Best Stay Put Cream Shadow!!

When you think of cream shadows you usually think " oh no" and "they crease and ewww." Well, you are right but also wrong! There are a lot of cream shadows that sadly fall into that category however, there are a few gems that will not budge and get down right gross!  I have listed my favs below as these are what I have found that stay and easy to blend. 

Part of the reason I love and live for cream shadow is because to me it is the ultimate sexy eye. Whether it is smokey or more natural it gives you a sultry look because it has a hint of a "wet" appearance that is effortless and sexy. Anything that gets me to look like a little bit 70's or 80's disco I love. Don't worry these will not make you look like a disco ball, however, they will make you look like the "it" girl of those era's.

Here is a breakdown of my fav colors from each brand

Tom Ford: Spice (ultimate bronze with hint of gold), Burnished Copper (deep copper with hints of gunmetal and somewhat khaki), Noir (this is the shadow and cream, it is gorgeous midnight deep blue/black)

Jouer:   Avant Garde (fav blue all around), Renaissance (nice burgundy with shimmer), Abstract (black)

Charlotte Tilbury: Jean (soft, shimmery gold), Cleopatra (mermaid teal green), Bette (soft bronze/copper with hints of gold).

Girlactik: Chic ( champagne soft pink), Glam (dark bronze)

Marc Jacobs: Honestly all his colors are to die for! Let's start! Honey Bunny (pink champagne shimmer) Volver (gold champagne shimmer), Frannie (perfect silver shimmer), On the Verge (soft lilac shimmer), Three Shakes (most gorgeous copper shimmer)