Don't Forget your flower girls!

So when everyone gets married amongst the list of a million things are gifts to your girls to show your appreciation for wearing a dress they hate and flying all over instead of taking a nice vacation. Well, what about the little flower girls that are young and want to be like all the big girls because this is officially their first "big girl" job! Here I broke down what I added to my nieces bags I had made just for them so they felt "extra big girl"





1. Bags. I mean you can't give gifts without a cute bag and these girls loved their bags because they were Personalized with their names! I chose something that was very girly and more aimed at a little girl instead of the regular ones. So I chose a fun print and fun little girl colors with crowns on them! 

2. Toy, I mean they are kids after all and this is a great surprise that will keep them entertained and they will be sooo happy. My nieces which I think most love Pippa pig. So I got the Pippa pig pack so each girl got one and they were in love.

3. Personalized Tumblers. I mean all the big girls get cups so why not the little ones? Best part these Personalized tumblers  I got from Mod Party on Etsy, they can keep using because they are still little. 

4. Snacks, yes I know Honey boo boo's mom did it with sugar  but, I think she was on to something lol. Candy has sugar which gives energy. Little tallulah had some before she walked down the aisle and her walk turned into the cutest run I have ever seen and it was perfect! I also got them some healthy organic snacks and gummies. The day gets so busy and if they get hungry at least they have some backup snacks to make it through the ceremony, photos, dinner and after. Trust me the parents will appreciate it.  The cotton candy I chose, which I actually got all my bridesmaids was  Fancy Puf cotton candy so again, this was something that made them feel very included and the big girls had healthy snacks as well:) Also, yes I ordered the cotton candy from Canada and they are worth it, and more delicious than any other cotton candy out there. Yes that is a fact! The snacks came from the grocery store lol. 

5. Article of clothing.. I wanted to get them something to wear outside the wedding and I found these adorable dresses from Target! They are sold out now but I would get a t-shirt, dress, or some pj's. Anything that's cute they can take away and wear again. 

6. Flower girl jewelry: You can get the cutest little Flower girl bracelets that are soo precious I can't take it! Again, this is something that is extra special they can pass onto their daughter one day when she is a flower girl. 


Well, that's all and I hope you all enjoyed those tips! I was just sitting here thinking " you never hear of flower girl bags" and I did one so thought I would share! Hope you enjoyed!