My Mini Mommy Makeover

Moms of the world understand that impossible to get rid of tired look. Not to mention the all too familiar “that wasn’t that low before the baby” well, let’s just get right into my mini feel good session and how it started!

Botox, I swear I get so excited when I talk about it and if anyone knows me, you know this is true. However, it doesn’t stop with Botox I love talking about filler, lasers and more. Blame it on my profession. This is the thing, I know I am probably getting some eye rolls, and some nasty thoughts for me loving it so much. But, before you judge, let me explain.

I think I should first say I am NOT breastfeeding anymore. I get this question so many times and people assume I am still breastfeeding because I didn’t announce that I stopped. Well, I did. I stopped back I believe at the end of Sept/Early Oct. If I were still breastfeeding Dr. Biesman would NOT have been injecting me as he is highly against that and does not condone that at his practice. Why I stopped breastfeeding was also not because I wanted to get botox again either. I mean trust me, the thought did cross my mind because I am only human lol.

The reason I stopped breastfeeding which I will mostly talk about in another post, but I stopped because Lennon was pushing back, arching and having awful reflux. So after we tried everything and nothing worked and formula was the way to go for her I stopped. Now, let’s get back to Botox, which is what this post is all about!

I feel like there is such a misconception with this treatment. People always say “but I still want movement” or “ I don’t want to look frozen”. Let me first tell you, this will not happen if you do research and go to a trusted and educated doctor. When I found Dr. Biesman I was thrilled as I had asked numerous friends who their doctor was and yes ladies it is OK to do that! That’s what friends are for! So after getting numerous girls saying Biesman, Biesman, Biesman I went lol! I have talked about my first experience in a previous post but wanted to recap!

When you go to a doctor that is educated you will see the difference. They will be modest, they will listen and they will have you leaving their office feeling great and confident. That is what he did for me. Every member of his staff will walk you through the treatment and let you know what to expect. Best part, is a good doctor, like him, will say let’s be conservative and if you like it and want more I will see you back in 2 weeks! So, when you go in the first time say you want the minimum and then go ahead and schedule because trust me you will love it!

I get anywhere from 15-20 units, depending on how long I go in between treatments. Everyone is different and I get this question a lot! “How many units should I get” well, that depends on what you need and what you want to achieve and also, how you hold botox. I might need 15 but you might need 10, or 30 to get the exact same look! So do not compare your units to anyone else! Trust your doctor! At the end of this I am going to do the top 10 questions I get asked and my answers for y’all.

Now, let’s talk lips. During this mini mommy feel better makeover, I had a little done in my lips. Dr. Biesman usually uses Juvederm xc but this time he used Restylane Refyne, as he said I would love it and I did! I thought it looked way more natural and I was truly surprised at the results. I will let you know if I think it last as long but so far I really like this natural but still full look. I wanted the most subtle pout and Dr. Biesman thought this was the best way to achieve that. Well, he was right like always lol. I am learning just trust your doctor! Especially when they amazing and informative. After he did my lips I was asking about my under-eyes, as they are darker than ever and soooo tired looking. Yes, I am aware that could last another 18 years, however, here I was getting a little pick me up and thought why not ask about this.

When I was asking about this I was assuming he would put filler and poof gone. Well, I was wrong, he told me if he did it wouldn’t look right as I was not a good candidate for under eye filler. Yes, this was sad to hear but also this is what makes him the best doctor. He chose to not inject me because it was not suitable for me. He laughed and said “well just try and get more sleep” which luckily I have been doing. After that we were done and I felt great! I felt refreshed, renewed, I felt good. I hadn’t looked in the mirror and felt good about myself in a while. So this is what it is all about. Yes, I was a little swollen from lips and botox hadn’t kicked in yet but I could tell it was coming. I knew what it would look like.

Fast forward to 3 days later and every feeling I had at the office was dead on when I got home. I went to mirror and felt beautiful, I felt confident, and I felt like me. Which, I know some will say “but you should feel good without that stuff” and I understand! However, I am a firm believer in doing what makes you feel good about yourself. For some, that might be the gym, going out to dinner, getting a tan, fixing hair… well, for me it is going to my holy grail of a face Dr. Biesman and leaving Nashville feeling like my best self. It looked natural, I still had movement but none of that could compare to how I felt about myself. That is what this post is mostly about ladies. Don’t be scared to be judged. Do what makes you happy! I get so many messages saying “I wish I could get botox or lips, but I don’t want to feel judged” well ya know what? You do you girl! You do what makes you feel your best, because as much as we all work, take care of everyone else in our life we deserve to feel beautiful and however you want to achieve that you should! Ok, enough with that! I promised the 10 questions and the answers so I hope you enjoy!

  • How many units should I get?

    Speak to your professional. Someone might need 10 while another 30. Let them examine your face and be the best judge for what you need and what you want to achieve. Everyone is different

  • What age should I start getting botox or filler?

    This is my opinion. I personally believe you should start getting a small dose before 30. The reason being, is because it is a preventative, so the younger you start the less you will need when you are older. I know that Dr. Biesman has been treating patients for over 30 years and he has some patients that look younger now, than they did 10-15 years ago. To achieve these type of results the key is to a combination of Botox, some fillers, skincare, annual treatments of non-invasive skin tightening and regular maintenance with lasers and of course lots of sunscreen!

  • Where have you had filler?

    I have had filler in my lips and I have had in my nasal folds however, that was years ago and it wasn’t for me. Granted it could have been the injector (Biesman did not do this, it was someone in LA) and it just made my cheeks look really puffy. I have had a tiny amount in my cheekbones. These two things I have only done once.

  • Botox or Dysport ?

    I always will do Botox by allergan. I have tried both. Essentially, everyone will always have “their favorite” and for me that’s Botox, however, that does not mean Dysport isn’t great, as it has been throughly tested and provides great results. Its just kinda one of those things like “do you prefer swiss or provolone cheese” both are good, it is just a personal choice. FYI I am a provolone girl!

  • Is bruising normal?

    Yes!! Bruising is completely normal! Keep in mind some bruise more than others. I am a bruiser. So I tend to bruise when I receive filler in my lips. I have yet to get bruised from botox as that is less likely to happen. However, filler, I would plan on bruising.

  • I’m getting married and want before wedding. Any suggestions?

    If you are getting married and never had botox or filler before get it about 6-7 months before wedding so it has time to come down in case you didn’t like it! Never ever do right before wedding, unless you know you love it then I recommend do it 1 month before. That way bruising and swelling goes down and everything had more than enough time to settle

  • Botox while Breastfeeding?

    NO!!! This is not ok!.

  • Filler while Breastfeeding?

    Yes! Simply because filler is found of products that are naturally found in our bodies, that is why fillers while breastfeeding is considered acceptable practice. I personally waited til after I was finished. Again, everyone is different and do what feels right for you.

  • How much do you put in your lips?

    I usually get 1/4 of a tube. So it isn’t that much it is just a little “oomph” to give me a “just kissed look”. However, one syringe is just 1/5 a teaspoon! That’s it! The amount of filler, like Botox, will vary and depend on the individual! Everyone is different and has different issues/concerns.

  • Does it hurt?

    Botox does not hurt. I can barely feel it and it takes like 2 minutes! Filler I get numbed by ice. Not numbing cream! Dr. Biesman was actually the one who educated about me about the ice. So, always get ice to numb and not numbing cream, as numbing cream makes you swell, so when the injector is injecting and let’s say one side is more swollen than other side they might turn out lopsided due to just one side swelling from the numbing cream. I have first hand had this happen in LA! My left side swelled from numbing cream so she barely injected in that side and then after the swelling from numbing cream went away that side was sooo much less lol! I had to go back in to get it fixed! However, this has not happened with ice!

Ok y’all! I hope you enjoyed that and I hope I answered some of your questions! If you have any after this please comment so I can get you the answers and reply!

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