Still need gifts? My Friends have you covered

With Christmas right around the corner instead of turning to dept. stores I wanted to go to my friends stores and companies because 1. they have really amazing products and 2. they are my friends and friends support friends! 

Let's start with LiftKits.. These stackable height enhancers are maybe the best invention ever. Yes ladies we can be taller and have a better butt without surgery and tons of squats. I use these in my boots and sneakers and legit it's instant butt lift.. The best part is no one knows because they are tucked inside your shoe! These are a great gift for all the girls in your life who are a bit on the short side and also they have guys versions to. So if you are a tall gal but maybe tower over your beau then slip these in his stockings and rock those heels. Use code JSXLK for 25% off order!!!

Next up is something I am partial on ha .. My sweatshirt collab with Free your heart apparel. Ha I can't help it I love it!! it is so comfy and the cutest gift to give to your gf's . Also who doesn't like smores and kisses around the campfire? Exactly... Everyone so it's a no brainer. 

All of you always ask where do  get my bracelets and necklaces. Well I have one of my dear friends Jami make them of course.. This Penny to my lane :) makes amazing boho rock n roll jewelry. She took the 70's and the love of rock and combined them into something that is unique and classic at the same time. I layer on the slave rings and bracelets til I can't layer anymore.. They have been seen on Lucy Hale and a number of different celebs. Use code Santa for 25% off!!

If you need something that is fun and your bestie can rock all the time then get her the  Kittenish IPhone Case . It is cute and fashionable in adorable pink leopard and what girl doesn't love that.. If you want something else check out the rest from my Besties collection with Kora Rae. Kittenish is well made and amazing.. No I am not partial.. Her clothes and accessories are fantastic.

Another one of my fav secrets is Fave 4 hair cream. Their "up in air cream"  and " twice as thick cream" is the best hair cream in the world. When you don't want to fix your hair use the up in air cream and leave it in and don't blow dry and boom it is perfect and beachy the next day. Then the Twice as thick cream makes your hair so full you can't see straight!!! It is affordable and light! 

Another galI adore is Sydney James and her boutique Southern Girl City Lights has adorable stuff.. My fav for last min gift is the ho's and bows shirt.. Perfect for Holiday season!! Check out the rest of their clothes as my sweats I got are the most comfortable ever! 

The final item is my girl Halle's sunnies..I wore the "up to no good" the other day and sooo cute! These are amazing and fun and the best part is you can buy as is for $40 or custom $60 and just tell her what you want written. I am making a "maggie may" pair because I love Rod.. Yes this is thanks to my mom but whatever add some studs and fun ornaments and he is cool lol. They are only taking orders by email right now as the site is not finished. Below are ones she has in stock and then you can custom if you want!  Email :