Christmas is Over but the sales are not!

Well, the biggest Catch 22 of the year and every year in my mind are the Christmas sales! They are amazing and we want to buy but are almost broke from Christmas!! Yet, we want to save money for next year so we technically "need" the items... lol.. it is crazy, but it is what it is and I secretly love it!! I don't love how half the gifts I bought for family and friends are now 40% off.. That I could live without! However, my fav holidays sales are those that prep us for next year. 

The best purchase I think anyone could make this time of year are Christmas trees for next year. I know that sounds crazy but, coming from someone who has purchased a million trees and never found a good one this is why you must listen. Like always, every year I am in search a of a real looking tree, I cannot purchase a real tree due to allergies, however I have longed for one that is just so beautiful and real looking I was exhausted of trying to find it and just figured they didn't exist... until I was a t my neighbors. Logan and I went to look at their tree and it was the most beautiful, real looking, fluffy tree I had ever seen! I was in complete shock at how stunning it was!! They told us they purchased from Balsam Hill and that it came with gloves so you didn't hurt your hands.. genius right? So, like you guessed it we went straight home and ordered a tree. I have spent so much money on crappy trees over the years I could have bought 4 trees of their trees for what I have spent over the years. Every year they come out of the box looking so sad and crappy so I was even happier when our neighbors said they have had their tree for over 5 years!!  Again, another selling point, although I didn't really need one. Our tree came and it was the easiest set up and most beautiful, fluffy tree I have ever seen! Best part about this story is now Balsam Hill has some trees up to 60% off!!!  This is why you need to stock up on Christmas decor, because why not save money while you can for next year. Here are my fav Christmas picks for you to stock up on!

Balsam Hill picks

 Woodland tree was $999 now $599

Woodland tree was $999 now $599

Crate and Barrel Picks:

Pottery Barn Picks:

I hope you all enjoy my picks and I promise the Christmas is the best purchase we have ever done! As well as all this Christmas decor! You know you will buy it next year so why not save when you can? I have never purchased anything holiday related that has not been on sale!