Nordstrom sale makes me go bananas!

If you do not have early access I would recommend getting a Nordstrom Card so you can have Early Access as it is ahhmazzinnnggg.. If not you can wait til end of next week and have your list ready to go.. So that being said I am gonna cut to the chase because to be honest I have more shopping to do. And helloooo early Christmas gifts ...I am always late and sales like this make it easy to be prepared and also get some amazing stuff for myself.. Here are some of my favs Like I said I have been loving sneakers. Especially Nike ones.. I am obsessed with these Vintage Nikes. Well they are not vintage but it looks that way so who cares.. I am loving the Black and Blue.. So fun! Now fashion and sneakers.. yes I will.. Thanks to Cole Haan oxford sneakers are maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen. Now Heels.. We all know I love heels and these Fringe Steve Maddens are to die for! Wear them with shorts and V neck and hello sexy time!

Now Hair.. I cannot live without my Sultra Curling Irons.. I have every size and love them and they are on sale right now!! There 1.5 is better for those that want a loose wave or have longer hair.. You can also do old hollywood waves when you pin it and then brush them out..  The 1inch Sultra iron is great for a tighter beach wave. These irons are an investment and you will not regret it..

Blame it on Nars Blush set is unreal.. All cult favs in one palette so when you are traveling you only need this for highlight, bronzer and cheek color. Boom Done! Honestly this is the first thing I put in my cart.. Lancome Mascara set has every mascara, remover and more you need for flirty lashes..  For lips the Nars Lip set is perfect summer colors for a soft pink summer..

Brows.. Everyone has them and wants more .. well you can have more .. Fuller brows by Revitalash Brow is great.. it really will help your brows grow to thicker, fuller brows.. You might not be Brooke Shields or Cara Delevigne but you can come close! Beauty Blender.. I cannot say it enough. you NEED one.. I have like 12 but as a person you just need one but they have a duo set with the soap on sell and the soap really does help the life span of the beauty blender. It is what I put my foundation on with as it is amazing .. Just soak it under water and squeeze out excess .. Just like a sponge! Then place your makeup on it and stipple all over face don't rub it in.. Just dab! Ok y'all I have had enough.. I seriously have to shop and hope my momma and cousin are not reading this cause some of these are presents!

Happy shopping