How to pick your wedding favors and desserts

Well, if you follow me on social media you know I have gotten married!! Yikes! I am a wife and I have a Husband... ok sorry, I am just so excited to say to it lol! I love him so much and our wedding was so magical. Get ready for a lot of posts about our wedding. Due to me not wanting to bombard you in one sitting I am breaking up my wedding blogs in few different ones. Since I love food, I thought why not start here. Here is what I used and my guide to food, dessert tables,  and favors.

Wedding Food- For us, this was the easiest part of the wedding. Our amazing venue The Bella Collina had an in-house catering company and all we did was pick what we wanted. For cocktail hour we did a bruschetta bar because our venue was like you were in Italy so it was only fitting. It was delicious and came with assorted bread's, spreads, olive oil, cheese, and pesto. So delicious.  As for dinner, we went with a plated dinner as opposed to the buffet. My personal reason on this was simple. I wanted to sit down lol. I didn't want to wait in line I simply just wanted to sit and eat and relax. I think that is something you want to consider when choosing either a buffet or plated. Our venue was basically the same cost wise so, luckily didn't have to have that as "pro" or "con".  I kept it simple. I had guests choose on their RSVP either chicken or salmon. That way they had a choice and it was simple. Sometimes when you give too many options people go back and forth and change their mind. Yes, they will text you saying can you change this to this and take away the sauce and add extra this. This was my way of cutting that out. To pair along with it I chose a simple garden salad so it was filling and everyone enjoys a salad as opposed to soup. Most people believe it or not really don't care for soup.  Crazy, I know, but true. 

Also, when choosing food take account your venue. If it is more formal then plated dinner is better option or if you are having an outdoor more rustic wedding I think having some great southern food is a wonderful idea and it is personal to choose some of your personal favs as a couple. If it is a beach wedding bring out the tacos or fresh seafood. You could do a ceviche bar, shrimp taco bar and custom guacamole. Ok, now I am going crazy, a custom guacamole bar.. lol whatever it would be fab!

Desserts- I wanted personal favorites of ours for desserts. Since Logan doesn't really care for sweets (I know and I still married him) I basically got to choose whatever I wanted. I love cake, cupcakes, cookies, rice krispies and doughnuts. Boom, there was my table. I honestly feel like now days people go with very, fancy desserts and they are beautiful but what do you do with them? I never want to eat them! So, I was thinking well i want my dessert table glam but delicious and then I contacted my wonderful cake lady Erin from Custom Coffey Cakeries. I found her years and I mean years ago in my hometown of Kingsport, TN and she, to this very day is the best baker I have ever met! Yes she travels (sided note) She makes gorgeous treats but they taste good. That is key! A lot of times the desserts are so pretty but taste awful and I told her I want cake with buttercream and gooey goodness.  

Because Florida is so hot I opted for a naked cake so the icing would not be falling off the table. Our colors were shades of pinks, from pale to the deepest magenta to even some burgundy. I wanted to add that into the table of treats so we did a 3 layer naked cake starting with almond vanilla, strawberry and third layer was coconut. This way since it is a naked cake you can see the shades of pink throughout the cake. We also had mixed metals and going back to the whole Florida is so hot thing I was thinking we could not glaze the doughnuts so why not throw on some gold and silver to them? Well, we did and we tossed some on our heart shaped rice krispie treats as well. Every girl in the room was freaking out over "wait, you have glitter doughnuts and rice krispie treats" yes, yes I did and yes they were so cute, glam and yummy!

So, my advice when picking for wedding desserts is to name your top 5 fav desserts or treats. Whatever they may be just write down on a list without thinking. Those should be your wedding desserts. Don't try to do anything trendy make it you and your husbands. Logan did ask for a chocolate grooms cake so I made it a small 3 layer chocolate cake. Nothing fancy just good. If you like pies do a pie bar, or brownies might be your fix toss glitter on them. Even if you like Jello you could do a Jello bar with your colors and a flower in the middle. Although side note I don't know who likes Jello but hey, good for you if you do!   

Wedding Favors-  I went back on forth as to what I should have. Honestly, after a wedding these things add up and I wanted something affordable and something I thought everyone would enjoy. I was going to do bottle openers but let's be honest. Do you think drunk people at the wedding will remember to grab a favor? No.. Not really. I honestly and sadly cannot remember the last favor I held on to and not because I am a jerk and didn't want it but purely because it got lost. So, since while planning a wedding you basically just toss out money I was like ya know what? I want something that people (drunk people especially) will love. Food.. Treats.. yes more desserts lol. This is the thing, if I was gonna spend money it was gonna be on something that people actually would enjoy and not lose. So after all my fav desserts what do me and Logan enjoy. Pie and cotton candy. Random but we love both. I had these amazing pie pops when I lived in La and reached out and they shipped so I was sold, especially after the sweet lady said she could custom the stick.. I mean Logan and Jessica  custom sticks for our pie pops? Yes!! The company is called Hello Sweetie Pies and aside from their darling name they are so good! And not one was broken and everything shipped on time! The prices were seriously around the same for favors no one would remember or keep so this was an easy choice for me. 

After we got the pie pops I was like ok let's add something else so people could choose which one they wanted and since we decided on cotton candy I reached out to a Cotton Candy Palace in Hyde Park in Tampa that made organic cotton candy and it was local which made it easy. Not to mention for them to deliver to Orlando was only $25 made it even better. They packaged it where the cotton candy wouldn't shrivel up which honestly, I did not even think about to be completely honest. The nice lady Priscilla told me they did small jars and could do different flavors and colors. I chose apple pie, cookie dough, and birthday cake. This way it was all flavors me and Logan liked and in cotton candy. Everyone that we spoke to loved our favors as they were personal and usable which for me was key. if you are deciding what to do for favors think about those things. If you love to cook maybe get cookie cutters and then for guys cigars or football cookie cutters. Don't just do something just to do it because chances are you can find something just as affordable with a little more research. My recommendations are to keep it where people will want to take it home or eat it after the wedding.

I hope this helps you guys. I wanted you to know my thought process and why I did what I did and chose what I chose. I would do everything to exact same which is rare with weddings these days. I was lucky enough to have an absolutely perfect wedding.