New finds I think are a MUST for you!

I swear, I am going to get better at blogging as I have so much to fill you up on! I am going to do a post about all things wedding but in the meantime I wanted to share some recent finds of mine that are now a must-have or must-read  that I think you should know about.

1. Jouer Skinny Dip Gloss Topper. I mean how amazing and fabulous does that sound? Your gloss is so fancy it gets a topper? Well, the answer is yes! I am not a huge gloss person but I won't lie I have been digging around and finding some I love. This one is amazing! It gives you that J Lo gold shimmer lip gloss like no other. Just add it on top of any lipstick, stain or even gloss for a real, gold effect. A lof of lipglosses will look that way in the tube and then be so sheer or barely show on top of another product. This one will have you shining from Mars so if you don't want that shine then it is not for you. I used this in the incredible bridal shoot I did with Solutions Bridal in the beachy hair, and ivory dress just to give you example it was perfect! 


2. Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream -Have you ever wondered why Brazilians have the most fab asses you have ever seen? Yes it is genetics and Cupuacu Butter blends of Coconut Oil, Acai, and Guarana Caffeine that also help their little tushy. I found this while I got lost in this magical place called Sephora. It is so weird I tend to get lost there a lot. They had this amazing display of perfect bums everywhere and I read and thought why not and of course I want mine to look like that. I took it home and opened it up and OMG the smell... ughh the smell is so good it is unlike anything I have ever smelled in the beauty industry and it is fabulous. It is not overly scented which is great and sometimes a rarity with creams. Once I got out of the shower and applied this decadent cream it was love. The Bum Bum cream is ridiculously soft and gives the most subtle gold sheen. It is not an overdone shimmer where someone might say "hey what leg highlighter are you using" but a soft, sun hitting your skin sheen. AKA the most subtle amount of Mica was used in their product! Like Brazil nothing it is a rare form of beauty and that is how I think best describes their cream. Nothing fancy just pure, and amazing.

The product is going to help you tighten your legs and tush as the Guarana Caffeine helps to increase circulation which leads to a smoother backside. Aside from tightening it will also help soften the skin. Being as this is on the more expensive side of creams I personally only use on my legs and tushy. This is a Brazilian and model Must-have.. I mean look at Molly Sims (lover of Bum Bum Cream) if she is using so am I! Another great product I found with this line after I tested the cream was their FootCream with the cutest surfboard file to get rid of dead skin. I love this file aside from it being cute it is not harsh like some can be and Brazilians believe that feet are sexy and need to help keep them beautiful as well. The Samba Footcare Fetish is not greasy so don't worry about sliding all over your floors. I keep this by my bed because I love how soft it is making my feet. Stupid I know but it works and I love it. Women do not pay too much attention to their feet except when they go once a week or every two weeks to get a pedicure. You need to take care of them every night and this is a great, fun  and easy way to do so.  

3. Little Miss Hunter Schleicher. What a ray of sunshine!! Recently engaged this gal is gonna be on everyone's radar soon. With a natural talent and knack for writing, she started a blog called with all of her adventures and favorite finds. The first time I read something of Hunter's was about her mom. Melissa (who is an amazing celeb makeup artist, you know Carrie Underwood's go to gal) and every word was beautiful and thought out.  When you read her blog it is like you are listening to a friend and having them tell you everything you wanted to hear about that store or that trip. Hunter is beautiful and down to earth and I have enjoyed reading her blogs, maybe a little too much because I am now like I wanna go there and there as everything sounds beautiful. She is great for nice read in the morning while having coffee or at night before you go to bed. 

I also follow Hunter for her style and I cannot wait to try and squeeze into everyhting as when you look at her you are like "I need that, and that and where did that come from" lol being the sweet girl she is she set up a "Shop my Look" section on her blog which I adore! Check out her latest post about 12th  South! 

Hope you enjoyed my new finds! Let me know how you like them with #Jesssoutherntips