Trend: Pleated and Fun!

I swear ladies, I will be doing more fashion posts and blogging. It is so hard because I have like 10 jobs lol. However, I wanted to do one about a little trend I have noticed and something that was once in style is making a hard comeback. 

Skirts! Not just skirts but pleated skirts! I am sure you have seen your share on every blogger and fashionista imaginable. The pleated skirts are not going anywhere, so this is a trend that you can hold onto for a while. I think the best part of this pleated skirt trend is that now they are far more fun. Back in the day you would just see mostly in a plaid with school uniforms. Now, they are super vibrant colors and you can pair with anything! From a sweat shirt to a tank and everywhere in between! They even have fun fabrics like metallic and velvet.

I wanted to show you my two ways of wearing the trend as this has become a staple piece in my wardrobe. Personally, I am a fan of anything metallic and velvet because I love textures.. and with Fall here, you can add so much fun to these skirts with textures!! Leather jackets are also here to stay and I love that some of these bloggers paired them with a t-shirt or a blouse for a completely different look! 

My skirts are all from Asos, of what just so happens to be one of the best, most affordable selections I have ever seen! check them out! 

What trend do you love and want to see? 

* All photos of me taken by Sarah from The Studio Magnolia

* Credit given to others below