a great anti- aging balm along with a great cuticle balm and you can put it on your elbows and more. Geisha's have been using this magical balm for centuries so could be one reason they have epic skin after all that makeup!!  Think Egyptian Magic but more suited for makeup instead of a moisturizing cream even though it is one.. lol Basically if you put Egyptian Magic on during the day you might look like you slathered up with Vaseline where this Julie Hewett Camilla Balm will give you a subtle glow even more .. To apply take the product on your ring finger and dab over the highlighter in the Tom Ford shade and illuminate. This will enhance the glow of it. I hate wearing eye makeup during the day so take a little and put on your eyelids to give them a great glossy effect, at night add shadow and apply this over it for a sultry slept in look ( a personal fav of mine). For mascara I am still obsessed with Younique's 3D Fiber Lash.. That stuff make lashes soo long! I get mine at  . The seller Angela got me addicted so THANK YOU! Now to get a sheer wash of color on those cheeks I actually used the lipstick I have on my lips for the cheeks! When doing this with any bright color dab your ring finger on the lipstick and get the tiniest amount of color, then dab onto the back of your hand so it's not to bright and gently dab onto cheeks but just remain on the apples of your cheeks. I used this amazing bright, orange color from Nars called Heatwave this is the most gorgeous lip color! After applying it to your cheeks put it on your lips and this way you have a pop of color on your super simple makeup.

Final step Brows! I know I have said I love the Anastasia Brow pencil and I still do however being a makeup artist I am allowed to try different products and I love the Billion Dollar Brows!!! I still use Anastasia and Kevin Aucoin brow pencil in fact I used yesterday on set however in this photo I used the Blonde Brow Powder  I have naturally dark brows so I use the blonde just to fill them in a bit but if this were nighttime I would opt for a darker brow and go with the Taupe color.


I hope y'all enjoyed this I swear I am working on tutorials but I am not great at uploading and making them lol. I also want to note that not everyone will like every product I recommend as no product is good for everyone it is only my personal opinion and results I personally love. Also if you are oily this look and these products are not for you.. You should use powder versions of what I talked about!


Now go get that Southern Heat Makeup Look! photo (12)