Charlotte Tilbury Magic.. The Legend, My Icon, My God I love her products

imgres Some of you have been asking for me to write a review of my favorite Charlotte Tilbury products. First I want to say I am obsessed with her and her line. It is safe to say I borderline broke my foot while jumping up and down when i heard of the release and I maybe wanted to order a cake to have a solo party and be a creep and drool over her products. However back to non creepy zone I absolutely adore her work as it really doesn't get more flawless while still fashion forward than her. It makes sense, with that being said that she has done Kate Moss's makeup for quite some time and she is one of my makeup muses so it all comes together and makes perfect makeup sense! I hope you all enjoy my write up as like I said I am listing all my favs and colors!

Wonderglow- While this light from within cream is great it comes with a hefty price tag of $55 for a smaller package. I do love the color as it is a beautiful golden shimmer, and it does glide on beautifully and looks like a soft focus over your skin which is what it claims I just can't get over the small package for that price. That is the only bad thing I can say about this product. If you don't use a lot then this would be beneficial for you but since I like my illuminator under, over and in between my foundation it is not cost effect for my personal taste. Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow

Cheek to Chic- Maybe my fav product! I have ditched all my everyday cheek colors and have been wearing this and I am in love! The two toned color which is meant for you to put the outer color on first then pop the center color on the apple. Due to the crushed pearls it gives a gorgeous, fresh, dewy youthfulness with soft color to your cheeks. My favs that I wear everyday are Love Glow ( peachy soft pink) , FIrst Love  ( a peachy, neutral soft bronze ) and Love is the Drug ( pink with vibrant pink )

Lipstick- As you all know I love a good nude and nude pink well Charlotte may have just found the perfect ones. Nude Kate is great brownish nude. It is not too brown as I am not a fan of that however your lips do need more of a pink, red undertone. If you do have more brown naturally in your lips then skip this color as it will pull too much brown. Penelope Pink is a great option if you want more pink/ or have more brown undertones in your lips. I have both and I adore both of them. They are creamy and hydrating so your lips will not dry out. I love these and I am so excited for her Matte collection to drop as if they are are beautiful as these then I am gonna be in love!  Her lip liner in Iconic Nude is a perfect match to both of these. Now this is more nude brown however if you are a fan of the 90's then you will love this as it is very Kate Moss 90's and Cindy Crawford!

Filmstar Sculpt/Highlight- UGHHHHH this is AHHHHMMMAZING!!! I wear this every single day bottom line! Even if I don't have on makeup I will do this to sculpt my face.. She only makes one color but you can adjust the color by how much you put on. I can wear this when I am my Scandinavian self and also when I am a Bali Princess. It has crushed pear pigment like the cheek color that gives you a luminous appearance like the blush. Your skin looks polished but not to harsh. The lighter side picks up your cheekbones beautifully and it blends seamless. I am a fan for life! Filmstar Sculpt/Highlight

Filmstar On the Go Palette- I bought this last minute before my Dominican Republic trip as I didn't want to take all my makeup. Honestly this is great if you are going on vaca or you are just not a makeup girl. I purchased the Breakfast at Tiffany's palette and it is beautiful. I love coppers and bronze on my eyes because it is just timeless and always works no matter what. It is a cream shadow and it will crease. I personally like the look because it reminds me of a French musician or Woodstock but if you don't like that look then this is a no for you. There are other brands that have similar colors, however the packaging makes it easier to pack and take in your purse since it has both eyes, cheeks and lips in one as the cheek is a duo for lips as well.

Feline Flick- This pen has a nice fine tip, which is great to get an ultra thin precise line. I normally use the Stila stay all day and will be returning to that as it lasts a lot longer and is cheaper. I did like the look of the feline flick however it dried up after 2 weeks and barely any use. It did have more of a flat than glossy look which I liked but everything combined I will go back to Stila Stay All Day Liner . If price isn't an issue and you prefer a more flat look then try the Tilbury Feline Flick . I just personally don't have budget to replace every 2 weeks but if you do then you will love it!

Rock n Kohl- I loveeee this! I love a super sultry eyeliner that is more edgy and this is it while not moving all night. After 30 seconds it sets in place and you look like a polished rockstar. I like to smudge with brown and black. I used the Barbarella Brown under my lower lash line and Bedroom Black on my lid and in waterline. If you like a more clean look this is not for you.