Honestly girls, stop judging and say yes!! I just want to maybe go on a rant for a second before i talk botox. Why do we need the urge to judge someone that gets botox or fillers? It makes them feel better, they like it, and guess what they aren't hurting you by doing it! Do they judge your no botox? Or lack of fillers? Probably.. This goes for BOTH sides!! Stop judging each other!!

If someone feels better with zero botox and is an au' natural type gal then so be it if she is happy, and same goes for you all too! If you see a girl that has fillers and botox and she is happy who cares! We thankfully live in a world where we can make our own decisions and do what we want and makes us feel beautiful! Ok, I'm done for now lol! Now to botox!!!!

In my line of work I concentrate on clients meaning , I get lines in my forehead because I am squinting and concentrating. I noticed them getting deeper and I personally wanted to prevent it. Nothing wrong with aging and having wrinkles, however, my choice is to prevent!! So, I started going at 28 and honestly it was best decision for me! I love it! I can still move my forehead and have less wrinkles! I don't want to be a plastic face but some things  I like to fix and this is one. I also looked at my mamaw and mom and saw where they aged and I am cautious of that because well this is where DNA kicks in. If you notice your mom, dad's, or anyone in your families wrinkles chances are that is how you will age. You can do creams, lasers and stay out sun and yes all this helps BUT it will not take it completely away!! 

Girls and Women all the time ask me " what is your skincare" and I have a very good skincare system I follow and do it religiously. I also stay out of the sun and apply SPF. I am very good to my skin but guess what? Age is age and sadly over time a wrinkle will occur so I shoot that puppy down with Botox. Another common misunderstanding is that makeup can cover wrinkles.. Are you ready for the most truth I will ever hit you with? It is harsh but true.  You know how you pave your driveway and it has cracks and if you put water in it the water seeps down into the cracks but if doesn't make it better? It just lays in the cracks? Well, my dear that is makeup on a wrinkle! I could scream the amount of times girls have said can you cover my wrinkle. I am honest and I'm like "girl, here is my doctor" and sadly they get offended, however, I will not lie. No, you cannot cover wrinkles with makeup!  

Now, to finding the right Doctor! I found Dr. Biesman through referral and that is my advice to you. Find someone who your friends go to or someone you know. Trust me on that! I went to him because I knew about a handful of women that went to him and they all look amazing! Well, I went and have never since been to anyone else. I trust him! I don't get nervous or worry because I know it is going to turn out great. He doesn't ever try to push more on me and I love that. He is a fan of aging gracefully and that is what I love about his practice. When you see a doctor they should become a friend, someone you can trust and take advice from. If you do not feel  that way then you haven't found your doctor! 

Now that is in my 30's I am finally confident in my Doctor and my choices I have made. Some might not feel the way I do and that is ok. Remember, don't judge. I am in the beauty industry which means I will probably try anything once lol. However, with botox I am a lifelong client. Not only has it helped with wrinkles but my oh my girls my forehead glows after a visit lol! That btw is a rule of thumb to know when someone is lying. There is only so much highlighter one can add and if they have on no makeup and they are glowing on their head.. well... it is probably botox! And guess what? It is ok! So, if after you read this you are wondering if you should get it, first look at your family, then at your wrinkles and how deep, next compare photos of you when you were younger to see how you are aging. If there is a big difference then go see a Doctor and get their opinion. 

Upkeep was the best decision I made for myself.