Bikini Cleanse Results!!!

IMG_6455 Ok y'all so 8 days ago I started the Bikini Cleanse to see if I could drop a few lbs and get more toned before I am half naked in the DR with my man. Well I did!!! I wanted to post before and after photo so you knew it actually worked! I want to start by saying no I do not think I am fat at all however I am a woman going on vaca and as with most women before the beach. wedding or some crazy event we want to look our very best. Well that's what I wanted and I am so much more confident now!! I weighed 118 before and go to 114!! I lost 4lbs and yes the more you have to lose you will! Best part I did not starve!!!  The clease consists of the smoothie mix, raspberry snack stix, and the tea! Here is how the cleanse works!

The day before they suggest you eat lighter so you don't shock your body so I ate pretty light  as I wanted to stick to this as best I could so I could get my body ready for the cleanse. I want to state that I have tried juice cleanses and they are NOT for me but this peaked my interest because it involved smoothies and you could eat! So I thought ok let's check it out! I wanted to do my best so I prepped my meals ahead of time and altered breakfast and lunch. The smoothie mix I personally mixed with water however it gives you option of soy or almond milk. I like it more thick so I did mostly water and ice to make it kinda a slushie lol ( yes I am 5). Unlike most cleanses this smoothie was an orangey vanilla flavor and delicious! I am not and never have been a big drinker so it did take me some time to finish and I could only finish one of my snack sticks for most of the days. I am not that fun when I am on a strict diet as I didn't want to fall off of it so I made 4oz of chicken and steamed or roasted veggies every night. I even changed my dinner time as they suggest you eat before 7pm well some days for me that wasn't possible due to work but instead of eating at 11 I ate at 8-830 and the later I would have to eat the less I would eat and drink their tea!  Yes I ate the same thing for 7 days but honestly it was the best option for me and since I work like I have to feed a family of 12 I needed to make these ahead of time! If you need help they have great recipes on their website and in your passport there is a grocery list! It's soo cute!!

One of the  great parts to me about the cleanse is that the snack stix give you tons of energy so if you are getting hungry drink of those and you will have so much energy with appetite curbed! The cleanse suggest you sweat for at least 45 min and what did I do? I started taking Hot Pilates to really sweat! With the Bikini Cleanse and Hot Pilates I swear I was pouring sweat, however I did not want to pass out from lack of food! Anyone that has ever been to the gym with me knows I have a hard time sweating but the snack stix I am determined made me sweat a lot more! This is one of the healthiest ways I have ever lost weight fast!

It wasn't like I was on a cleanse, it was like I was just busy and had no time to make anything new lol. 2 of the days I had the smoothie for breakfast and lunch as I honestly couldn't drink whole thing for one or the other. I even had the girls at work taste the smoothie and they thought it was delicious and most described it as the Dreamsicle ice cream bar but in my mind I was thinking yes but without the cellulite! The raspberry stix they thought tasted like a jolly rancher.. and the tea like heaven .. Ok so now I just realized why I loved this cleanse.. everything tastes like candy lol!!

I will say my fav part was the tea at night. I love tea though and there is nothing like a warm cup of tea to help your tummy feel warm. It also helps promote good reading material movements if ya get my drift;)

I have never been so happy with results and I have even had people say " you look thinner or more toned" and that's the thing I am a petite girl so 4lbs on me is a good amount and I can see more definition which I am pumped about!! The thing for me is that I felt healthy while doing this cleanse. I didn't feel as if I was starving my body and the passport booklet and their website gives you ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything was reasonable!! I know I keep saying impressed but that's what I was and it's the only word that I think is fitting!!! Day 7 my jeans were lose and my face and skin were glowing as I got rid of soo many toxins I can't imagine! I honestly would do this cleanse again when I have a major event!! If you do this cleanse you must be committed as you can't eat twinkies in the back and expect to lost weight it's not lipo:)

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Thanks to Bikini Cleanse I honestly changed the way I ate and actually what I am craving now as instead of carbs I want fruit. You truly have a great product that is unlike anything on the market today!!

More toned and 4lb lighter body by Bikini Cleanse

Bikini  by Bettini Flirt Bottom and the Bettini Flirt Top 

Super Happy Customer : That's me!!!!!