Preventive care

Ladies, all I hear while doing makeup on clients throughout the years is.. 'i wish I didn't have wrinkles", "How do I get rid of them", "I don't want to be fake but I want my wrinkles gone". Well, bottom line is this. If you want them gone then do something! It is OK to want to be beautiful and feel good about yourself. If someone says different call Betty ford and immediately have them sent in for treatment.

There is nothing wrong with feeling this way and acting on it. We start at an early age trying all the different creams, and oils that we possibly can. I think I went to Merle Norman and spent my first paycheck on a wrinkle cream at 15! It is in our blood to want to look our best and it is ok and I cannot stress it enough. I started getting Botox last year and I am so thankful I did. Dr. Biesman has been so wonderful and has understood and also agrees with my "preventive care" as just a little helps you in the years to come.

When I first went for Botox with Dr. Biesman i was coming off someone injecting too much in me and he agreed that less is more! Finally, a doctor that agrees with this statement.  His intelligence and care for his practice was so wonderful that I knew I had found my doctor. He literally fixed my eye and not by adding more! He told me to be patient and let it wear off.. Imagine someone that would not inject anything because they want you to be better. I was in LA and I cannot tell you how this would not happen. If I were to go to a doctor there they would have said "let's inject more to get better results". That didn't happen so after my 3-4 months of being patient it paid off! My bad Botox job was a lot better... Oh and my bad Botox made me have a droppy eye.. I left that part out. Anyway, my eye is now better thanks to him telling me to be patient and get proper dosage of Botox.

Yesterday, I got 10 units to help me keep from frowning as that is my concentration face while doing makeup. He was very understanding with me not wanting to do more and agreed natural is better! We filmed a video before that where he answered all of your questions and I cannot wait to share but, in the meantime,  I wanted you to know that is ok to get injectables if you have wrinkles. If you have fine lines or even deeper lines it is ok. it will not change your appearance if you are in the right hands, it will only make you look younger.  Below is my advice on finding the right doctor and making the decision.

1. Do your wrinkles bother you and make you feel bad about yourself?   If so, get them fixed. you don't deserve to have low self-esteem because you are worried what others think about getting "something done" like Botox. So Do it for you! Only do it for you, no one else should matter. It is your face, your self-esteem, your life. Do it for you!!

2. Find a Doctor you are comfortable with and one that is knowledgeable.    They can be the best but if you don't feel comfortable for whatever reason then move on. Your gut is always right.

3. Word of mouth. If you know and feel comfortable with your girlfriends ask who they go to. Be open  and ask. Now, if your girlfriends look cray cray you know who not to go to.

4. Don't get talked into any procedure you are not comfortable with. Again, a good doctor will not do this. Now, this isn't to be confused with their opinions. Opinions are great and I always ask Dr. Biesman what he thinks and he gives an honest answer. Build a trust with your face guy as y'all will become really good friends. Especially as you get older lol.    

5. Always start with a small amount. You can go more, get bigger, but it is harder to take away. So just do a tad on the first time to test your comfort level.

If you are not ready to get injections here are my Top 5 wrinkle creams

 Skin Medica Tns Recovery Complex This will help with fine lines and wrinkles. TNS has naturally recurring proteins that repairs blood vessels, encourage cell growth, reduce inflammation.  

IS Clinical Active Serum - This is a fast acting, long term result product. Reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, great for acne prone skin. Physicians have said this is a miracle product that will produce results in a few days.

SkinCeuticals A.G.E eye complex - This product will dramatically reduce dark circles, and puffiness, boost elasticity, It provides instant and lasting results.

Retinol Reform- I feel like I don't even need to say it because this product is a must have. It helps with acne scars, resurfacing, wrinkles and lines. It is an overall must have and will not dry out your skin.  My old facialist in La makes it and she is genius! 

Skin Medica TNS Serum- This is a little pricey but worth it. This combats wrinkles and regenerates cell turnover. Consisted of peptides and antioxidants it not only helps wrinkles and signs of aging but also sagging skin.


Hope you enjoyed!!  



6a00e54ef1680988330147e3690a55970b-700wi Ok so it's been a while since I have written a skin blog and since y'all have asked for it I wanted to make another although a lot has not changed but some has and I am going to give it to you in steps and then what scrubs I like to personally use. Because let's face it we all want beautiful skin that Hannibal Lector would resist because it is just too pretty to eat right? Well yes other than that being kinda gruesome it's true. Sooo without delay here are my skin care steps

1. CLEANSE!!! I have been using this cleanser for over a year and I am a lifetime customer. EVE LOM CLEANSER is the most amazing cleanser I have ever used.It melts off the makeup and you wash off with a nice muslin cloth that it comes with so you feel as if you are at the most luxurious spa every day and every night. When using you only need a small amount as a little goes a long way. I personally just use at night to remove the debris of makeup and daily grime. This product line has also controlled my acne and I rarely breakout now thanks to it!

2. SERUM!!! Now I only use a Treatment Serum around 2-3 times a week as they are pricey, however I have tried almost everything and the ones I noticed a difference with sadly cost a paycheck but I want you all to know what I use so I am telling you all of it! This SKINCEUTICALS PHLORETIN serum helps with collagen, cellular renewal and is an antioxidant. I literally have much brighter looking skin when I use it. It only takes a drop and only use 2-3 times a week. Serums are more of an add on so when you are investing in skincare I would leave this to the last thing. As much as I love it there are other things that you need more so consider this more of a luxury add on.

3. MOISTURIZER!!!! I have 2.. One for the morning and one for night. My EVE LOM SPF is my go to morning moisturizer because it has SPF and is not too heavy to wear under my makeup. I love the silky feel of this moisturizer, it has lactic acid which helps brighten and improve texture of your skin! For my night repair I use EVE LOM TLC CREAM! Now this has changed my life as I have seriously dry skin and most other creams would never hydrate me til the morning but this sinks into my skin and gives me ultimate hydration while helping with fine lines and makes my skin more supple. I would not recommend this for oily skin as you need something lighter.

4. EYE CREAM! Yes.. everyone needs eye cream to keep from looking like the crypt keeper.. I have a couple that I love.. The first is NEOCUTIS BIO CREAM. This is ahhmazinnng and works wonders!! I go to Ava Shamban for my skin and she recommended this as I was starting to show signs of aging and it has worked and she has never steered me wrong. It lasts a while as you only need a small pump but it helped with wrinkles and gave a more youthful appearance to my eyes. The second that I love is CLINIQUE ALL ABOUT EYES as it de puffs like crazy!! I personally like to keep this in my fridge so the next morning it is chilled and the roller ball really helps tighten the skin around my eye. I use both as this one I tend to use in the morning and not at night. Another old trick that I swear by is PREP H... yes it helps with that as well but it also helps with anything that can get inflammed such as your under eyes.. My mom thought I was crazy and asked if I had a problem and I said eewww no I use it as an under eye de puffer and she asked her doctor and he stood by me and said well she is right!! Only use these 3 times a week and you will see a difference. Make sure you do not get into your eye!!

5. ACNE/SPOT TREATMENT!!! There is only one item I count on that never lets me down and thats the KATE SOMERVILLE ERADIKATE . Really there isn't anything to say except it works and you need it if you tend to break out.. Period!! It truly dries it up in no time!

I am going to do another blog about my fav skin masks and exfoliators but I wanted to get this out there as I never really change my routine. I will use oils sometimes but that's only after I use a face mask. So stay tuned and find out what masks I love and why!