Blueberry Honey Jam Recipe

IMG_1755 I rarely do recipes on here but I swear I am gonna start doing more because I believe sharing is caring... not really I just want everyone to enjoy food as much as I do. If you ever find yourself stressed from work, love, or just life I swear just bake.. It will help you relax and at the end when you see what you have done you are like " I'm awesome so shove that broom up your ass life" lol.. ok y'all enough talk here is the recipe.. I hope you enjoy it and remember jam is something that you rarely get right the first time.

Blueberry Honey Jam

4 cups of Blueberries

3 1/2 cups of Sugar

shit ton of Honey ( please weigh this)

place plate in freezer

  1. In a large sauce pan toss all the blueberries in an drizzle with honey.. I do not measure the honey but I coat all the berries with it. If you are not fond of Honey then skip it.. After the blueberries start to get sot and start to pop ( about 6 min) start to mash some of them with a fork or potato masher. There should be a good amount of blueberry juice.
  2. Add in the sugar 1 cup at a time and stir until all the sugar has been added. Turn it up to a med/high boil and make sure sugar is dissolved.
  3. Turn down the heat to med/low and simmer for about 45 min. Make sure you are not burning it as i keep mine mostly on low as it needs to be a slight boil the whole time. After 45 min take the plate out of the freezer and drop some of blueberry jam on the plate. Wait 2 min and if you see a skin on it and it feels like it is spreadable and not runny then it has set and you can start pouring it in a jar.
  4. I do soak my mason jars in hot water with lids off but in the same pot. You do not have to do this but my mamaw does it so I do lol. If you choose to take the jars out very carefully with tongs and pour the jam in the jars and then place the lids on. Once the lid has sealed it will make a "pop" noise and everything it set.

Ok y'all there is my recipe... My fav way to eat it is on ciabatta bread heated with olive oil and then spreading marscapone cheese and topping with the blueberry jam. It is delicious...

hope y'all like.. Tag me if you make it #jessicasjam