Why doing a boudoir shoot was money well spent!

Boudoir might be the scariest word ever to a bride or a girl in general.  1. because we are vulnerable and half dressed and 2. you have to be "sexy" in front of someone you don't know. Trust me, that is terrifying and I don't care how perfect your body is. Everyone told me to do one and I had actually said no and was going to get him a watch instead. Well, I did get him a watch as well but, I decided to just go for it. Here are my reasons/ tips for doing a Boudoir shoot. I hope you love it and I would encourage everyone to do the same at some point in your life.

1. I ain't getting any younger! My body isn't perfect but I have a man that loves me for me and I also am not going to be this age forever, so when i am 80 I can say "hey babe, remember when my ass wasn't completely to the ground?" lol. You can remember your youth in a fun way for the rest of your life! Also, having a man that loves you for you and your body gives you the confidence to start the process of  doing these photos.

2. In life marriage isn't always sexy.. lol it is real. Meaning no makeup, sweatpants, not washed hair so anything to remind your husband that you can be sexy is great. Also, it feels liberating to do this for you and your husband. As much as it is a gift for him it is a confidence boost for you and as women we all need a little boost sometimes.

3. I didn't want the typical "Boudoir" shoot photos. I wanted something that represented me and who I was and what Logan loved about me. I highly recommend taking this into consideration before you go and spend hundreds at Victoria Secret. Think about where you live, what you love, what he loves about you. Logan loves my edge. His family and him have said it before that he loves my style so considering I am a bit "rock n roll"  I hopped on my photographer's motorcycle  and wore my fav Ozzy Osbourne tank with no panties and boots and rocked it! I then laid out like a magazine spread with gold star pasties and high waisted denim shorts. Logan also loves my fun side so kicking around in the ocean topless with my friend Jami's body jewelry and swimsuit bottoms on made more sense than just a white teddy with garter. I have never worn one and never will. 

So, if you live in let's say Utah and love snowboarding find a photographer that is down for something different and get topless in the snow and snow goggles on your head. If you all like reading books try sneaking into a library and lifting a skirt a little bit, or if he loves your cooking make it fun and toss some flour on yourself and bake some goodies barefoot with an apron only on the bottom. The heels and cooking thing is way to porn. We want sexy and not porn. Make sure to just make it you. Save money and find things that you have in your closet or buy stuff that you will actually wear again. Like I have been rockin those denim shorts everyday!

4. Get photographers you feel comfortable with and vibe with. My people were actually my wedding photographers CPT photography. Sara and Jason are so cool! I told them my idea of a Sports Illustrated/fun/edgy type boudoir shoot and they were game! Not one time did I feel uncomfortable and anytime I wanted Jason to turn his head he did.  You have to feel comfortable and trust your people. Look out for people who aren't typically "Boudoir" type photographers. That is my personal opinion. My photographers do it but not their "main" thing which is why I think they did such a great job.

5. Let's be honest we want to look our best so start spinning! Yes, I started doing spin 3 months prior to the shoot. I did it 3 days a week and started eating healthy. I started before for my wedding but once I decided to do a shoot I really buckled down on myself and my intake.  I would not eat after 7 and tried to cut out as many sweets as humanly possible. I worked my ass off and I am proud of the results after I saw the photos. Looking at the photos is like a YESSS all the sweat was worth it! 

6. Badass and Pampered! You will feel like a badass sex kitten lol or at least I did ha. Afterwards, I felt better about myself that I had the nerve to do something like this.I knew Logan was going to love it. Well, actually truth be told I was like will he like? Only because anytime I post a bikini pic it gets taken down and I am positive he is one who reports me lol. Everytime,  he always says " well, you shouldn't show your butt" so coincidence or not lol I was nervous for that reason. During your shoot, you get to be pampered and taken care of ... well, at least you guys will.. me, on the other hand, I had to do my own makeup and hair because I am crazy about it. But, you all get to be pampered beyond belief and every woman deserves that!

Those are my reasons for wanting to them and also why you should. Even after you have babies, I think women should do them. Our bodies are beautiful at every stage and I cannot wait to one when I am blessed to have a baby. These type of photos can be for an anniversary or birthday not just for a wedding. I wanted to get Logans view on them so here is his answers:

1. Jess: were you surprised?

Logan:  I was completely surprised and no idea you snuck away and did those. 

2. Jess: Instant reaction?

Logan: Wow, you are so beautiful ( swwwooonnn i love him)

3. Jess: Are you happy I did one? Why?

Logan: I am very happy you did one, especially because when you are gone I have something to remember you by when you leave me to go work in Nashville..  (clearly he hates me being gone as I am in Nashville right now asking him these questions) lol so his little jab

4. What did you think about the style of the boudoir shoot? 

I loved that it was you. It was 100% you and your style and it was sweet, amazing and very edgy. 

* See ladies he noticed it was true to ME!!! That is the whole point of this blog post. Don't try to be someone else and what people tell you they should look like. Do you, your future husband will notice just like mine did! 


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