How to get the best Beach Hair and also some beauty sale surprises!

Well with summer here everyone or I can only assume everyone wants beach hair, God knows I pray for this everyday. I understand beachy waves are a huge trend and I obviously love those as well however what about that just out of the ocean air dry hair? That is ultra juicy and fun. So after I have tried almost every product I found the perfect combo for me. I always try to express that this is what works for me an some clients I have, so just test it out and ask me questions if this isn't for you and I will try and help! Here it is.. the most simple 2 product beach hair you ever will get..

First braid your hair before bed ( if you have straight hair do it wet and if you have wavy or curly hair do it dry). Braid the hair in different sizes but smaller toward the front. Yes ladies you will look like a version of coolio but whatever he was pretty legit in his day. 1, 2, 3, 4 get your braids on the floor ha ok but for real I did not tie mine with an elastic i just simply braided and let go and went to sleep. I had about 20 braids in my hair for a reference.

When you wake up untie the braids and use Unite Expanda Dust at the root to give it some volume and gritty texture. This product is ahmazing and literally lifts your roots as it has a staying power that isn't sticky or tacky but just a miracle and you only need a little. Next take Oribe Surfcomber and place in palms and rub between to warm up product and work through your hair while kinda scrunching and tousling the hair. Boom! Ocean/Beach hair in minutes! This has been my go to style for the past few days as I have had early days and long hours so this is a must. This style is great if you like the undone look. If you like more polished then I would recommend just using a wand and these products! So 3 steps... Braid, sprinkle, scrunch! BSS!!! LOL


Ladies I stumbled upon Nordstrom beauty sale and if y'all don't get these must haves I use while on sale you are nuts! here is a list and yes my brow pencil and pomade is on here!! YIKES,BIKES!

Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz Anastasia Dipbrow Waterproof Pomade ( perfect for summer) Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel ( I have blonde, brunette and caramel)

YSL Gloss ( the gold is amazing for gold flecks and the smoking black takes lips from day to night for a quick change, sooo cool)

Mascara Favs: Hyponois Star , YSL Babydoll ( the colored ones are great for summer) YSL Shocking ( i use this on myself on daily basis, obsesed!)

Concealer : Lancome Waterproof concealer ( perfect for those beach goers)

Masks: Glam Glow 

Finally Lips : Clinique Chubbies these are great for summer as it adds a pop of color.. My favs are Mightest Maraschino, Grandest Grape ,Plushest Punch, Heftiest Hibiscus

So these are some great products to add in your makeup bag and they are on sale!! Hope y'all enjoy and I swear videos are coming soon!