How to survive mornings and start your day relaxed!

I hate mornings for numerous reasons.. 1. Because it is early and 2. Because I am exhausted!! That being said with my job I have to actually attempt to survive mornings and I don't drink coffee except for maybe less than 10times a year sooo I have 3 steps to I always do and they are soo easy.. and one of them helps with morning food cravings!! FullSizeRender

1.Moisturize!!!! Literally I don't wash my face in the morning i just head straight for bathroom and add more moisturizer, as I never understood why people wipe off all their skincare from the night before.. I say let it stay on your face and just rehydrate! As most of you know I moisturize with Eve Lom Spf Moisturizer as I love it and it doesn't break me out. Eve Lom is known for their skincare so hence why it's amazing!

2. Put on the hot water and pour a cup of tea!! I swear it curbs my appetite as there is something about the warm, soothing tea that coats your stomach and makes you feel full, this is a added bonus to me as I have been addicted for a while now to My Beauty Tea.. I have tried almost every flavor and every one is good in it's own way. Not only do I love it because it is ultra feminine and cute it is the best darn tea I have ever had! And being from the south and saying that it is a HUGE deal! I just got their spring flavor "Tasty Garden". Literally you open it up and smell everything that is good about spring.. notes of fruit and floral start pouring out.. You might be thinking why tea as a ritual? Well truth be told I drink it at night as well. I learned this from one of my French clients and she told me every woman with good skin she knew drank a cup in the morning and at night and well if you saw her you would do everything she said! Not to mention it gives you an excuse to buy every cute teacup you possibly can get your hands on! Use code Jess10 for 10% off your order and take a pic of your tea I wanna see what y'alls favorite is!!

3. Detox eye cubes! Peter Thomas Roth came up with Depuffing Eye Cubes and guess what they have tea in them.. See tea is good inside and outside your body! Anyway these cubes depuff, detoxify, calm and hydrate dark puffy eyes! You freeze them and then put them in a little pouch as this is better for your skin as the cold helps to reduce puffiness and swelling! You rub each eye in circles with the pack for about 3-4 minutes per eye and then rub the excess in and then start with your makeup looking already more rested than before!

These are the easiest things to do in the morning and each one is refreshing and relaxing as you shouldn't rush like a mad woman outta bed you should take your time and have a small beauty routine to make you feel beautiful as beauty starts on the inside so if you do 3 small steps for you, your day will be much better and a lot more relaxed! I do these and honestly it is the only way I can cope in the morning!

Note* When it is insanely hot pour that tea over ice! It is still as delicious as ever!! Also put your moisturizer in the fridge as well! Make everything more refreshing for those crazy hot summer months coming up!