12 days til Valentine's Day.. The countdown begins!

Hey y'all! So maybe it's because I am a girl or I actually come to find out rather love the color pink (I used to think blue) or maybe it is because I am a hush puppy deep inside.. either way I love Valentine's Day stuff and always have single or not I think it and Easter have the cutest stuff! 

With that being said I wanted to do another post about some really adorable finds! All these items are so darn cute and can be given as a gift or just for yourself! Seriously, I want them all and have a couple! I can vouch for the Herbivore " Coco Rose" body scrub as it is absolutely amazing! The slip pillowcase I have used for over a year and truly incredible, helps with preventing wrinkles and bed hair as the silk keeps everything more "kept" and smooth. As far as the Sugarfina gummies... need I say more other than they are Rose' gummies.. yes, girls, our fav drink of the past 2 years. 

I just personally ordered the Lip charger and Wine is my Valentine shirt because well, I had to! Ok, enough talking.. Enjoy!