Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

I am going to for once make this short and sweet.. Well as much as possible.  When I was thinking of what to get my girls I wanted something that was sweet, funny, and yummy. So it was only natural I added some of my favorite treats and hit up Etsy for affordable prices!

The Bag! The 1st item I recommend getting is the bag! I searched all over Etsy and I finally found someone that had canvas bags with Leather handles which I knew my girls would carry again. Her shop is Lylagracedesigns and so cute! My only mistake.. I didn' get me one lol! A lot of girls get the full name but I went with initials as I thought they were more likely to carry initials in a nice font than their name. Personal preference! The next big item I purchased was Robes! I wanted angelic soft blue robes to be my something blue. These robes are OMG SOFT!! I ordered from Plum Pretty Sugar and ordered them in groups of 5 as things get expensive so this is why i say maybe every month or every other month so that way it isn't one huge hit with everything you decide to add to your bags! Trust me this is the best advice! 


Now that I had the bags ordered, I needed to fill them! For me it was pretty simple. I took my time on it and did not rush! I think a lot of girls just order things all at once. I started when I started planning wedding and finished about 4 days before wedding! LOL! I chose items that I loved so here is a list of what I chose and why. Always remember make it about you and them. They will love what you love..  I mean, that is why you are friends right?  

1. Fav 4 mini sprays- one of fav hair products ever 

2. Bad Ass Bridesmaids Candles- I needed something a little rock n roll lol 

3. Mod Party Personalized tumblers and glasses - Every Bride has them so it is traditional and cute and my friends literally are using them at work. 

4. Yummy Cotton Candy. I have followed Fancy Pufs on Instagram for a while! So I had to order for my girls.. these are delicious and so darn cute. Well worth ordering from Canada I swear there is a taste difference! 

5. No Mo Stache! Just in case I had some hairy ladies that day, they could take care of it! Honestly, again used these for years and keep in suitcase. They are practical and easy!  

6. Bridesmaids emergency kits! - Bottom line a must! Hands down we used this and thank God I had them! They even came with their initials on it!  

7. Fun Tank! The ladies over at City Roots in Boots made the best tank that said " Make America Country Again" being from the south this was an obvious choice and something different that the Bride Tribe 

8. Earrings! Obviously I wanted some jewelry and I have loved Baublebar for some time so I went and they had the perfect pair of pink earrings and personalized bracelet that I fell in love with! I also got my earrings from my Honeymoon there! 

9. Project 7 Gum! I wanted something little so I added this gum while buying toliet paper at Target lol. It is so good actually! My bridesmaid Angela (fab makeup artist FYI follow her beautybyalessi on insta!) had gotten me this for my bday and I fell in love then so when I saw it standing in line I tossed in cart! 

10. Pretzel sticks from my Cake and Dessert Goddess Erin Coffey from Custom Coffey Cakeries! Honestly these are something you can make at home but i adore Erin and I wanted them fancy lol so she did them! 


Hope you guys enjoy and hope this helps all my future brides