Who says jeans and sneakers can't be sexy and flattering?

Everyone always says jeans and sneakers can make us look not as polished or not as skinny or not as sexy.. Well being a jeans and tshirt gal I think different!  Jeans to me are an investment.. The right fit and quality make all the difference I know save for jeans and have some staple pairs even though my credit card cries I know I will have them for years and that is what makes them worth it! I think denim and sneakers can be both and I decided to pick out my top picks and how to make your sneakers lengthen and be more complementary than ever before! You can actually add an edge and your own vibe on sneakers and with jeans.. Here are my picks! SIWY-WJ415_V1 Welcome Siwy Stacie in Divine! Hello sexual!! These are a super sexy twist on your average black denim. They have a sheer mesh side and they are ridiculous and not only that but on sale! When I bought these my boyfriend actually helped pick them out.. Gotta love men they like anything that shows even an ounce of skin lol! However I love them to because I feel sexier in them even with sneakers! I can dress these up or down, blouse or t-shirt, heels or sneakers it all works with these!

SIWY-WJ403_V1Rocker chic at best! Mickie Skinny is everything I love about a basic jean with a little extra oompha The detailing on these with the moto inspired pockets are amazing! I have these in red and grey and the grey is a lot more wearable and you can get more for your money as far as wear goes! These are not only cool but comfortable as well and I always get compliments. Best part is they are on sale as well. As most of you know I love a great bargain and well this is one. You can wear this color in the summer or winter as a fabulous grey has no season when it comes to style!

SIWY-WJ426_V1 Torn and tattered Penny Lane Denim! Yes Please! These Ladonna Skinnies I have had in my wardrobe for a couple years and I still love them! They are tomboy sexy and paired with edgy sneakers and a cute top it adds an undone, boyish sex appeal to your style! Not to mention these are the type of jeans you live in and the more you do the more worn in they get and again adding that little bit of skin showing is what makes these sexy! I love these most with a blazer and t-shirt... Reminds me of Kate Moss who btw is also a fan of this denim line!

blank4029766389_q1_1-0._QL90_UX37_Now these are not denim BUT they do go into my sneaker file and since they are sexy I wanted to mention as well! These Vegan Leather Moto Pants are just plain cool. Most would pair with heels but I say sneakers as it is a edgier version and to be honest you kinda look like a bad ass.. I would order a size up as that's what I did with mine. All the other ones are true to size! Pair these with my classic animal print Steve Maddens Sneakers! I wear these flats all the time and they are my go to.

Before I really divulge into my go to sneakers I want you to know the secret to getting longer, leaner looking legs in them and boots and actually any flat shoe you have! Lift Kits! These things are a booty lift, leg thinner and work out all in one.. Trust me I don't wear flats without them. It gives you an extra 2 inches when stacked and I can feel the burn the next day which is great so I don't feel bad when skipping the gym as it is a workout. I have used these for a while and honestly even men needs a lift every once in a while. The kits make you not look as "stumpy" in flats as yes flats are more comfortable than heels however legs look better with height.. So these give you both! Use code BSXLK for 15% off!! I accept Share the berries as thank you's BTW :)

Ok back to sneakers! Color, Color, Color! There is nothing more fun than a pop of color on a basic sneaker. These Fuchsia Vans are not only cool but 35$!!! Now if you are a little more adventurous try these rocker inspired flats! Circus by Sam Edelman are where it is at if thats your vibe! Sexy but edgy! These are sure to add trendy appeal to your jeans and t-shirt. I also am obsessing over these that are a tweed like material. They are Steve Madden Salima slip on! Perfect color, perfect texture, another great slip on.

So now you know tips to make jeans and sneakers sexy.. Let's remember these rules

1. Show a little skin with some cut outs, or worn in jeans will never go out of style, add color or unique zippers  ( note do not go all bedazzled as it can be too much) think rolling stone cool, joan jett cool, relaxed style, tight fit and a bohemian rocker edge.

2. Sneakers with an edge or pop of color or cool, unique texture

3. ALWAYS WEAR LIFT KITS !! Pop them in to make you longer, leaner and a much more fabulous ass! Sorry but that is the honest truth! I never don't have them on when it comes to flats! And if your bf is shorter than you get him a pair as well.. Best kept secret in Hollywood!

hugs and butt pinches