Height? Why not ....

I have always embraced being a short gal and still do because it can be fun and I can cut through crowds like a mofo... However, as much as I am confident in my height there are days and times where I would love to have a little boost and some supermodel legs. Now I could go and get leg lengthening at a very expensive and also painful, painful surgery price that only gives up to 2 inches of a difference, or I could just add my friend Derek's Lift Kits in my shoes that I can jack up to almost 3 inches pain free! Yep, you guessed right I will go with the kits any day over surgery. Even though Derek is a dear friend and I swear I am not biased.. his invention of Lift Kits are nothing short of pure genius!!! I finally got my pair and honestly was beyond impressed within 2 min.... I sent him a text that literally said " thank you, you are soo talented and smart" because that's all I could think of.. The instant I had put them on my legs looked thinner and more toned.. Yes ladies more toned! My butt was more lifted and looked like I had done the squat challenge but without actually doing squats!! I honestly took a butt shot selfie because it looked so good that I am saving for a rainy day lol.  Aside from the added height, better ass, more toned legs, there was another perk that I did not feel til the next morning... yes a workout! I swear I woke up and my calves were sore as I wore them all during my work day. So not only will you appear to have better legs and butt instantly, these kits will actually give you better legs because it gives you that extra perk so think "stripper aerobics with heels" just minus the moves and the heels ha..

From that moment on they made my MUST HAVE list as I cannot imagine a life without them now! I have since worn them in sneakers, boots and heels, to the gym even for an extra workout and to a dinner.. of which someone did compliment my legs btw! I never keep secrets so I took the lift kits right outta my shoe and showed the girl my secret and she was soo impressed she loved them and had to try them on! I don't believe in keeping beauty secrets, as women we should support each other and let each other know the newest  trend.. I honestly feel bad for those girls in other countries that are laying in the hospital recovering from their knee surgery jacked up on pain killers screaming that their doctor isn't Derek White! If only they knew about lift kits!!! I have the half LiftKits  for more of my high heel shoes and a booties and then for my sneakers and boots I have the Whole LiftKits. I like these for flat boots and sneakers because they give more support all the way down your whole foot and doesn't seem like you have anything in your shoe.

Now these are not just made for women.. In fact they were made for men first. Men have been wearing these forever, can you say yes Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. we now know you're secret. Yes you heard me right these men and most men in Hollywood wear these as the women can be taller sometimes and the men need a way to give them height without an obvious add on to their shoe. Sooo that's when Derek started sending out his invention and it has been a hit among men ever since. It gives you just enough height to be a few inches taller and more confident amongst the longer legged gals! So no more Napoleon syndrome.. pop these in and have the confidence of Shaq. If you are wondering how does she know Shaq has confidence? Well I do cause he is huge and he is The Shaq Attack bottom line. However, maybe Shaq uses Liftkits.. ya never know and that's the beauty of it! Here is a link to the The Game Changer Kits .. I feel like the name says it all..

With a tag line of " Life's short, you don't have to be" I feel like there is really nothing else to say because life is short.. but now you can choose the days you want to be short.