Closet Remodel!

Hey y’all! Well, it has been a while since I have been on here, but I have been working, new and well just finishing a remodel. So, to say the least we have been very very busy over here. During the remodel the one thing I cared most about were the closets. I mean 1. I am a girl, and 2. Even with the remodel we had limited space for the closet and needed someone to come in and give us the absolute most storage we could possibly get. After researching what felt like everyone under the sun, the company we decided to go with was California Closets of Tampa Bay. They had come highly recommended and they understood my vision! I went in to meet with them and they had everything they had designed available for me to look at in 3D!! I also got to hand pick my hardware. I wanted it to match everything else in our house and hardware so I chose to not to the stock hardware.

Andrea, who is in my eyes is “the holy grail of making tons of storage in limited space” did a beyond fantastic job! Not to mention it happened so fast. I swear I went upstairs to check and they were more than halfway done with all 3 closets!!! Considering everything we have going on, to have them in and out in a timely manner was huge and just made me love them that much more!

Ok, enough talking! Here are the photos! I am showing some before and afters of the finished product! I am also, pleased to say that we had clothing items in all of our closets and now we only have in 2!! And the second closet are our winter coats, sweatshirts and lounge wear! This is a very happy girl as I truly thought not even 50% of my clothes would ever be in one closet and now 90% is!!!!

Let’s start with our sweet girls nursery closet, which before they redid it, as you can tell was all my dresses, jumpsuits and anything else I could squeeze in that closet lol! I know y’all feel me on this. When we discussed what to do with the nursery, I wanted to make it accessible to her and get the most out of the closet. Andrea made it to where it is adjustable and since you can customize anything with California Closets, we were able to build her a closet that she can grow into. Best part, is I can adjust the shelves and the hanging sections! This is HUGE for me, as I don’t want to have to call a company every time our child grows lol! The face we can adjust as she gets older, and has pull out shelves, and even a little basket for all her toys is perfection!

Now, onto our Master!! When we did this remodel like I said before I wanted space. Which space is hard to achieve when you don’t have a lot to work with. So I had to alter my “ I want space” to “I want maximum storage”. Andrea, was very honest from the beginning about how all my clothes and shoes wouldn’t fit. Before we started the process and even before I went to their offices, she took a count of “stock” aka ALL MY THINGS! Which, side note and this is a completely other post, but I realized I needed a major clean out! Anyway, she took count of everything I had and Logan had to try and get a majority of our clothes in one room. This was huge for me, as I know so many times, companies will tell you this and that and over promise and then you are disappointed in the final result. I wasn’t! In fact, I was actually surprised at how many clothes, hats and shoes I could actually fit! I knew I wanted lots of shoe storage, as well as hanging for my clothes, belts, hats and some pull out drawers. I never imagined how much could fit in that space and how hard she worked to get me what I dreamed of!

She also kept in mind the style of our bathroom. Even though they are separate areas I wanted them to have a similar vibe since in the same area and we accomplished that! Check out the photos below

Well, that is it and now I finally have my clothes in there and can’t wait to show you all that! I will be posting those photos very soon so you can see! Overall, my experience was beyond fantastic with them. The number one thing that really stood out was their customer service. They had patience and understood my crazy schedule as this was going on while Lenny was in the nicu and then when she was first home. They were so understanding of that and to me that spoke volumes. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone! Another great part is because it is custom they can help you find something in your budget! As we all have one and finding companies that honor that is rare. Be sure to check out California Closets on their insta @cctampabay

Stay tuned for my next post about the most comfortable bedding you will ever use and how I found a perfect mattress for under $300!!!