Simple but sexy Makeup

If you can't tell I love super simple but sexy makeup. I had to go to the VMA after party for Republic Records and I wanted something a little different but similar to my normal makeup routine. This was mostly because I was so tired from working from doing people's makeup for the VMA's that I could not attempt anything that fancy or crazy. Hope you all like this post. I swear I am gonna start tutorials soon on youtube.. they will be me teaching tricks as well as answering all questions you might have!

Ok so this Stila Mind Palette is prably my new fav obsession. It has the most beautiful colors and I was addicted! For this look I used the bottom left, bottom right and the only purple on the right side. I use the light pink all over lid and then added the darker pink in the crease to give dimension. After that I used the dark purple with a smaller more dense brush to give a very defined crease and brought it under my lower lash line and smudged it out 3/4 of the way to give it a smokey effect. To give the brightness on my lid I used the highlighter from Nars Craving Duo. This is the most beautiful highlighter I have been using a lot lately. The other side is a great bronzing highlighter to dust on as well to warm up your skin.

For skin I have on Eve Lom Tinted Moisturizer .. I love this when I want a light coverage but yet a good coverage. As you all know I am an avid follower of their skin care so I am obsessed with this little gem as well. To give you idea of color when I have a tan I am a 7 or 8 and no tan a 4.  I set it with Nars Translucent Powder and topped with Love is the Drug Blush ( another easy go to of mine) . For lips I used Petal Pink Nue by Kat Von D.. FYI these are amazing.. I bought a few colors for my kit and I could not be more pleased . They are more hydrating than most stains which is great as no one wants to dry out your lips.

Also you all always ask about my lashes and I use Flutter Lashes a lot.. I can wear them 30 times so they end up being cheaper than most throw away ones in long run. You DO NOT put mascara on them. Put mascara on first then apply the strip. I used Ella last night and it is one of my go to's!

Hope you all enjoyed! Seriously these products are great and versatile which is amazing in this day and age lol.



Blueberry Honey Jam Recipe

IMG_1755 I rarely do recipes on here but I swear I am gonna start doing more because I believe sharing is caring... not really I just want everyone to enjoy food as much as I do. If you ever find yourself stressed from work, love, or just life I swear just bake.. It will help you relax and at the end when you see what you have done you are like " I'm awesome so shove that broom up your ass life" lol.. ok y'all enough talk here is the recipe.. I hope you enjoy it and remember jam is something that you rarely get right the first time.

Blueberry Honey Jam

4 cups of Blueberries

3 1/2 cups of Sugar

shit ton of Honey ( please weigh this)

place plate in freezer

  1. In a large sauce pan toss all the blueberries in an drizzle with honey.. I do not measure the honey but I coat all the berries with it. If you are not fond of Honey then skip it.. After the blueberries start to get sot and start to pop ( about 6 min) start to mash some of them with a fork or potato masher. There should be a good amount of blueberry juice.
  2. Add in the sugar 1 cup at a time and stir until all the sugar has been added. Turn it up to a med/high boil and make sure sugar is dissolved.
  3. Turn down the heat to med/low and simmer for about 45 min. Make sure you are not burning it as i keep mine mostly on low as it needs to be a slight boil the whole time. After 45 min take the plate out of the freezer and drop some of blueberry jam on the plate. Wait 2 min and if you see a skin on it and it feels like it is spreadable and not runny then it has set and you can start pouring it in a jar.
  4. I do soak my mason jars in hot water with lids off but in the same pot. You do not have to do this but my mamaw does it so I do lol. If you choose to take the jars out very carefully with tongs and pour the jam in the jars and then place the lids on. Once the lid has sealed it will make a "pop" noise and everything it set.

Ok y'all there is my recipe... My fav way to eat it is on ciabatta bread heated with olive oil and then spreading marscapone cheese and topping with the blueberry jam. It is delicious...

hope y'all like.. Tag me if you make it #jessicasjam



Nordstrom is Still going strong!

Y'all if you are anything like me you have been dying over everything at Nordstrom.. I wanted to list some more of my fav items and also some gifts for your man! Even men like a nice surprise ...I bought Logan some blue undies lol.. I mean why not it's a random gift that says "hey I love u and here are some of my fav color undies" haha he loved them and more importantly loved the thought. Enjoy my roundup of my top 10! 1.Nike Sneakers.. I told y'all I have been on a sneaker kick lately and this proves it.. I am personally obsessed with the red and blue ones. They are so old school I love it.  These other Nike Free Flyin kicks are soo cool.. Logans sister had them and I was like.. want, need, want, must have lol.  They have breathable mesh so your feet can breathe and to be honest I need this cause I don't wear socks sooo yes my feet can be stttannkkkkyyyy.. ha

2. Sam Edelman over the knee boots.. These are amazing.. Y'all had asked where I got mine from and I have Jeffrey Campbell ones however they are no longer available and these are spitting image of mine.. That being said I obviously love and think they are extra spicy..Also winter will be here before you know it so why not go ahead and prepare to be the most edgy, chic gal in town?

3. Pajamas ? Umm yes I think I will take them all!! I love comfort and I feel like most girls do. However I will never be one to spend a fortune on things I sleep in but on the rare occasion when I see comfort, cute and a sale I say yes please get me in those and that is exactly what these adorable teal pajamas did. The brand also has in pink:)

4. Skinny, Comfy, Sweats OH MY! I don't have to say much except ladies these sweats you will live in.. Bottom line. They are comfy and cute colors.. I love the purple ones the most but I want every pair and for 24$ why not get a couple!

5. Military inspired Jumpsuit is maybe one of my all time fav looks. It's very bad ass chic and I love that. I am always a little tomboy with my style and this is a perfect combo.

6. All Nude Makeup Set .. Hourglass has one of my all time fav nude lipsticks and by adding mascara and liner and their amazing primer it basically jumped in my shopping cart without me knowing .. This is the perfect take on vaca bag. As you don't need much just nude lip, smudgy liner and lots of lash you will look like the ultimate sex kitten on those summer getaways.

7. Faux Moto Jacket  YEESSSS.. I love faux leather!!! The rock side of me gets so excited when I see an amazing faux leather jacket. It has always been my thing and my go to. I pair mine with skirts, jeans, shorts, sweats and dresses. I love it and you always look more put together and trendy in my mind.

8. Denim Shirt! Obsessed.. Always have been, always will be so there I said it or maybe I didn't but I love denim on denim .. yes Canadian Tuxedo is my jam.


9. Herschel Backpack. Probably one of the best gifts to give a guy.. And you can borrow it! Lol ok so I know it is a gift but you can. Sorry Logan if you receive one.. I swear I bought it just for u.. haha Anyway these backpacks are manly, and trendy which ladies let's be honest our men always need a little help with. At the end of the day this is better than that bag they have been carrying since Junior High that smells like the locker room ( although I do love that smell) ha

10. Personalized Toiletry  Bag This is a small but sweet gift. Guys are always throwing stuff in our bags so why not make them their own bag for trips. It is inexpensive and thoughtful. They will be appreciative on your next trip or to help keep them organized.

Ok y'all that's my top 10.. Hope you enjoyed it as I know I had fun shopping ha.. Also don't forget about your man. They do a lot for us and love us for who we are so just like we like unexpected flowers or candy they like things as well.



Nordstrom sale makes me go bananas!

If you do not have early access I would recommend getting a Nordstrom Card so you can have Early Access as it is ahhmazzinnnggg.. If not you can wait til end of next week and have your list ready to go.. So that being said I am gonna cut to the chase because to be honest I have more shopping to do. And helloooo early Christmas gifts ...I am always late and sales like this make it easy to be prepared and also get some amazing stuff for myself.. Here are some of my favs Like I said I have been loving sneakers. Especially Nike ones.. I am obsessed with these Vintage Nikes. Well they are not vintage but it looks that way so who cares.. I am loving the Black and Blue.. So fun! Now fashion and sneakers.. yes I will.. Thanks to Cole Haan oxford sneakers are maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen. Now Heels.. We all know I love heels and these Fringe Steve Maddens are to die for! Wear them with shorts and V neck and hello sexy time!

Now Hair.. I cannot live without my Sultra Curling Irons.. I have every size and love them and they are on sale right now!! There 1.5 is better for those that want a loose wave or have longer hair.. You can also do old hollywood waves when you pin it and then brush them out..  The 1inch Sultra iron is great for a tighter beach wave. These irons are an investment and you will not regret it..

Blame it on Nars Blush set is unreal.. All cult favs in one palette so when you are traveling you only need this for highlight, bronzer and cheek color. Boom Done! Honestly this is the first thing I put in my cart.. Lancome Mascara set has every mascara, remover and more you need for flirty lashes..  For lips the Nars Lip set is perfect summer colors for a soft pink summer..

Brows.. Everyone has them and wants more .. well you can have more .. Fuller brows by Revitalash Brow is great.. it really will help your brows grow to thicker, fuller brows.. You might not be Brooke Shields or Cara Delevigne but you can come close! Beauty Blender.. I cannot say it enough. you NEED one.. I have like 12 but as a person you just need one but they have a duo set with the soap on sell and the soap really does help the life span of the beauty blender. It is what I put my foundation on with as it is amazing .. Just soak it under water and squeeze out excess .. Just like a sponge! Then place your makeup on it and stipple all over face don't rub it in.. Just dab! Ok y'all I have had enough.. I seriously have to shop and hope my momma and cousin are not reading this cause some of these are presents!

Happy shopping


Vaseline aka Best Body Moisturizer .. addicted

Y'all hold your horses because I have found another great body moisturizer.... Being of the dry skinned species ( I am pretty sure I am a reptile) I need a lot of moisture. Some moisturizers are good for a few minutes but then I am dry in like an hour. Ever since I have been using this my skin has changed. I swear last night I kept rubbing my legs together because they were so smooth, soft and silky. I know that might be weird but whatever it is true and like I promised you all in the beginning I will always speak the truth.

I purchased the Aloe Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer. The first thing I love is that is that it is soo fast to apply and dries in seconds. Most lotions take forever to soak in and that is not fun for anyone. There is nothing worse than lotion not soaked into the skin and feeling that nasty "wet" feeling of lotion on clothes.. Yuck! So thank God for this! Another reason I love it is I am always busy and need anything that will help me get going faster. The fact it has a convenient 360 degree spray that dispenses the lotion quick an evenly makes me fall that much more in love. And it is also for sensitive skin and is dermatologist approved. I used not to care about that but after I turned 25 and realized I needed to care more about my skin having a dermatologist approval is mandatory for any of my skin care whether body or face.

However my number 1 favorite thing is ... Micro droplets of Vaseline Jelly!I have never had such hydration in a lotion without it feeling sticky or wet. Clearly that is my biggest pet peeve and this doesn't not have any of that. It truly is fresh, hydrated, beautiful skin in a bottle and in a flash because it is so fast and easy! Check out all Vaseline products at

I hope you all try this product as you still need to keep hydrated in the summer so drink water and spray up!

FullSizeRender (1)



Someone call 911.. Summer is here and your hair and skin are screaming help me help me!

Summer to me mean simplicity at it's finest.. So that's why I am just gonna cut right to the core of the problems and how to fix it real fast.. Dead, dried out, split ends and no shine hair... Well only because I harass my hair guru Marissa Marino I knew about Olapex Hair Protector.. its $20 and it is amazing ( for some reason it shows up $70 but just click on it and once you get to amazon u will see totes affordable) . Just after one night of leaving it on all night.. yes all night long, all night boom boom all night.. ha ok done with the singing but my hair felt amazing.. and not weighed down. I washed and rinsed the next morning and wow.... Marissa promised this was the best product to help split ends so hair can actually grow and after how hydrating it is it is a summer must for hair!

Now the dried out, dehydrated, sunburned skin that is not your skin at all because you don't recognize all the flakes and spots that are coming up and out.. First please use sunscreen.  I love Avene sunscreen because it is light, hydrating and does not clog my pores. Also it does not look like Screech applied it ( too much zinc) so again another reason as to why I love it. I always love Eve Lom but sometimes when you need to treat something you have to change it up. That's why Cicalfate is the best thing I have tried in a very long time. It completely restores your skins barrier and produces new skin. My skin is not peeling anymore at all.. Even with eve lom when you burn your skin you need something with more of a treatment than skincare. I bought it when I had just done a laser and my skin needed more than a cream but deep penetrating of my skins barrier and boomm been addicted ever since.

Also if you have a scrape, burn, or baby has diaper rash this is perfect for that as well. It is multi purpose and affordable.. Little goes a long way..

Remember ladies if you are starting to see pigmentation in your skin starts wearing a hat as well as sunscreen and go see a dermatologist. Skin cancer is very serious so be cautious.

Tea Tip

adding mango, peaches or oranges in your iced tea will make you so much more refreshed and to be honest you will feel fancier than dolly parton :) hope yall like oh and it tastes fabulous too!



Secret I have been Hiding.. Koh Gen Do...

So you all ask what products I love and while I tell them to you I have yet to tell you everything. So here I am promising you all I will tell you every single thing I know and love about all brands I use. So here are the beans I am gonna spill.. Koh Gen Do.. If you haven't heard celeb makeup artist rave about their foundations and spa water then perhaps you need to get out more ha.. I only carry about 4 brands of foundation for my clients and this one has been a beautiful secret I have kept til now. But I am not gonna start with foundation.. I'm gonna start by their Spa Water. It is so delicate and wonderful to clean up eye makeup messes out of.  I have used this in my kit for years and when I travel I take the Spa Water Cloths as they are great for traveling and unlike most makeup wipes they don't dry out your skin and are so gentle so they will not break you out. They are oil-free so great for those of you with Oily skin that ask about makeup remover. However they do contain their healing spa water to nourish those with dry skin. This is one product that is truly great for every skin type.

Now the Moisture Foundation... Wow.. This is perfect for girls that want a minimal coverage but still covering areas that have flaws or blemishes. It brings out your natural skin in the most beautiful way. It is a cream and a little goes a long way. By minimizing pores and fine lines in the most natural way this is truly makeup that isn't makeup. Everytime I go on set someone falls in love with this foundation. I started using it on my client Jamie Krell and then I used it on Ali Fedotowsky and both looked gorgeous. If I am doing beauty shots or print work this is one of my go to's.. I also use this on myself.. i am very picky about my foundation as I don't like a lot so this is one of 3 that I actually wear myself.

Aqua Foundation.. Oxygen Facial in a bottle. This has slightly more coverage but does not go cakey. It has tiny mineral powder that brightens the skin and gives you a post facial glow. If you are dry then this foundation is for you. Even though this is more dewy this looks beautiful on film. There is something about their foundation that separates itself from others on camera. So many makeup artists I look up to use this and I am always astounded by their skin. Both these foundations have been featured recently in US Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Allure and more.

Natural Light Powder is a fairy in a jar. There are tiny crystals in the powder that make your skin look like it has a natural soft focus.. meaning you look flawless lol. It has a color but to me it is more translucent as I have used on different skin tones and just added more bronzer if they were darker. It comes with a beautiful powder puff that not only makes it more luxurious but an easy application when you need a touch up. Since I am not huge on powders this is one of 2 I keep in my kit.

Primers... Those of you who ask about redness well here is your answer.. Green Color Base this is an amazing color corrector for redness and it also helps with pores and fine lines while creating a smooth surface for foundation. Dallas Buyers Club makeup artist used these throughout the movie.. I also have used this on a huge actress that suffers rom acne and has so much red in her skin. I put this under the aqua foundation and she is all set for press without anyone knowing she has a lot of red, acne. If you are more mature and have some sallowness then the pink/lavender is the one for you.

The Treatment Concealer is amazing and not only brightens but also conceals. This is a more sheer coverage so if you have darker circles you would need corrector before or something heavier instead. If you are someone that doesn't need a lot or more mature women worrying about settling in your lines then this is perfect for you. It is very lightweight and looks like your skin.

Illuminators are my best friend, I swear I have loved them for years and some are awful and some are amazing like this one.. Between Koh Gen Do and Becca they are only illuminators I will ever need. Koh Gen Do gives more of a luminous look with tiny crystal particles in it, well that's what it looks like at least ha. It isn't too much but if you are oily I would stay clear of this product.

Well there you have one of my secrets.. I swear I won't hold back anymore. I decided to tell y'all cause I got caught using the spa water wipes and my friend Angela tried it and said OMG these are amazing and so soft .. So I decided I needed to let you know what I use and I swear videos are coming soon with how to use these products.



How to get the best Beach Hair and also some beauty sale surprises!

Well with summer here everyone or I can only assume everyone wants beach hair, God knows I pray for this everyday. I understand beachy waves are a huge trend and I obviously love those as well however what about that just out of the ocean air dry hair? That is ultra juicy and fun. So after I have tried almost every product I found the perfect combo for me. I always try to express that this is what works for me an some clients I have, so just test it out and ask me questions if this isn't for you and I will try and help! Here it is.. the most simple 2 product beach hair you ever will get..

First braid your hair before bed ( if you have straight hair do it wet and if you have wavy or curly hair do it dry). Braid the hair in different sizes but smaller toward the front. Yes ladies you will look like a version of coolio but whatever he was pretty legit in his day. 1, 2, 3, 4 get your braids on the floor ha ok but for real I did not tie mine with an elastic i just simply braided and let go and went to sleep. I had about 20 braids in my hair for a reference.

When you wake up untie the braids and use Unite Expanda Dust at the root to give it some volume and gritty texture. This product is ahmazing and literally lifts your roots as it has a staying power that isn't sticky or tacky but just a miracle and you only need a little. Next take Oribe Surfcomber and place in palms and rub between to warm up product and work through your hair while kinda scrunching and tousling the hair. Boom! Ocean/Beach hair in minutes! This has been my go to style for the past few days as I have had early days and long hours so this is a must. This style is great if you like the undone look. If you like more polished then I would recommend just using a wand and these products! So 3 steps... Braid, sprinkle, scrunch! BSS!!! LOL


Ladies I stumbled upon Nordstrom beauty sale and if y'all don't get these must haves I use while on sale you are nuts! here is a list and yes my brow pencil and pomade is on here!! YIKES,BIKES!

Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz Anastasia Dipbrow Waterproof Pomade ( perfect for summer) Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel ( I have blonde, brunette and caramel)

YSL Gloss ( the gold is amazing for gold flecks and the smoking black takes lips from day to night for a quick change, sooo cool)

Mascara Favs: Hyponois Star , YSL Babydoll ( the colored ones are great for summer) YSL Shocking ( i use this on myself on daily basis, obsesed!)

Concealer : Lancome Waterproof concealer ( perfect for those beach goers)

Masks: Glam Glow 

Finally Lips : Clinique Chubbies these are great for summer as it adds a pop of color.. My favs are Mightest Maraschino, Grandest Grape ,Plushest Punch, Heftiest Hibiscus

So these are some great products to add in your makeup bag and they are on sale!! Hope y'all enjoy and I swear videos are coming soon!




Y'all have been asking what I use on my hair and I am gonna spill all these hair beans. It does range from day to day but these products I always use and it is a lot and yes I use them all however I LOVE messy hair so if you like sofy, silky smooth hair then this isn't for you.. However if you love I just had a party with Steven Tyler then this should be your jam. So for the most salty beach worth hair use Unite Expanda on wet hair and only in the roots, then spray Maximista all over for ultimate volume then Blow dry with hair upside down so you get the most volume ever.  I then Curl my Hair with Sultra Bombshell iron. After that to make it more beachy than ringlet I use very, very, sparingly  Surfcomber by Oribe. I rub in in my hands and put in my hair and kinda shake it while I am putting it in. This product is very sticky so you have to use a really small amount. I only put it on dry hair even though it says you can put on wet. I finish with Oribe Thick Spray as a finishing spray..

That's all for the more beachy waves... I told y'all it is a lot but I love it so much.

Hope y'all enjoy and yes I swear I am gonna do a tutorial soon, everytime I try my dog runs in and barks lol

pinches and pecks



I will say it once and say it again.. I love a good sale... I have scurried Nordstrom and I am listing everything from beauty to clothes that I am loving that you can get on sale!! Since beauty is my fav and passion I am gonna start there. Every girl needs a makeup bag to keep in her purse to keep it from getting dirty.. Most are basic and black but not this super fun and catchy Anne Taintor Cosmetic Bag .. It is colorful and kinda has some smart ass remarks which I love!  Next my fav spray fragrance Amazing Grace.. I have loved this smell for around 8 yrs and it is so delightful and good I would highly recommend! Now maybe my fav beauty product on sale the Sultra Seductress Iron I only use this brand..Best hair tools ever. When I straighten my hair or do a loose beach wave I use this.. I also your their rods. Everything from this brand is beyond great.

_10358219topshop and topshop only.. Of course I am obsessed with topshop like any other girl and they have my grey sweater I wore at Christmas on sale so I decided to buy it in pink as well.. This V-Neck Sweater is light weight and versatile.. I feel like whether you wear with sneakers or heels you will look great and be casual but still sexy. Another great cardigan option is this what I call Grandpa Sweater it is open front, cardigan style with pockets. I have been waiting and I mean waiting for these joggers to go on sale.. I would never pay the original price for them but now that they are on sale I have already added them to my cart! Get these Leopard sweats while you can! Soo cute but I can't wait to pair with high heels or booties and leather jacket.. I love mixing casual and dressy..

Accessories!!!!!! Ok so y'all always ask where I get my necklaces at wellllllll while the one I wear is no longer available they made another version of my St. Christopher pendant .. I never take this off and I love the new version of it..Here is a version of the heart necklace Logan got for me.. I love this Heart Necklace because it is small and delicate.. simple and classic

._9346666I can't tell you how much I love hats.. Well I probably don't need to as I post about hats all the time. This bright Blue Fedora is soo darn cute for spring I can't take it..


Ok Finally but not last .. clothes and shoes ( that are not related to topshop). While I want to put everything on here I am only putting my absolute favs and stuff I am either buying or already own. Sooo here comes these Leopard Espadrille .. I had leopard sneakers but left them in South Carolina and now I have an excuse to replenish because they are on sale mauahahaahah. Gladiator sandals.. I love and I hate but when I find some sexy ones I loovveee them. These Gladiator Heels are perfect for summer and sooo sexy!! I am obsessed with overalls and these adorable Floral overalls have my heart and especially at 22$!!! This next item makes me laugh cause I would totally yell this.. This Sweatshirt is comfy and hilarious.. I love little random shirts and stuff that say ridiculous things.. It makes life more fun!

Ok y'all I have broken down my fav items and I hope you enjoy!!!



Who says jeans and sneakers can't be sexy and flattering?

Everyone always says jeans and sneakers can make us look not as polished or not as skinny or not as sexy.. Well being a jeans and tshirt gal I think different!  Jeans to me are an investment.. The right fit and quality make all the difference I know save for jeans and have some staple pairs even though my credit card cries I know I will have them for years and that is what makes them worth it! I think denim and sneakers can be both and I decided to pick out my top picks and how to make your sneakers lengthen and be more complementary than ever before! You can actually add an edge and your own vibe on sneakers and with jeans.. Here are my picks! SIWY-WJ415_V1 Welcome Siwy Stacie in Divine! Hello sexual!! These are a super sexy twist on your average black denim. They have a sheer mesh side and they are ridiculous and not only that but on sale! When I bought these my boyfriend actually helped pick them out.. Gotta love men they like anything that shows even an ounce of skin lol! However I love them to because I feel sexier in them even with sneakers! I can dress these up or down, blouse or t-shirt, heels or sneakers it all works with these!

SIWY-WJ403_V1Rocker chic at best! Mickie Skinny is everything I love about a basic jean with a little extra oompha The detailing on these with the moto inspired pockets are amazing! I have these in red and grey and the grey is a lot more wearable and you can get more for your money as far as wear goes! These are not only cool but comfortable as well and I always get compliments. Best part is they are on sale as well. As most of you know I love a great bargain and well this is one. You can wear this color in the summer or winter as a fabulous grey has no season when it comes to style!

SIWY-WJ426_V1 Torn and tattered Penny Lane Denim! Yes Please! These Ladonna Skinnies I have had in my wardrobe for a couple years and I still love them! They are tomboy sexy and paired with edgy sneakers and a cute top it adds an undone, boyish sex appeal to your style! Not to mention these are the type of jeans you live in and the more you do the more worn in they get and again adding that little bit of skin showing is what makes these sexy! I love these most with a blazer and t-shirt... Reminds me of Kate Moss who btw is also a fan of this denim line!

blank4029766389_q1_1-0._QL90_UX37_Now these are not denim BUT they do go into my sneaker file and since they are sexy I wanted to mention as well! These Vegan Leather Moto Pants are just plain cool. Most would pair with heels but I say sneakers as it is a edgier version and to be honest you kinda look like a bad ass.. I would order a size up as that's what I did with mine. All the other ones are true to size! Pair these with my classic animal print Steve Maddens Sneakers! I wear these flats all the time and they are my go to.

Before I really divulge into my go to sneakers I want you to know the secret to getting longer, leaner looking legs in them and boots and actually any flat shoe you have! Lift Kits! These things are a booty lift, leg thinner and work out all in one.. Trust me I don't wear flats without them. It gives you an extra 2 inches when stacked and I can feel the burn the next day which is great so I don't feel bad when skipping the gym as it is a workout. I have used these for a while and honestly even men needs a lift every once in a while. The kits make you not look as "stumpy" in flats as yes flats are more comfortable than heels however legs look better with height.. So these give you both! Use code BSXLK for 15% off!! I accept Share the berries as thank you's BTW :)

Ok back to sneakers! Color, Color, Color! There is nothing more fun than a pop of color on a basic sneaker. These Fuchsia Vans are not only cool but 35$!!! Now if you are a little more adventurous try these rocker inspired flats! Circus by Sam Edelman are where it is at if thats your vibe! Sexy but edgy! These are sure to add trendy appeal to your jeans and t-shirt. I also am obsessing over these that are a tweed like material. They are Steve Madden Salima slip on! Perfect color, perfect texture, another great slip on.

So now you know tips to make jeans and sneakers sexy.. Let's remember these rules

1. Show a little skin with some cut outs, or worn in jeans will never go out of style, add color or unique zippers  ( note do not go all bedazzled as it can be too much) think rolling stone cool, joan jett cool, relaxed style, tight fit and a bohemian rocker edge.

2. Sneakers with an edge or pop of color or cool, unique texture

3. ALWAYS WEAR LIFT KITS !! Pop them in to make you longer, leaner and a much more fabulous ass! Sorry but that is the honest truth! I never don't have them on when it comes to flats! And if your bf is shorter than you get him a pair as well.. Best kept secret in Hollywood!

hugs and butt pinches


How to survive mornings and start your day relaxed!

I hate mornings for numerous reasons.. 1. Because it is early and 2. Because I am exhausted!! That being said with my job I have to actually attempt to survive mornings and I don't drink coffee except for maybe less than 10times a year sooo I have 3 steps to I always do and they are soo easy.. and one of them helps with morning food cravings!! FullSizeRender

1.Moisturize!!!! Literally I don't wash my face in the morning i just head straight for bathroom and add more moisturizer, as I never understood why people wipe off all their skincare from the night before.. I say let it stay on your face and just rehydrate! As most of you know I moisturize with Eve Lom Spf Moisturizer as I love it and it doesn't break me out. Eve Lom is known for their skincare so hence why it's amazing!

2. Put on the hot water and pour a cup of tea!! I swear it curbs my appetite as there is something about the warm, soothing tea that coats your stomach and makes you feel full, this is a added bonus to me as I have been addicted for a while now to My Beauty Tea.. I have tried almost every flavor and every one is good in it's own way. Not only do I love it because it is ultra feminine and cute it is the best darn tea I have ever had! And being from the south and saying that it is a HUGE deal! I just got their spring flavor "Tasty Garden". Literally you open it up and smell everything that is good about spring.. notes of fruit and floral start pouring out.. You might be thinking why tea as a ritual? Well truth be told I drink it at night as well. I learned this from one of my French clients and she told me every woman with good skin she knew drank a cup in the morning and at night and well if you saw her you would do everything she said! Not to mention it gives you an excuse to buy every cute teacup you possibly can get your hands on! Use code Jess10 for 10% off your order and take a pic of your tea I wanna see what y'alls favorite is!!

3. Detox eye cubes! Peter Thomas Roth came up with Depuffing Eye Cubes and guess what they have tea in them.. See tea is good inside and outside your body! Anyway these cubes depuff, detoxify, calm and hydrate dark puffy eyes! You freeze them and then put them in a little pouch as this is better for your skin as the cold helps to reduce puffiness and swelling! You rub each eye in circles with the pack for about 3-4 minutes per eye and then rub the excess in and then start with your makeup looking already more rested than before!

These are the easiest things to do in the morning and each one is refreshing and relaxing as you shouldn't rush like a mad woman outta bed you should take your time and have a small beauty routine to make you feel beautiful as beauty starts on the inside so if you do 3 small steps for you, your day will be much better and a lot more relaxed! I do these and honestly it is the only way I can cope in the morning!

Note* When it is insanely hot pour that tea over ice! It is still as delicious as ever!! Also put your moisturizer in the fridge as well! Make everything more refreshing for those crazy hot summer months coming up!




Charlotte Tilbury Magic.. The Legend, My Icon, My God I love her products

imgres Some of you have been asking for me to write a review of my favorite Charlotte Tilbury products. First I want to say I am obsessed with her and her line. It is safe to say I borderline broke my foot while jumping up and down when i heard of the release and I maybe wanted to order a cake to have a solo party and be a creep and drool over her products. However back to non creepy zone I absolutely adore her work as it really doesn't get more flawless while still fashion forward than her. It makes sense, with that being said that she has done Kate Moss's makeup for quite some time and she is one of my makeup muses so it all comes together and makes perfect makeup sense! I hope you all enjoy my write up as like I said I am listing all my favs and colors!

Wonderglow- While this light from within cream is great it comes with a hefty price tag of $55 for a smaller package. I do love the color as it is a beautiful golden shimmer, and it does glide on beautifully and looks like a soft focus over your skin which is what it claims I just can't get over the small package for that price. That is the only bad thing I can say about this product. If you don't use a lot then this would be beneficial for you but since I like my illuminator under, over and in between my foundation it is not cost effect for my personal taste. Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow

Cheek to Chic- Maybe my fav product! I have ditched all my everyday cheek colors and have been wearing this and I am in love! The two toned color which is meant for you to put the outer color on first then pop the center color on the apple. Due to the crushed pearls it gives a gorgeous, fresh, dewy youthfulness with soft color to your cheeks. My favs that I wear everyday are Love Glow ( peachy soft pink) , FIrst Love  ( a peachy, neutral soft bronze ) and Love is the Drug ( pink with vibrant pink )

Lipstick- As you all know I love a good nude and nude pink well Charlotte may have just found the perfect ones. Nude Kate is great brownish nude. It is not too brown as I am not a fan of that however your lips do need more of a pink, red undertone. If you do have more brown naturally in your lips then skip this color as it will pull too much brown. Penelope Pink is a great option if you want more pink/ or have more brown undertones in your lips. I have both and I adore both of them. They are creamy and hydrating so your lips will not dry out. I love these and I am so excited for her Matte collection to drop as if they are are beautiful as these then I am gonna be in love!  Her lip liner in Iconic Nude is a perfect match to both of these. Now this is more nude brown however if you are a fan of the 90's then you will love this as it is very Kate Moss 90's and Cindy Crawford!

Filmstar Sculpt/Highlight- UGHHHHH this is AHHHHMMMAZING!!! I wear this every single day bottom line! Even if I don't have on makeup I will do this to sculpt my face.. She only makes one color but you can adjust the color by how much you put on. I can wear this when I am my Scandinavian self and also when I am a Bali Princess. It has crushed pear pigment like the cheek color that gives you a luminous appearance like the blush. Your skin looks polished but not to harsh. The lighter side picks up your cheekbones beautifully and it blends seamless. I am a fan for life! Filmstar Sculpt/Highlight

Filmstar On the Go Palette- I bought this last minute before my Dominican Republic trip as I didn't want to take all my makeup. Honestly this is great if you are going on vaca or you are just not a makeup girl. I purchased the Breakfast at Tiffany's palette and it is beautiful. I love coppers and bronze on my eyes because it is just timeless and always works no matter what. It is a cream shadow and it will crease. I personally like the look because it reminds me of a French musician or Woodstock but if you don't like that look then this is a no for you. There are other brands that have similar colors, however the packaging makes it easier to pack and take in your purse since it has both eyes, cheeks and lips in one as the cheek is a duo for lips as well.

Feline Flick- This pen has a nice fine tip, which is great to get an ultra thin precise line. I normally use the Stila stay all day and will be returning to that as it lasts a lot longer and is cheaper. I did like the look of the feline flick however it dried up after 2 weeks and barely any use. It did have more of a flat than glossy look which I liked but everything combined I will go back to Stila Stay All Day Liner . If price isn't an issue and you prefer a more flat look then try the Tilbury Feline Flick . I just personally don't have budget to replace every 2 weeks but if you do then you will love it!

Rock n Kohl- I loveeee this! I love a super sultry eyeliner that is more edgy and this is it while not moving all night. After 30 seconds it sets in place and you look like a polished rockstar. I like to smudge with brown and black. I used the Barbarella Brown under my lower lash line and Bedroom Black on my lid and in waterline. If you like a more clean look this is not for you.

Bikini Cleanse Results!!!

IMG_6455 Ok y'all so 8 days ago I started the Bikini Cleanse to see if I could drop a few lbs and get more toned before I am half naked in the DR with my man. Well I did!!! I wanted to post before and after photo so you knew it actually worked! I want to start by saying no I do not think I am fat at all however I am a woman going on vaca and as with most women before the beach. wedding or some crazy event we want to look our very best. Well that's what I wanted and I am so much more confident now!! I weighed 118 before and go to 114!! I lost 4lbs and yes the more you have to lose you will! Best part I did not starve!!!  The clease consists of the smoothie mix, raspberry snack stix, and the tea! Here is how the cleanse works!

The day before they suggest you eat lighter so you don't shock your body so I ate pretty light  as I wanted to stick to this as best I could so I could get my body ready for the cleanse. I want to state that I have tried juice cleanses and they are NOT for me but this peaked my interest because it involved smoothies and you could eat! So I thought ok let's check it out! I wanted to do my best so I prepped my meals ahead of time and altered breakfast and lunch. The smoothie mix I personally mixed with water however it gives you option of soy or almond milk. I like it more thick so I did mostly water and ice to make it kinda a slushie lol ( yes I am 5). Unlike most cleanses this smoothie was an orangey vanilla flavor and delicious! I am not and never have been a big drinker so it did take me some time to finish and I could only finish one of my snack sticks for most of the days. I am not that fun when I am on a strict diet as I didn't want to fall off of it so I made 4oz of chicken and steamed or roasted veggies every night. I even changed my dinner time as they suggest you eat before 7pm well some days for me that wasn't possible due to work but instead of eating at 11 I ate at 8-830 and the later I would have to eat the less I would eat and drink their tea!  Yes I ate the same thing for 7 days but honestly it was the best option for me and since I work like I have to feed a family of 12 I needed to make these ahead of time! If you need help they have great recipes on their website and in your passport there is a grocery list! It's soo cute!!

One of the  great parts to me about the cleanse is that the snack stix give you tons of energy so if you are getting hungry drink of those and you will have so much energy with appetite curbed! The cleanse suggest you sweat for at least 45 min and what did I do? I started taking Hot Pilates to really sweat! With the Bikini Cleanse and Hot Pilates I swear I was pouring sweat, however I did not want to pass out from lack of food! Anyone that has ever been to the gym with me knows I have a hard time sweating but the snack stix I am determined made me sweat a lot more! This is one of the healthiest ways I have ever lost weight fast!

It wasn't like I was on a cleanse, it was like I was just busy and had no time to make anything new lol. 2 of the days I had the smoothie for breakfast and lunch as I honestly couldn't drink whole thing for one or the other. I even had the girls at work taste the smoothie and they thought it was delicious and most described it as the Dreamsicle ice cream bar but in my mind I was thinking yes but without the cellulite! The raspberry stix they thought tasted like a jolly rancher.. and the tea like heaven .. Ok so now I just realized why I loved this cleanse.. everything tastes like candy lol!!

I will say my fav part was the tea at night. I love tea though and there is nothing like a warm cup of tea to help your tummy feel warm. It also helps promote good reading material movements if ya get my drift;)

I have never been so happy with results and I have even had people say " you look thinner or more toned" and that's the thing I am a petite girl so 4lbs on me is a good amount and I can see more definition which I am pumped about!! The thing for me is that I felt healthy while doing this cleanse. I didn't feel as if I was starving my body and the passport booklet and their website gives you ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and everything was reasonable!! I know I keep saying impressed but that's what I was and it's the only word that I think is fitting!!! Day 7 my jeans were lose and my face and skin were glowing as I got rid of soo many toxins I can't imagine! I honestly would do this cleanse again when I have a major event!! If you do this cleanse you must be committed as you can't eat twinkies in the back and expect to lost weight it's not lipo:)

ANNNNDDD because y'all are sooo awesome here is a special code for you, enter it at checkout : Jesssouthern20 and you will get 20% off and FREE SHIPPING!!!

Thanks to Bikini Cleanse I honestly changed the way I ate and actually what I am craving now as instead of carbs I want fruit. You truly have a great product that is unlike anything on the market today!!

More toned and 4lb lighter body by Bikini Cleanse

Bikini  by Bettini Flirt Bottom and the Bettini Flirt Top 

Super Happy Customer : That's me!!!!!


6a00e54ef1680988330147e3690a55970b-700wi Ok so it's been a while since I have written a skin blog and since y'all have asked for it I wanted to make another although a lot has not changed but some has and I am going to give it to you in steps and then what scrubs I like to personally use. Because let's face it we all want beautiful skin that Hannibal Lector would resist because it is just too pretty to eat right? Well yes other than that being kinda gruesome it's true. Sooo without delay here are my skin care steps

1. CLEANSE!!! I have been using this cleanser for over a year and I am a lifetime customer. EVE LOM CLEANSER is the most amazing cleanser I have ever used.It melts off the makeup and you wash off with a nice muslin cloth that it comes with so you feel as if you are at the most luxurious spa every day and every night. When using you only need a small amount as a little goes a long way. I personally just use at night to remove the debris of makeup and daily grime. This product line has also controlled my acne and I rarely breakout now thanks to it!

2. SERUM!!! Now I only use a Treatment Serum around 2-3 times a week as they are pricey, however I have tried almost everything and the ones I noticed a difference with sadly cost a paycheck but I want you all to know what I use so I am telling you all of it! This SKINCEUTICALS PHLORETIN serum helps with collagen, cellular renewal and is an antioxidant. I literally have much brighter looking skin when I use it. It only takes a drop and only use 2-3 times a week. Serums are more of an add on so when you are investing in skincare I would leave this to the last thing. As much as I love it there are other things that you need more so consider this more of a luxury add on.

3. MOISTURIZER!!!! I have 2.. One for the morning and one for night. My EVE LOM SPF is my go to morning moisturizer because it has SPF and is not too heavy to wear under my makeup. I love the silky feel of this moisturizer, it has lactic acid which helps brighten and improve texture of your skin! For my night repair I use EVE LOM TLC CREAM! Now this has changed my life as I have seriously dry skin and most other creams would never hydrate me til the morning but this sinks into my skin and gives me ultimate hydration while helping with fine lines and makes my skin more supple. I would not recommend this for oily skin as you need something lighter.

4. EYE CREAM! Yes.. everyone needs eye cream to keep from looking like the crypt keeper.. I have a couple that I love.. The first is NEOCUTIS BIO CREAM. This is ahhmazinnng and works wonders!! I go to Ava Shamban for my skin and she recommended this as I was starting to show signs of aging and it has worked and she has never steered me wrong. It lasts a while as you only need a small pump but it helped with wrinkles and gave a more youthful appearance to my eyes. The second that I love is CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT EYES as it de puffs like crazy!! I personally like to keep this in my fridge so the next morning it is chilled and the roller ball really helps tighten the skin around my eye. I use both as this one I tend to use in the morning and not at night. Another old trick that I swear by is PREP H... yes it helps with that as well but it also helps with anything that can get inflammed such as your under eyes.. My mom thought I was crazy and asked if I had a problem and I said eewww no I use it as an under eye de puffer and she asked her doctor and he stood by me and said well she is right!! Only use these 3 times a week and you will see a difference. Make sure you do not get into your eye!!

5. ACNE/SPOT TREATMENT!!! There is only one item I count on that never lets me down and thats the KATE SOMERVILLE ERADIKATE . Really there isn't anything to say except it works and you need it if you tend to break out.. Period!! It truly dries it up in no time!

I am going to do another blog about my fav skin masks and exfoliators but I wanted to get this out there as I never really change my routine. I will use oils sometimes but that's only after I use a face mask. So stay tuned and find out what masks I love and why!



New Year Resolution? Dress adorable.. Period

Ok so after the holidays everyone and their mother has a new sale well I have stumbled upon a couple of adorable items!! Some on sale and some not...Some I own and others I am gonna own! Hope you girls like these 2015 picks!!  Who needs a resolution about losing weight to bring in the new year when you have some cute clothes! So my resolution is to dress as adorable as possible!! First item is one the I own and I am mad its on sale to be honest! It's Topshop Denim Shearling Jacket. I have this and I love love love it!! It's like Midwest chic with touch of Penny Lane which I love! Next up another purchase I paid full price for ( rolling my eyes) but you can get it at 33$ is the Topshop Geo skirt! It is great in black, white and grey so it goes with everything! I paired it with a loose boy's fit black tank and booties! Now y'all know I love a good FAUX FUR coat and this was one of my fav purchases this year I think as I have wore it like crazy! The Black Faux Fur Coat is soooo 70's love child! It is not too heavy as I wear it in Cali and Florida and wasn't hot but for those colder climates i pair a basic grey hoodie under it to dress it down a bit!

Who doesn't love a good hat? Well I do and this Panama Style Hat is 13$!!! I love afordable accessories, especially those that you can wear with everything! Now I have this Floppy Hat and while it isn't on sale its still fabulous and I had to add it!

Finally..Accessories for your big ole hair! I love that Bardot style hair and I love headbands as well cause it adds that 60's flair to it! I actually own this Beaded Headband it is subtle but still can dress up a pair of jeans!  Now this Sequin Floral Headwrap is anything but simple.. It's Fabulous!!! I love the lace and seguin on it and love her hair is even up because this could take a dirty hair day and turn it right around! While this next headband is very Game of Thrones I love it!!!!  I would pair with simple v neck and jeans and converse! The Gold Leaf Crown gives a feminine approach to a low key outfit and messy hair. It's different but you can still work it in your everyday look.

Happy Shopping Ladies! I hope y'all enjoy !!



Affordable Skirts, skirts, skirts!

So recently I have been obsessed with skirts.. I used to wear like 2 a year and now I'm at 4 a week! Literally cannot get enough of these easy, breezy, flowy lil thangssss.. My obsession started with one of my fav clients and Style Expert Jamie Krell! She has the best style and best skirts ever!! A lot of you have been asking where I get my skirts so I figured why not let y'all know and also some of my top fav picks! I am mixing some great affordable options in as who doesn't love a great deal? All of these but 1 are from Forever 21!!!!!! I rarely use their online store but OMG am I ever gonna use it now! Way better options than in the store I think! Hope y'all enjoy! ballerina-skirt-cb

My First picks are inspired by none other than Carrie Bradshaw herself so here is a great, affordable Tutu Skirt. Its from Forever 21 and around 19$ which is a great deal! It is similar to the one I have been wearing.  Here is the Layered Mesh Skirt from TopShop I have been wearing. I love it and will keep it around as long as I can. Another Tulle Skirt I adore is the cute lil number! This one is more like the one from Topshop I have, however I am ordering this one as we speak. All these skirts I would personally wear with a little flannel tied up, strappy heels or a vintage tee shirt tied in the back. Also if you are going ultimate Carrie be sure to through on a statement necklace!

Now onto some cute and sexy Mini Sequin Skirts! This Sequined Mini Skirt is sexy and fun with a rock n roll glamour/penny lane style. This one is more of a Tribal Sequin Mini. Again all these are gonna look amazing at Christmas Parties or NYE! All of them should be worn with a band tee shirt to complete the Almost Famous look. This Geo Pattern Sequin Mini might be my fav because of the colors! It is soo colorful and will def stand out!

Finally Florals..... Even during the holidays i love a good floral skirt because they are so feminine and fun and flirty! I even like wearing them with some cute ruffle socks and heels! Trust me it's very Lolita and I dig it! ha! This Floral A line Skirt is 50's chic. I prefer this on in the deep purple color because of the cut of the skirt. Now this might be the best deal on a skirt coming in at 12$.. Yes that's right the Floral Skater skirt kills me its so darn cute! Now hold on to your seats because this Faux Leather Floral Mini might be the sexiest thing I have seen! Its tight, mini, and faux leather... There ain't nothing sweet about this floral one! lol But I adore it and gonna get it to wear with just a basic v neck and beanie!

Ok well those are my top picks from Forever21 which are cute, sexy and affordable on your holiday budget! Now add your own personal flair to it and I can't wait to see y'all post pics in some of these!



Santa's got a brand new bag!

Ok so with Christmas a hop, skip and a jump away I wanted to do a little stocking stuffer guide with some of my fav products. I honestly think that many people don't do stockings anymore and I hate it! I think it is the cutest, sweetest thing and it comes in Santa's big ole' sock!! Can't get any better than that right? Well I am about to make it one.. A themed stocking and of course my themed stocking is beauty!! So here is a list of all things that will make your beauty routine a magical experience! Candles!! But not just any candle.. Comes in an adorable mason jar, fun scents and more importantly made with so much love from a woman who knows the true meaning of Christmas and puts her faith in God and her dreams in each candle. This gal loves making these candles and that's why they are some of my favorite. Faithful Scents candles are a must in beauty geared stocking stuffer as what is the one thing you have when taking a nice relaxing bath? Yes you got it.. Candles!  Use code Jess10 for 10% off all your purchases during Christmas! The person you give them to will not be disappointed!

Eye Masks.... yes I adore them! Especially since Wildfox started making the cutest ones! My fav for the Holidays as a gift is Do Not Disturb. It's girly and to the point as let's be honest no one wants to be disturbed from their sleep!

Now another beauty item is My Beauty Tea.. any girl and I mean any girl on a cold night wants a nice cup of tea right? Well why not put it in her stocking with some great Christmas and Fall flavors! They even have a stocking stuffer package that is so cute and the perfect addition to this beauty bag as every gal needs a cup of tea while laying in a bathtub enjoying peace and quite after everyone was yelling in the kitchen earlier! use code Jess10 for 10% off order!

For the next one I have used this for years and can't live without it.. Sara Happ Lip scrub! This stuff makes your chapped winter lips so soft as it has tiny little sugar things that scrub your lips and also where it makes blood rush into them it also plumps them a little bit. My new fav flavor is confetti cake of course.. I mean anything with the word cake in it I like..

Now we can't have a beauty stocking without my fave hairspray can we? Nope we can't!! My all time bestest, most favorite hairspray is Fave 4.. I swear I tried this over a year ago and loved it ever since!!! Now I am partial to the texture takeover but I also love the workable wear as it let's you change hairstyles with zero problem. And for those of you who don't know about this brand your hair will never be sticky..Literally I had girls at a hair show spraying my hair over 30 times for 3 days and I didn't wash and it was still soft and moveable! Use Jess20 for 20% off!

Glam glow is great facial treatment to add as well. I like this set because it has a few different ones for your loved one to try! I swear this stuff makes your face glow as it should due to the name lol! But it helps remove dead skin and cleans our pores!

Finally the last thing to add to your beauty bag stocking is of course a bubble bath! I have 2 I love and the first is Laura Mercier Almond Coconut honey it makes your skin feels sooo smooth and aghhhhhh it smells insane and comes in a cute jar with a little honey comb on the end! Finally the last surprise a Santa Bath Bomb is the final touch to a beauty stocking bag!!!

Have fun doing last minute shopping like me




OK so I know you all have a lot more things to do than to read this.. For one you must shop because there are amazing supercalifragilistic sales happening today. With that being said I'm gonna give you a breakdown with code of my top cyber deals.. To start I blogged about LIFTKITS a couple posts ago well guess what? They are 30% off today!! So now being short is a plus with this great deal! It's TODAY only so buy some, slip them in your shoes and perk that ass up to heaven or if you are a guy slip them in and have that extra 1-2 inches you always wanted somewhere else;) CODE: LKHOLIDAY 

Next is of course Nordstrom sale.. Last year I wore a Topshop Toggle coat and y'all all asked where I got it. Well guess what? It's on sale at nordstrom! It is still my fav coat as it is so darn cute! I also just purchased these BlankNYC Vegan Leather Pants. I had a pair and lost them and since they are on sale I had to get a pair and the best part? They are sexy rocker chic but animal friendly! Now if you know me even 2% you know I love flannel shirts well here is an adorable and fun way to do a flannel. The people over at Free People did this Lace up Flannel and I am diggin it! Pair it with those vegan, leather pants and helloo sexual hottie!


Next I have some great jewelry! My friend's company JGrace Designs is having a store wide sale for 25% off! I love this Turquoise Bracelet and I own this Hope Slave ring. I love her stuff because it has this rocker, yet rustic Indian feel to it and goes with everything. These are pieces to have forever! She also has some really cute necklaces! Be sure to check out the whole line and ender CODE : GIVETHANKS


Now let's talk MAKEUP! I headed over to Ulta Beauty to find some great deals on Cyber Monday and though I was a little disappointed in their selection I felt better when they have some of  my fave brushes at 30% off!! Real Technique Brushes! These brushes are soft and affordable and I love mine! As an artist I obviously have a lot of brands but I will tell you these are some of my fav. I always tell people to get them and since the are 30% off online today you will NOT be disappointed!

Finally I headed back over to NASTYGAL and found they are having a 50% off sale!! I am obsessed with Woodstock so it's not of any surprise when I found this Penny Lane Faux Fur Jacket. Literally it is AHHHMMAZZING! And I'm sorry this adorable Peplum dress for 29$ umm yes. Ok my last one and y'all can shop your heart out is again another Faux Fur Glamour Coat I know but I can't help it I would have been one kick ass Penny Lane.. So for all my Almost Famous lovers out there I hope you enjoy some of my fav finds!!

Happy Shopping!


Black Friday Bitches!!

I honestly cannot think of a better way to spend the day after stuffing my face than running around and getting the best deals!! There are a few that I always adore the most such as Nordstrom, Macy's and Bloomingdales as they truly have fantastic deals throughout Black Friday. Of course being a makeup artist I love the beauty deals. I also love, love, LOVE buying beauty goodies for my friends and family. Black Friday is the best to get your gal pals and family some great beauty treats. Like my cousin Ashley is obsessed with nails and anything that smells good.. literally that girl changes polish every 2 days and has a lifetime supply of body wash but she always wants more.. So for someone like her why not do a Deborah Lippmann Nail Set or Philosophy Body Wash ? The deal on the body was especially is amazing and it's a great gift for those work parties that have a $10-20 dollar limit! Another great beauty gift is the Lancome Lash Set. Women are always asking me about lashes and Lancome Hypnosis Drama is one of my 2 fav mascara's. YSL shocking is the other, but the Lancome Drama gives you major lash and you get there incredible eye liner and makeup remover for basically free with a price of $29!

Now if you want to maybe get your friends the cutest darn t-shirts you ever did lay eyes then go check out Free Your Heart Apparel.  To be honest I would get myself some of these as I own a good amount and they are darlin!! When you use the code  BlackFriday you get 35% off your entire order and if you order over $100 you get a free beanie! Some of my fav shirts I have are "Darlin" "Talk southern to me" and the " Blame it on my Heart". They are just soo comfy and cute and southern so clearly I am a huge fan,


My next great Black Friday deals is on jewelry!! I mean who doesn't love jewelry? Especially when it doesn't cost a small country! Thats why Baublebar is one of my fav places to get mine from. When you use the code EARLYBIRD35 enjoy 35% off entire site! Again this is a great gift for your girlfriends or women in your family and they have simple and trendy goodies so you can pretty much find something for everyone which if you work as much as I do then this is what we call a "blessing". I used to be obsessed with the brand EF rings and well with a price tag $950 for the tiniest ring I have ever seen it is nothing short of a ridiculous, overpriced piece of crap now to me until I found the exact same rings on Baublebar. Their Ice Lateral Ring is literally the exact same thing for a price of $28 ( before 35% off)  which is a great deal without the discount but when you take that off I feel like I just robbed them of that ring! That being said here are another few pieces I have come to adore and I still have a home after purchase which is fantastic! The Crystal Mason is again another bargain considering the other brands is close to 1,200! This Jeweled Fan Cuff is simple and gorgeous and a great deal! Literally pieces like these you can wear all the time which is what I prefer to do with my jewelry.

Now speaking of Jewelry during the Holidays a lot of men decide it's the time to pop the question or they start looking for a diamond for Valentine's Day. Well this is to all the men out there I am about to give you the best jeweler in the world. Her name is Jacqueline Nerguizian. She has a website but that is nothing compared to what this woman can do. She has helped some of my clients create the perfect engagement ring and some just as a gift. You can call her and tell her about your girl and how much you want to spend and you can create a beautiful engagement ring that is more special than you just going out and picking something that every woman can have. As a woman myself I can speak on behalf of women and tell you that if you put the thought in creating something unique that would mean the world to your future wife. Jacqueline can work with any budget and any size and she specializes in more of a edgy,trendy style which I love. Here is a link to her info and ladies if you are reading this have your guy read it to if you think he is startin to look;) JN Jewels.

Before I let you go ladies to shop your lil hearts out I have to add something that everyone woman should have in her closet.. Thigh High Boots !! I swear I have about 4 pairs and I love them. There is nothing sexier in the winter than throwing on a pair of thigh high boots an oversized sweater. The best part is when you wear boots like this I swear you can have your hair in a pony tail and no makeup on and I  promise no one is noticing. Now some of you might think " thigh high boots? Isn't that kinda slutty?" well yes and no.. If i said wear with a dress tighter than one you wore in 3rd grade or if you are showing your boobs then yes that is slutty and that is a NO NO!! But if you are just showing those legs of your's then that my ladies is a big YES!!! So get something for yourself this Black Friday and rock them this winter!

Bye y'allChristian-Louboutin-Black-Suede-Thigh-High-Bootsimgres