Someone call 911.. Summer is here and your hair and skin are screaming help me help me!

Summer to me mean simplicity at it's finest.. So that's why I am just gonna cut right to the core of the problems and how to fix it real fast.. Dead, dried out, split ends and no shine hair... Well only because I harass my hair guru Marissa Marino I knew about Olapex Hair Protector.. its $20 and it is amazing ( for some reason it shows up $70 but just click on it and once you get to amazon u will see totes affordable) . Just after one night of leaving it on all night.. yes all night long, all night boom boom all night.. ha ok done with the singing but my hair felt amazing.. and not weighed down. I washed and rinsed the next morning and wow.... Marissa promised this was the best product to help split ends so hair can actually grow and after how hydrating it is it is a summer must for hair!

Now the dried out, dehydrated, sunburned skin that is not your skin at all because you don't recognize all the flakes and spots that are coming up and out.. First please use sunscreen.  I love Avene sunscreen because it is light, hydrating and does not clog my pores. Also it does not look like Screech applied it ( too much zinc) so again another reason as to why I love it. I always love Eve Lom but sometimes when you need to treat something you have to change it up. That's why Cicalfate is the best thing I have tried in a very long time. It completely restores your skins barrier and produces new skin. My skin is not peeling anymore at all.. Even with eve lom when you burn your skin you need something with more of a treatment than skincare. I bought it when I had just done a laser and my skin needed more than a cream but deep penetrating of my skins barrier and boomm been addicted ever since.

Also if you have a scrape, burn, or baby has diaper rash this is perfect for that as well. It is multi purpose and affordable.. Little goes a long way..

Remember ladies if you are starting to see pigmentation in your skin starts wearing a hat as well as sunscreen and go see a dermatologist. Skin cancer is very serious so be cautious.

Tea Tip

adding mango, peaches or oranges in your iced tea will make you so much more refreshed and to be honest you will feel fancier than dolly parton :) hope yall like oh and it tastes fabulous too!