Nordstrom is Still going strong!

Y'all if you are anything like me you have been dying over everything at Nordstrom.. I wanted to list some more of my fav items and also some gifts for your man! Even men like a nice surprise ...I bought Logan some blue undies lol.. I mean why not it's a random gift that says "hey I love u and here are some of my fav color undies" haha he loved them and more importantly loved the thought. Enjoy my roundup of my top 10! 1.Nike Sneakers.. I told y'all I have been on a sneaker kick lately and this proves it.. I am personally obsessed with the red and blue ones. They are so old school I love it.  These other Nike Free Flyin kicks are soo cool.. Logans sister had them and I was like.. want, need, want, must have lol.  They have breathable mesh so your feet can breathe and to be honest I need this cause I don't wear socks sooo yes my feet can be stttannkkkkyyyy.. ha

2. Sam Edelman over the knee boots.. These are amazing.. Y'all had asked where I got mine from and I have Jeffrey Campbell ones however they are no longer available and these are spitting image of mine.. That being said I obviously love and think they are extra spicy..Also winter will be here before you know it so why not go ahead and prepare to be the most edgy, chic gal in town?

3. Pajamas ? Umm yes I think I will take them all!! I love comfort and I feel like most girls do. However I will never be one to spend a fortune on things I sleep in but on the rare occasion when I see comfort, cute and a sale I say yes please get me in those and that is exactly what these adorable teal pajamas did. The brand also has in pink:)

4. Skinny, Comfy, Sweats OH MY! I don't have to say much except ladies these sweats you will live in.. Bottom line. They are comfy and cute colors.. I love the purple ones the most but I want every pair and for 24$ why not get a couple!

5. Military inspired Jumpsuit is maybe one of my all time fav looks. It's very bad ass chic and I love that. I am always a little tomboy with my style and this is a perfect combo.

6. All Nude Makeup Set .. Hourglass has one of my all time fav nude lipsticks and by adding mascara and liner and their amazing primer it basically jumped in my shopping cart without me knowing .. This is the perfect take on vaca bag. As you don't need much just nude lip, smudgy liner and lots of lash you will look like the ultimate sex kitten on those summer getaways.

7. Faux Moto Jacket  YEESSSS.. I love faux leather!!! The rock side of me gets so excited when I see an amazing faux leather jacket. It has always been my thing and my go to. I pair mine with skirts, jeans, shorts, sweats and dresses. I love it and you always look more put together and trendy in my mind.

8. Denim Shirt! Obsessed.. Always have been, always will be so there I said it or maybe I didn't but I love denim on denim .. yes Canadian Tuxedo is my jam.


9. Herschel Backpack. Probably one of the best gifts to give a guy.. And you can borrow it! Lol ok so I know it is a gift but you can. Sorry Logan if you receive one.. I swear I bought it just for u.. haha Anyway these backpacks are manly, and trendy which ladies let's be honest our men always need a little help with. At the end of the day this is better than that bag they have been carrying since Junior High that smells like the locker room ( although I do love that smell) ha

10. Personalized Toiletry  Bag This is a small but sweet gift. Guys are always throwing stuff in our bags so why not make them their own bag for trips. It is inexpensive and thoughtful. They will be appreciative on your next trip or to help keep them organized.

Ok y'all that's my top 10.. Hope you enjoyed it as I know I had fun shopping ha.. Also don't forget about your man. They do a lot for us and love us for who we are so just like we like unexpected flowers or candy they like things as well.