New Year Resolution? Dress adorable.. Period

Ok so after the holidays everyone and their mother has a new sale well I have stumbled upon a couple of adorable items!! Some on sale and some not...Some I own and others I am gonna own! Hope you girls like these 2015 picks!!  Who needs a resolution about losing weight to bring in the new year when you have some cute clothes! So my resolution is to dress as adorable as possible!! First item is one the I own and I am mad its on sale to be honest! It's Topshop Denim Shearling Jacket. I have this and I love love love it!! It's like Midwest chic with touch of Penny Lane which I love! Next up another purchase I paid full price for ( rolling my eyes) but you can get it at 33$ is the Topshop Geo skirt! It is great in black, white and grey so it goes with everything! I paired it with a loose boy's fit black tank and booties! Now y'all know I love a good FAUX FUR coat and this was one of my fav purchases this year I think as I have wore it like crazy! The Black Faux Fur Coat is soooo 70's love child! It is not too heavy as I wear it in Cali and Florida and wasn't hot but for those colder climates i pair a basic grey hoodie under it to dress it down a bit!

Who doesn't love a good hat? Well I do and this Panama Style Hat is 13$!!! I love afordable accessories, especially those that you can wear with everything! Now I have this Floppy Hat and while it isn't on sale its still fabulous and I had to add it!

Finally..Accessories for your big ole hair! I love that Bardot style hair and I love headbands as well cause it adds that 60's flair to it! I actually own this Beaded Headband it is subtle but still can dress up a pair of jeans!  Now this Sequin Floral Headwrap is anything but simple.. It's Fabulous!!! I love the lace and seguin on it and love her hair is even up because this could take a dirty hair day and turn it right around! While this next headband is very Game of Thrones I love it!!!!  I would pair with simple v neck and jeans and converse! The Gold Leaf Crown gives a feminine approach to a low key outfit and messy hair. It's different but you can still work it in your everyday look.

Happy Shopping Ladies! I hope y'all enjoy !!