Top 5 Travel "Must Haves"

Even though I just moved I feel like I spend most of my time on a plane. You all know how bad that recycled air is for your skin. I mean it's like it sucks the life out of me! Not to mention once you land wherever you are going your skin is just not "itself".  I wanted to share my top 5 for you all so traveling now would be that much easier.  


1. Babor "moist and fluid" acitve fluid. These little guys are a lifesaver! Not only are thy easy to take with you but your skin drinks them up. Most of the products I am listing I just use while traveling however I use the Babor Collagen and 3D anti-aging ones while at home. They are just so good an tiny vials of moisture. One thing I love about Babor is it is a natural skincare line that works. Sadly a lot of them don't but this one does and they smell fantastic! So much that your guy might lick your face instead of kissing it! Ok,I just got weird.. moving on.

2. Rilastil A-Lipik Face Emulsion. Now this guy's will cure the reddest, driest, itchy, lipid deprived skin! You can honestly see a difference in one use. Like I said I use different skincare when traveling because I don't like to tote around my expensive items when they could break, spill or who knows what the airlines do to them! That is why I love this cream..not only is it affordable,  it hydrates you like no other, and makes it a lot more fun to travel.

3. Face Sunscreen.. Don't worry I am not going to talk body sunscreen as I haven't mastered that one yet! However, face sunscreen is different. I know that like Einstein and some might be pricey but will worth to invest. Tatcha Sunscreen is like silk. It's amazing bottom line.  Another more affordable one is IS Clinical spf 50.  Another great thing about the IS Clinical sunscreen is it also helps camouflage sunburn, so if you are burnt and then purchase this will help to decrease the redness and it gives a nice satin finish to skin.    

4. Kopari Coconut Melt is OMG Yummy and so soothing! This stuff is just pure island in a jar and i travel with it. After the plane not only is my face dry but my body is too and this helps hydrate it to maximum capacity. Also, ladies if you like a summer shimmer well, they happen to have a coconut glow which I am gonna list on my top 5 fave shimmers soon. But wanted to feel you in anyway!  Yes, it is back ordered but trust me it's worth the wait!

5. Egyptian Magic, tried and true and long time lover of this product! I use it on my feet, hands, face,and all over! It truly heals your skin and I am not gonna lie the smell isn't flowers but you get past it (it doesn't smell bad it just doesn't smell kinda) anyway I always have a jar of this with me and has been in my travel case for about 7 years. I will never not carry it. Now if using on your face please only use a small amount and max 2 times a week. When I travel I use more for body moisturizer and only one night on my face. I will use under my eyes every night.

Hope you enjoyed my must haves, and yes these are my fav for multiple reasons! Hope you enjoy as well! Stay hydrated with water and cream this summer!