Retinol.. A girl's best and worst friend until now

Ok let's just start off with I am addicted to skincare and have and will do whatever it takes to have beautiful skin. I suffered from acne when I was younger and honestly refuse to ever go back to that. I felt horrible about my skin and was trying to cover it up. Well now that I am older and have a strict skincare regimen, my skin is better than ever but can still improve because of all those horrid acne scars I have left behind.

There are many different products people will tell you to use to help diminish the scarring.. whitening agents, whitening creams, retinol.. Retinolllll.. This word "Retinol" has always scared me, to be honest, everyone that used it yes had beautiful skin but they said they always were peeling and there was down time to it and because I am so dry the "peeling" part was always the part I hated hearing. After much deliberation and hesitation, I decided to try a Retinol and honestly I hated it. My skin was dry, red and irritated all the time and everyone said keep going but honestly I couldn't because I was peeling so bad!  It never healed and never stopped getting dry. Let me fast forward you to 4 yrs later, tons of products later and an insanely dry face later.

Ladies meet Shani Darden, not only is she the top facialist to all our celeb crushes ( Rosie H, Chrissy Teigen, Shay M, Jessica Alba) and more but she is the real deal. Sadly I found her right before I moved from Los Angeles, however, I will fly in to see her that is how amazing she is! First, let me say how I found her.. I was again looking for a Retinol that wouldn't dry out my skin and I came upon hers "Resurface Retinol Reform" and it said that it is not as drying as most so of course I was intrigued. I made an appt to see Shani (why not get a facial and ask about her product.) The moment I stepped in her place I knew this woman knew what she was talking about. Talk about glowing, perfect, skin well, that is Shani. She customized a facial just for me and then gave me this amazing LED light mask. When we finished we started discussing her Retinol. What I loved about her is she did not FORCE the product!! She said try mine and let me know!! That's right, someone that knows how amazing their product is can just give you a sample knowing you will return for purchase!  

Fast forward another 2 months later and I called and ordered the product. I started with the Reform once a week and now every other night and at best had the most minimal peeling and it was so small once you add moisturizer it is good. My skin is a lot more clean and even looking. My scars are not as bad and show a lot less. I am starting to see improvements on  my baby wrinkles as well. Her Retinol Reform has 5% pure retinol and stimulates cell regeneration to help with all these problems. I cannot tell you how in love with this product I am. Mainly because it doesn't dry me out so that is a plus and it works which. Not to mention a lot of beauty editors have named it "Best Retinol" because of results and it is great for sensitive skin. 


Hope you all like my review and honesty of my experience with most retinol! If there has been anything I have said or recommended to purchase this is gonna be on my top 5!