My Hair is full of Secrets.. Or is it?

So this might be the shortest blog post I will ever do.. I know, lucky you that you don't get to read a novel! Anyway, since I have promised and have listened and done a Hair tutorial for y'all there is something that might be better. Check this out!


I have yet to edit my hair video but promise it will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, there is a $50 off sale on my biggest secret.. the curling iron and wand I use!  GHD Hair tools promise's and delivers 24-hour curls. So when y'all ask me how can I go days without having to completely redo my hair, well this is it. Every client I work on ask about the hair and how I got it to stay. This is it I learned about it from my awesome hair stylist Marissa Marino. She does Selena Gomez so we listen to Marissa.

Trust me, I know it puts a dent in your wallet, but, when something works and will last because they offer warranty it ends up being the exact same price of you having to buy $30-60  twice a year. Not to mention GHD is actually a lot better for your hair. It keeps it at 365 degrees and also if you forget to turn off, guess what? Yep, it turns off itself so now if you realize you left your iron on you can continue your day without wondering if your house would burn down which to me is worth the price tag!   

I use and have two. The curve curl and the wave. The wave is good for soft, loose, beach waves. The Curl is better for tighter beach waves, and classic curls. Video will be live tomorrow!