Bedding 411!

You guys, I am finally posting all my bedding! I told you that I was gonna do it and considering I am actually doing it, is just as shocking to you as it is to me lol #momlife #mombrain. I am sure some of y’all feel me on that. With all that being said I have traveled to what feels like everywhere in the United States and further and slept in numerous hotels that were 4 and 5 star, and I swear the bedding I have is still my favorite.

Maybe it’s because it is home, or maybe, just maybe it is because I have found all the secrets to great bedding! Most of my choices are fairly affordable, especially the mattress! So here it is, my bed full of alllll my secrets to a good night sleep! I hope you all like and if you do please comment below and let me know what you think!


Let’s be real.. I have had a 5k mattress and everywhere in between and this mattress I found at Walmart is still my fav! Best part is that it is a pillowtop mattress for $326 for a king! Yes!! Thats right! It is crazy thats how cheap it is. My mom and mamaw adore it everytime they stay!

Safavieh dream harmony mattress


I love sheets and I have the ones from restoration hardware and personally, don’t waste your money! I bought because they were “luxury” they fell apart and stretch horrifically, and way too expensive! These are Celliant Sheets and are proven to penetrate the muscles and improves circulation which means you will sleep better! I have been getting the best nights rest since having these!

Celliant Sheets I have a code Jess20 for 20% off but they might have better deal for black friday so just check!


This is my favorite duvet insert ever! Its from pottery barn and I swear I don’t get too hot or too cold! It keeps you perfectly happy throughout the night! Maybe thats why it is called the hydrocool ultra plush lol! All I know is I just ordered for the guest room because it is hands down the best I have ever felt and i feel like I am in a cloud! They are so popular it took forever to arrive so thats the downside! But y’all it is so wroth the wait!

Pottery Barn insert

Duvet Cover/Shams

So I feel like I have purchased every cover under the sun, and I am never pleased. I always feel like ehhh this is ok… but most are soo expensive and well I just don’t love them! I finally tried the West Elm one and I loved it! It is great! It’s sturdy but soft! Which for me I love. I have them in white because personally I love a good clean feeling space to sleep in. Reminds me of being on vacation and everything is just clean.. ours isn’t too clean as I am sure there is baby formula on there lol but hey we all try right?

West Elm Duvet Cover also this is on sale!! Better yet, its extra 15% off if you sign up for emails!

Well, that is all my bedding and everything I have and love! I have throw pillows and those are all from home goods! That place is really good to find affordable pillows to throw on your bed to spice it up from time to time! Let me know if you have any questions! Hope you all enjoy!