Santa's got a brand new bag!

Ok so with Christmas a hop, skip and a jump away I wanted to do a little stocking stuffer guide with some of my fav products. I honestly think that many people don't do stockings anymore and I hate it! I think it is the cutest, sweetest thing and it comes in Santa's big ole' sock!! Can't get any better than that right? Well I am about to make it one.. A themed stocking and of course my themed stocking is beauty!! So here is a list of all things that will make your beauty routine a magical experience! Candles!! But not just any candle.. Comes in an adorable mason jar, fun scents and more importantly made with so much love from a woman who knows the true meaning of Christmas and puts her faith in God and her dreams in each candle. This gal loves making these candles and that's why they are some of my favorite. Faithful Scents candles are a must in beauty geared stocking stuffer as what is the one thing you have when taking a nice relaxing bath? Yes you got it.. Candles!  Use code Jess10 for 10% off all your purchases during Christmas! The person you give them to will not be disappointed!

Eye Masks.... yes I adore them! Especially since Wildfox started making the cutest ones! My fav for the Holidays as a gift is Do Not Disturb. It's girly and to the point as let's be honest no one wants to be disturbed from their sleep!

Now another beauty item is My Beauty Tea.. any girl and I mean any girl on a cold night wants a nice cup of tea right? Well why not put it in her stocking with some great Christmas and Fall flavors! They even have a stocking stuffer package that is so cute and the perfect addition to this beauty bag as every gal needs a cup of tea while laying in a bathtub enjoying peace and quite after everyone was yelling in the kitchen earlier! use code Jess10 for 10% off order!

For the next one I have used this for years and can't live without it.. Sara Happ Lip scrub! This stuff makes your chapped winter lips so soft as it has tiny little sugar things that scrub your lips and also where it makes blood rush into them it also plumps them a little bit. My new fav flavor is confetti cake of course.. I mean anything with the word cake in it I like..

Now we can't have a beauty stocking without my fave hairspray can we? Nope we can't!! My all time bestest, most favorite hairspray is Fave 4.. I swear I tried this over a year ago and loved it ever since!!! Now I am partial to the texture takeover but I also love the workable wear as it let's you change hairstyles with zero problem. And for those of you who don't know about this brand your hair will never be sticky..Literally I had girls at a hair show spraying my hair over 30 times for 3 days and I didn't wash and it was still soft and moveable! Use Jess20 for 20% off!

Glam glow is great facial treatment to add as well. I like this set because it has a few different ones for your loved one to try! I swear this stuff makes your face glow as it should due to the name lol! But it helps remove dead skin and cleans our pores!

Finally the last thing to add to your beauty bag stocking is of course a bubble bath! I have 2 I love and the first is Laura Mercier Almond Coconut honey it makes your skin feels sooo smooth and aghhhhhh it smells insane and comes in a cute jar with a little honey comb on the end! Finally the last surprise a Santa Bath Bomb is the final touch to a beauty stocking bag!!!

Have fun doing last minute shopping like me