Vaseline aka Best Body Moisturizer .. addicted

Y'all hold your horses because I have found another great body moisturizer.... Being of the dry skinned species ( I am pretty sure I am a reptile) I need a lot of moisture. Some moisturizers are good for a few minutes but then I am dry in like an hour. Ever since I have been using this my skin has changed. I swear last night I kept rubbing my legs together because they were so smooth, soft and silky. I know that might be weird but whatever it is true and like I promised you all in the beginning I will always speak the truth.

I purchased the Aloe Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer. The first thing I love is that is that it is soo fast to apply and dries in seconds. Most lotions take forever to soak in and that is not fun for anyone. There is nothing worse than lotion not soaked into the skin and feeling that nasty "wet" feeling of lotion on clothes.. Yuck! So thank God for this! Another reason I love it is I am always busy and need anything that will help me get going faster. The fact it has a convenient 360 degree spray that dispenses the lotion quick an evenly makes me fall that much more in love. And it is also for sensitive skin and is dermatologist approved. I used not to care about that but after I turned 25 and realized I needed to care more about my skin having a dermatologist approval is mandatory for any of my skin care whether body or face.

However my number 1 favorite thing is ... Micro droplets of Vaseline Jelly!I have never had such hydration in a lotion without it feeling sticky or wet. Clearly that is my biggest pet peeve and this doesn't not have any of that. It truly is fresh, hydrated, beautiful skin in a bottle and in a flash because it is so fast and easy! Check out all Vaseline products at

I hope you all try this product as you still need to keep hydrated in the summer so drink water and spray up!

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