Shine bright like a Diamond or star or anything else with some shimmer to it .

With New Years Eve right around the corner I wanted to share some of the best Makeup tools and products to get you ready for that big New Years Kiss... Let's do lots of lash and a super smooth pout and just flushed cheeks! Here are my fave gems.

Ok so everyone on New Years always does glitter right? While I am not opposed I wanted to make a bigger statement with lashes that could knock you out and a lip stain you can keep kissing with and yes still be smooth and not move.

Let's start with lashes. First always curl your lashes so they blend in nicely with the faux lashes we will attach. Because women love sparkle I added the Tarte Shine Bright lash curler and their amazing mascara. This stuff gives you major drama!! After you curl apply one -two coats on your lashes on the top and the bottom of your upper lash, this way you have coated all sides with mascara and they are full and rich in color . Next cut the Velour Lashes to your eye shape.. I always cut the outside off as opposed to the inside because it can look overdone if you have random huge lashes from your inner corners. Now apply a bit of glue across the strip and let it get somewhat tacky.. People's biggest mistake is they place the glue on then go straight for the eye and it slips up and down and all around. Avoid that by even giving 30 secs to dry a bit then place it on without shutting your eye ( as this causes wrinkles to the strip) and lay down on the middle of your eye, next take tweezers and press in the inner corner then outer corner and Voila' amazing lashes!!

Next up lips.. Ladies it is so important to scrub your lips. The Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub helps to exfoliate any dead skin and leaves a smooth surface to apply any lipstick. After I scrub and wash off the product I lock in the moisture with Fresh Lip Balm. I love this product because it is hydrating and not sticky, goopey or anything else. Just a nice, clean balm. After you have let that set in for a few min apply Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick. This stuff lasts all night long .. all night .. all night ... Ok enough song ha I like this one because it does not dry out your lips and has wide variety of colors. Some of my fav colors for New Years Eve are " Underage Red" a bright red, "Damned" a deep black cherry and "Bauhau5" a wonderful deep raspberry. 

For Cheeks I love cheek tints because blush tends to fade a lot and I always apply more in the bathroom so the Jouer Cheek tints are amazing and portable. They are great for dry skin as they have a healthy sheen to them. My color choices for New Years are "Bare" and "Dahlia" . If you have oily skin stick to a powder like Tarte's 12 hr clay blush. These I use and they do last. Sometimes it boils down to preference ... I usually am a tint creme blush girl while sometimes I will do powder. The color "Pink Berry" is  a beautiful natural flush and perfect for dancing the night away. 


Ok y'all hope you all enjoy these tips for lashes , lips and blush! Will do breakdown of fav foundations soon!