Golden Goose Love

So before I write this I want you to know that yes I find it insane that people pay $300-600 for sneakers.. Myself, being one of those crazy people. However, I will say I have never paid full price. That also being said when they are on sale they have still been around $400. Why would I spend that when I think it is insane? Well, they are great and comfy and I have worn them enough that they have more than paid for themselves.

That being said that is not why I wanted to write this post. Yes, I wanted to explain my love for them because you guys ask about my sneakers all the time, and I wanted to be honest and say that, yes, even though I buy them I still close my eyes while submitting the card payment lol! BUT, the reason of this post is because I love to find dupes and affordable options for everyone, myself included and boy did I find a good Golden Goose dupe for under $30.. Yep under $30. Also, I did find some real ones on sale, so those of you who want the real thing don’t worry I got you covered too! Now, let me just close my pie hole and let the pictures do the talking.

Side note: I totally think the shoes are worth a splurge if you get promotion, or maybe just hint to loved ones and ask for gift certificates lol.

The Dupes that are under $30!!!!

The Real Thing, But On Sale!

P.S. Check out the 3rd photo below and the 2nd photo above… No one would know.. Just sayin!

Ok y’all, I hope you love these dupes and sales! I am gonna try and do more of this so that way I am catering to everyone!! Hope you have a great Easter!