Natural Glam Makeup

Since you all loved this look I wanted to give a product breakdown as this was simple, natural glam. I myself am obsessed with this look and will for sure be doing it on myself. 

I kept it simple with browns and some pink shades and then added the some of the same highlighter on her cheeks to the center of her lid. For more of a sultry look I added a brown liner instead of black. I used Barberella Brown by Charlotte Tilbury. When using brown instead of black it creates more of a sexy more undone look than black. I have a lot of different brown liners as I do think they compliment the eyes better in a sense. Next top the lid with some of the Anastasia highlighters!

Skin I used a Beauty Blender to make sure of flawless, seamless coverage. It truly is a makeup artist in a sponge. To use saturate the blender in water and squeeze out until it has doubled in size. Next apply the foundation in a stippling manner. Next apply concealer in upward motion from bottom on eye to hairline and blend out. 


To finish the skin set with powder and add Anastasia Highlight on cheekbones and go over that with Moonstone by Becca .  * note I always add the shimmer to tip of nose.. trust me you will thank me! For Lips it was all about Blush colors and Tom Ford.I used Blush Nude  .. I mean who doesn't love him? I would marry his left eyebrow hair to be close to that genius! I hope you all liked the "how to" of what I used and how. All products I used are listed below with links attached.