Why not turn your body into a wonka factory and heaven?

Ok Ladies, if we are being honest with ourselves we know the way to a man's heart is through his belly and we also know they usually ask "where is the dessert" ... Well sometimes we have it and sometimes we don't ( I usually do because I eat half the pie myself) but when you don't I am sure he won't complain if you just so happen to smell like something sweet.

I have always used some of the products from Booty Parlor, Jessica Simpson kissable line and many more. I am going to list my fav products for y'all to smell delicious when you are around the male species.I'm gonna start with Booty Parlor. One because the name alone is great but they have fun, cute amazing products as well.

My all time favorite is their Kissable Shimmer Body Powder this stuff is amazing and not gonna lie I have maybe dipped my finger in it when the line at Chick fil A is too long. It comes in 3 amazing, tasty flavors.. My personal fav is the toasted marshmellow as it is a beautiful golden shimmer that looks gorgeous on your collarbone to make them pop. The next 2 are Cocoa Bronze which is a deeper bronze color and Candy Pink which tastes like Cotton Candy and comes in a shimmering pink shade. Use these anywhere you might want to get kissed at but be careful he is NOT a vampire as it tastes so good he might bite right on through you!


My next fav from them is Skin Honey it is a water based formula that hydrates and relaxes your body. It is filled with honey extract, goji berry and ginseng to give you a boost and taste like Strawberries.... It smells like you are running a strawberry farm and its fantastic!


Another trick is to put Watkins Vanilla behind your ear or on your neck.. Yes the Watkins Vanilla you bake and cook with... I swear it smells like you have been baking your man pie's all day and maybe you have and maybe you haven't but either way you will smell like it. Also random fact mix a teaspoon with 1 cup water and spray on skin.. Bugs hate it! However when wanting to smell good do not dilute! 


Now this is a secret I have only given my friends.. It's actually not really a secret but I am gonna pretend it is .. Amazing Grace perfume literally is in my mind the most wonderful smelling perfume in this world.. I have worn it for 7 yrs and still get asked what I have on. Men love it and women love it.. 


The last thing I use is the Amazing Grace Body Oil hydrates you and makes you smell like heaven all over your body! The best part about Philosophy is their scents lasts.. I never have to reapply it and I go from work to dinner and still smell fabulous! 


Hope y'all enjoy!