Secret I have been Hiding.. Koh Gen Do...

So you all ask what products I love and while I tell them to you I have yet to tell you everything. So here I am promising you all I will tell you every single thing I know and love about all brands I use. So here are the beans I am gonna spill.. Koh Gen Do.. If you haven't heard celeb makeup artist rave about their foundations and spa water then perhaps you need to get out more ha.. I only carry about 4 brands of foundation for my clients and this one has been a beautiful secret I have kept til now. But I am not gonna start with foundation.. I'm gonna start by their Spa Water. It is so delicate and wonderful to clean up eye makeup messes out of.  I have used this in my kit for years and when I travel I take the Spa Water Cloths as they are great for traveling and unlike most makeup wipes they don't dry out your skin and are so gentle so they will not break you out. They are oil-free so great for those of you with Oily skin that ask about makeup remover. However they do contain their healing spa water to nourish those with dry skin. This is one product that is truly great for every skin type.

Now the Moisture Foundation... Wow.. This is perfect for girls that want a minimal coverage but still covering areas that have flaws or blemishes. It brings out your natural skin in the most beautiful way. It is a cream and a little goes a long way. By minimizing pores and fine lines in the most natural way this is truly makeup that isn't makeup. Everytime I go on set someone falls in love with this foundation. I started using it on my client Jamie Krell and then I used it on Ali Fedotowsky and both looked gorgeous. If I am doing beauty shots or print work this is one of my go to's.. I also use this on myself.. i am very picky about my foundation as I don't like a lot so this is one of 3 that I actually wear myself.

Aqua Foundation.. Oxygen Facial in a bottle. This has slightly more coverage but does not go cakey. It has tiny mineral powder that brightens the skin and gives you a post facial glow. If you are dry then this foundation is for you. Even though this is more dewy this looks beautiful on film. There is something about their foundation that separates itself from others on camera. So many makeup artists I look up to use this and I am always astounded by their skin. Both these foundations have been featured recently in US Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Allure and more.

Natural Light Powder is a fairy in a jar. There are tiny crystals in the powder that make your skin look like it has a natural soft focus.. meaning you look flawless lol. It has a color but to me it is more translucent as I have used on different skin tones and just added more bronzer if they were darker. It comes with a beautiful powder puff that not only makes it more luxurious but an easy application when you need a touch up. Since I am not huge on powders this is one of 2 I keep in my kit.

Primers... Those of you who ask about redness well here is your answer.. Green Color Base this is an amazing color corrector for redness and it also helps with pores and fine lines while creating a smooth surface for foundation. Dallas Buyers Club makeup artist used these throughout the movie.. I also have used this on a huge actress that suffers rom acne and has so much red in her skin. I put this under the aqua foundation and she is all set for press without anyone knowing she has a lot of red, acne. If you are more mature and have some sallowness then the pink/lavender is the one for you.

The Treatment Concealer is amazing and not only brightens but also conceals. This is a more sheer coverage so if you have darker circles you would need corrector before or something heavier instead. If you are someone that doesn't need a lot or more mature women worrying about settling in your lines then this is perfect for you. It is very lightweight and looks like your skin.

Illuminators are my best friend, I swear I have loved them for years and some are awful and some are amazing like this one.. Between Koh Gen Do and Becca they are only illuminators I will ever need. Koh Gen Do gives more of a luminous look with tiny crystal particles in it, well that's what it looks like at least ha. It isn't too much but if you are oily I would stay clear of this product.

Well there you have one of my secrets.. I swear I won't hold back anymore. I decided to tell y'all cause I got caught using the spa water wipes and my friend Angela tried it and said OMG these are amazing and so soft .. So I decided I needed to let you know what I use and I swear videos are coming soon with how to use these products.