Nordstrom Beauty "Must-haves" from the Sale!

I don't even want to tell you why I love the Nordstrom Sale because it is pointless.. We all know and love it for the same reason.. It is AWESOME! Please check out my beauty "must-haves" and why I love them! 


Neu Lash Brow Serum- Well, to be honest their lash serum works and I have seen great results in 2 weeks.. I just ordered it however, my client that uses it has the best brows now and hers were sparse.. she is the sole reason I tried the lash serum so even though I have not tried it I have seen the results with this brand! Trust me get the lash serum and you willbe addicted enough to purchase brows. SIMPLE! 

P.s - Y'all know I was an avid Latisse user for years well i stopped because my eyes were getting too sensitive and I have had zero bad reactions to this. No darkening or any sensitivity 


SuperGoop Sunscreen- Not only is this sunscreen easy to use due to the mist it also contains Vitamin C and has less alcohol than most! I started carrying this in my beach bag and have fell in love! It is a beach staple now, and the fact it is easy to use.. Done and Done!

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device- I love this product! Again I am only putting products on here that work.. This works! As we age we lose tighness in our face which results in sagging skin. Attractive I know. Well, this product sends little current through your face to help with the aging process and make skin tighter, improving skin tone and helping with wrinkles. This is an award winning product so it kinda speaks for itself. I have been using for over 4 months and I do notice a difference. Do a side by side it is crazy how much it lifts just after one use! Well worth the investment!

Iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Gloves &  Socks  People forget their hands and feet. Not only do they need more moisture but how you do face masks, well guess what, your feet and hands need extra treatment as well. You can always tell someones real age by their hands (not mine as i got my momma's hands aka little old wrinkle troll hands) ladies, I am the exception not the rule:) anyway when you are driving you need gloves and/or sunscreen. I will spray my hands with the Supergoop or if I am driving long distances I will toss on the gloves and leave in th car. They have a patent Copper Technology that helps reduce age spots, tone, texture and wrinkles in little as four weeks. As for the socks, same thing!! We rarely take care of our feet and these socks will help replenish moisture for all those tough, dry, cracked feet! Another cool fact about Copper (which is in socks as well) as it has ability to promote natural growth of proteins in your skin!

T3Micro- This featherweight dryer will help dry your hair faster while promoting healthier hair!  Best part is this dryer is actually better for your hair than air drying.. Yep you heard me it is BETTER for yoru hair!   73% reduction in frizz, 86% increase in body, 19% increase in shine, 33% increase in comb-ability and 48% increase in style retention. Also, it has 2 year warranty which is great because they stand behind their products! I love mine! 

Lancome' Mascara Kit- Honestly I have used these mascara's for years. I love them! They give you full, long lashes! This is a product always in my kit! This is one of the best deals! You get 3 mascara's, primer, makeup remover and liner. All for under $40!!  

Anastasia Brow Kit- I don't have to say anything, it is Anastasia.. Boom Gel, brush, and pomade for $36.. insane! 

Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit-  Seriously a great take anywhere palette! You get tons of shadows, two radiance powders (one of my fav products) Not to mention you can toss the dual pink shadow and use for blush and take your Lancome' Mascara kit, brow kit and be good to go anywhere! The shadows are beautiful and neutral with some shimer and some matte! 


Hope you guys have happy shopping!! This sale is probably my all time fave and my credit cards worst day! Remember no amount of makeup or hair care can help if you do not properly take care of your skin and hair.. Yes I understand it is an investment so save as long as you need and invest in these product! You won't be sorry!