Sit in front of a fire and drink hot cocoa kinda thing...

With the cold making it's way to us very shortly and some of us already starting to feel it, I thought I would let y'all know what are my MUST HAVE cozy, sit in front of a fire kinda clothes... Also some of these would make great Christmas gifts but I will get to that in another post! If you are anything like me then your feet are always cold and with winter approaching it's safe to say mine literally need to be defrosted. I know everyone likes UGGS and I do to and own them however this year I opted for a more trendy type of warm boot. Ladies your feet will love me and they are sooo much cuter than Uggs.. Meet Minnetonka!! These adorable Minnetonka Fringe Boots are literally my fav fall purchase so far. They keep my feet warm while still looking absolutely adorable. Above the fringe there are these Indian style studs that add more flair to them. Literally these are now my go to cozy boots! I also like to pair them with cute, little girlish over the knee socks.  When wearing the boots I slouch the socks down more and with other boots I wear them all the way up over my knee. In fact during fall/winter almost every outfit I wear I will put on a pair of what I call Cabin Socks. I call them cabin socks because I can imagine myself in a log cabin baking a pie with them on lol. Here are a list of my fav ones right now. Pom Pom Socks, Polka Socks, Ruffle Socks , and finally Button Socks.

Next as you might come to guess are my fav also for a bad hair day toboggans or as some of you call them beanies. Now I am very particular about my beanies as my hair is so big that the beanie actually has to be larger than most. I have found 2 brands that fit my large head and the best part is that both are extra slouchy and extra cute. So basically its a 2 for!! Plush  is my first love and I have worn them for years. They have the best basic beanies out there and are also lined with fleece so they actually are lined for the winter weather which is an added bonus. They also make some cute designed ones as well every once in a while! Now my 2nd lover in the beanie world I just discovered and I talked my credit card into needing it.. I have worn already about 40 times and its the Wildfox Knit Beanie . I swear it's like Wildfox got into my mind when creating this style. It is soo slouchy with a bohemian feel and a little extra flare with a removable gold logo on it. Every time I have worn mine I have gotten the most compliments... so you are welcome I am sharing!

Now for ultra cozy, snuggle up with your man sweaters!! This is my 3rd reason I love fall!! I adore oversized sweaters with shorts and tall over the knee socks like I mentioned above. I personally think it is soo cute, girly and casual sexy. Especially when the sweater slightly falls off your shoulder so see ladies you don't have to show it all to be sexy. Men will appreciate it trust me. Here are a list of cardigans and sweaters I own and some I will own very soon! Rugby cardigan, Hooded cardigan, Cable Knit Sweater,  Unif Sweater, Boys Club Sweater and lastly My Fav Sweater.

I hope you guys enjoy this post and love fall stuff as much as I do! I honestly love the weather here in Cali however anytime I can wrap myself up and throw on some cozy fall/winter apparel I will! Now cozy up and grab some homemade cocoa here is my recipe:)

Homemade Hot Cocoa

1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/8 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon Vietnamese Cinnamon 6 1/2 cups hot water

In a large saucepan, combine sweetened condensed milk, cocoa, vanilla, cinn and salt; mix well. Over medium heat, slowly stir in water; heat through, stirring occasionally. Don't boil and top with marshmellows to make it extra creamy!

Height? Why not ....

I have always embraced being a short gal and still do because it can be fun and I can cut through crowds like a mofo... However, as much as I am confident in my height there are days and times where I would love to have a little boost and some supermodel legs. Now I could go and get leg lengthening at a very expensive and also painful, painful surgery price that only gives up to 2 inches of a difference, or I could just add my friend Derek's Lift Kits in my shoes that I can jack up to almost 3 inches pain free! Yep, you guessed right I will go with the kits any day over surgery. Even though Derek is a dear friend and I swear I am not biased.. his invention of Lift Kits are nothing short of pure genius!!! I finally got my pair and honestly was beyond impressed within 2 min.... I sent him a text that literally said " thank you, you are soo talented and smart" because that's all I could think of.. The instant I had put them on my legs looked thinner and more toned.. Yes ladies more toned! My butt was more lifted and looked like I had done the squat challenge but without actually doing squats!! I honestly took a butt shot selfie because it looked so good that I am saving for a rainy day lol.  Aside from the added height, better ass, more toned legs, there was another perk that I did not feel til the next morning... yes a workout! I swear I woke up and my calves were sore as I wore them all during my work day. So not only will you appear to have better legs and butt instantly, these kits will actually give you better legs because it gives you that extra perk so think "stripper aerobics with heels" just minus the moves and the heels ha..

From that moment on they made my MUST HAVE list as I cannot imagine a life without them now! I have since worn them in sneakers, boots and heels, to the gym even for an extra workout and to a dinner.. of which someone did compliment my legs btw! I never keep secrets so I took the lift kits right outta my shoe and showed the girl my secret and she was soo impressed she loved them and had to try them on! I don't believe in keeping beauty secrets, as women we should support each other and let each other know the newest  trend.. I honestly feel bad for those girls in other countries that are laying in the hospital recovering from their knee surgery jacked up on pain killers screaming that their doctor isn't Derek White! If only they knew about lift kits!!! I have the half LiftKits  for more of my high heel shoes and a booties and then for my sneakers and boots I have the Whole LiftKits. I like these for flat boots and sneakers because they give more support all the way down your whole foot and doesn't seem like you have anything in your shoe.

Now these are not just made for women.. In fact they were made for men first. Men have been wearing these forever, can you say yes Tom Cruise and Robert Downey Jr. we now know you're secret. Yes you heard me right these men and most men in Hollywood wear these as the women can be taller sometimes and the men need a way to give them height without an obvious add on to their shoe. Sooo that's when Derek started sending out his invention and it has been a hit among men ever since. It gives you just enough height to be a few inches taller and more confident amongst the longer legged gals! So no more Napoleon syndrome.. pop these in and have the confidence of Shaq. If you are wondering how does she know Shaq has confidence? Well I do cause he is huge and he is The Shaq Attack bottom line. However, maybe Shaq uses Liftkits.. ya never know and that's the beauty of it! Here is a link to the The Game Changer Kits .. I feel like the name says it all..

With a tag line of " Life's short, you don't have to be" I feel like there is really nothing else to say because life is short.. but now you can choose the days you want to be short.


Rock Glamour

When my Holy Grail of a Hairstylist  Marissa Marino asked me to be a model for the Nine Zero Open Fall look book I was beyond excited especially when she said it is a rocker edge and teased beyond belief! I saw the makeup inspiration pics and fell in  love as it is rare I do my make up that smokey. Y'all have been asking what products I used so I wanted to do a blog and share as this might be my fav sultry make up look I have tried on myself. I pretended to have the balls of Courtney Love, with the appeal of Blondie mixed with my glamour idol Bridgette Bardot. To start I always use my Eve Lom Daily Moisturizer to prep my skin. To get a dewy complexion I used my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector. I know I have talked and talked about this product but the reason is simple.. It's AHMMAAZZZING!!! Bottom Line. I use the Pearl and Moonstone in it as I love both. For foundation i have fallen in love with Eve Lom's Tinted Moisturizer . It is gorgeous!! and I feel like it actually covers more than most while still gettin all the benefits from their skincare line. For concealer I used Kevyn Aucoin Skin Enhancer in # 5 After I apply this I go lightly back over with the Becca to give it more of a dewy finish. If you can't tell I would bathe myself in this stuff and even slather it on after the bath and probably eat it if it was FDA approved! I set my makeup with again a new favorite that I will never not have in my makeup bag and my kit for clients! It is gorgeous!! I hate HD powder.. ( I know go ahead and critique me ) however I hate matte and I hate anything that can look ashy. This Nars Translucent Crystal powder is beautiful on all skin types as it just leaves the softest, most wonderful sheen I have ever seen and looks flawless on camera. Another great point on this powder is while it controls your oil yet picks up any lighting change, it also helps minimize pores and fine lines. And ladies we all know we want to hide that sh*t!!!

For Bronzer I used here Nars Bronzer in laguna . I go back and forth between bronzers but wanted to be honest about the exact products I used in this look. For Blush I used Girlactik in Bora Bora it is a beautiful peach/pink color with golden hue. Now for the sultry goddess in us all the EYESSSSSS... To achieve this rock glam look that was actually so simple and not that many products. I prepped my lids with Urban Decay Primer . Next take Stila in Eden and apply all over lid to crease and slightly above but not into the brow bone.. NEVER into the brow bone!!!! Next take Nars Cordura shadow and apply the lightest color from lid to crease, next apply the darker color in the crease to deepen the color. I then smudged the lighter color under my lower lash line a good amount. I wanted it extra smokey so I did it pretty low under the lash line. I then smudged and lined my waterline with Guerlain Kajal Kohl Liner and smudged it out under my lash line and on top to get even smokier and more rocker appeal. Next I applied Ardell Wispies and then smudged more liner on top of that. Coat it with your fav mascara and you are done on the eyes!!!

To finish off the look I used Becca Nougat liner and Buxom Nudist lipstick !

That is all on the makeup side!! Only 3 eye products to achieve this look and you will look like you Joan Jett and Bridgette Bardot had a baby... and that after these easy steps that baby would be you.. Now go jam out with your clam out ladies!!!

Kisses, Hugs, and Pinches!

Why not turn your body into a wonka factory and heaven?

Ok Ladies, if we are being honest with ourselves we know the way to a man's heart is through his belly and we also know they usually ask "where is the dessert" ... Well sometimes we have it and sometimes we don't ( I usually do because I eat half the pie myself) but when you don't I am sure he won't complain if you just so happen to smell like something sweet.

I have always used some of the products from Booty Parlor, Jessica Simpson kissable line and many more. I am going to list my fav products for y'all to smell delicious when you are around the male species.I'm gonna start with Booty Parlor. One because the name alone is great but they have fun, cute amazing products as well.

My all time favorite is their Kissable Shimmer Body Powder this stuff is amazing and not gonna lie I have maybe dipped my finger in it when the line at Chick fil A is too long. It comes in 3 amazing, tasty flavors.. My personal fav is the toasted marshmellow as it is a beautiful golden shimmer that looks gorgeous on your collarbone to make them pop. The next 2 are Cocoa Bronze which is a deeper bronze color and Candy Pink which tastes like Cotton Candy and comes in a shimmering pink shade. Use these anywhere you might want to get kissed at but be careful he is NOT a vampire as it tastes so good he might bite right on through you!


My next fav from them is Skin Honey it is a water based formula that hydrates and relaxes your body. It is filled with honey extract, goji berry and ginseng to give you a boost and taste like Strawberries.... It smells like you are running a strawberry farm and its fantastic!


Another trick is to put Watkins Vanilla behind your ear or on your neck.. Yes the Watkins Vanilla you bake and cook with... I swear it smells like you have been baking your man pie's all day and maybe you have and maybe you haven't but either way you will smell like it. Also random fact mix a teaspoon with 1 cup water and spray on skin.. Bugs hate it! However when wanting to smell good do not dilute! 


Now this is a secret I have only given my friends.. It's actually not really a secret but I am gonna pretend it is .. Amazing Grace perfume literally is in my mind the most wonderful smelling perfume in this world.. I have worn it for 7 yrs and still get asked what I have on. Men love it and women love it.. 


The last thing I use is the Amazing Grace Body Oil hydrates you and makes you smell like heaven all over your body! The best part about Philosophy is their scents lasts.. I never have to reapply it and I go from work to dinner and still smell fabulous! 


Hope y'all enjoy! 



I will ...turn down for a NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE.. boom!




Ok y'all anytime there is a sale you will find me camped out barefoot with a coffee in tow. However because Nordstrom is soo amazing you can have a cup of joe, stay in sweats in the nice air conditioned house and shop their HUGE ANNIVERSARY SALE!! Yes almost everything is 40% off or more.. if you have a nordstrom card you can shop today online and if you don't then get your butt up early and go online to get these amazing deals! 

I am gonna give you a roundup of my fav items that are on SALE!! As you know I adore overalla these are just on sale not in their anniversary sale but who cares its still on sale! ha  Free people Denim Overalls They are now 88.00! Such a good deal and super cute! 

Next up Beauty Blender Sponge Normally 34$ but now 22$.. If you do not have one of these in your makeup kit you have no clue what you are missing.. When you wet it and apply foundation you look like an airbrushed goddess with a smooth application. One of my Fav Beauty tools.

Well twist my nipple and call me Betty my FAVORITE Curling iron by Sultra Beauty is on sale! I literally just bought this one. The Bombshell Curling Iron is the best thing since electricity! I have all of them and I have them for my kit and personal use.. I just bought this one for my kit as I adore it and use it on myself.. You wanna how I get beach waves well welcome here she is! 

Boots!! I love boots and especially ones with a little edge to them.. I have these Steve Madden Military Boots however I paid full price so basically my credit card is bending me over and calling me stupid while smackin my butt... but whatever I love them and they look adorable with a fun, flirty dress.. They reminded me of the south and Granny and Ellie May which is why I got them and  I am sorry but gran had some swag going on!

I am loving this TopShop Basic Pencil Dress .. Basic staples are what I am all about.. Don't get me wrong I love a great print but pieces like this you can wear over and over and never go out of style! This great Shift Dress has a sexy element in the back to it so you might be covered in the front but you get to show a lil skin back there. Pair this with some cute boots and you will look cute and sexy!

Now I wear cardigans all year.. literally to the beach, in the winter everywhere at anytime! This adorable BP Waffle Cardigan would be soo cute with a basic V-Neck tee and denim shorts and boots. I love a southern, bohemian look and this is it and you can't forget the beanie to tie in my signature fav look!

Last but not least is the Apple of my Eye, the Bun to my Wiener,  the stuffing to my Turkey it is the Flannel Shirt !!! I get called out for wearing my red and black flannel but I don't care.. I love lumberjacks and day dream about becoming a lumberjack's wife someday and have a little plaid family and chopping wood.. Until Paul Bunyon comes along I will only continue dressing like his wife! 


There are all my fav's out of the sale and let me tell you it is HUGGEEEEEE but I am a simple girl and like the simple things as you can tell! I keep it basic, southern and bohemian.. and ladies remember only TURN DOWN FOR WHAT? A SAAAALLLEEEEEE





That time my lips made out with a strawberry in that Southern Heat..

When I was back home for my friend Ashley's wedding I could not have fell more in love with how everyone's skin looked! It was just so dewy, and glowy and wet looking but in a good way ha! The second I got back to California my skin wasn't as dewy and let me tell you I always love me so dewy goodness going on but I couldn't quite get that "southern heat glow". So I decided to come up with my own version of Southern Heat makeup and here it is.. First I always use and prep my skin with my Eve Lom Day Moisturizer with SPF . As most of you know I am obsessed with this skincare line and use all of it! Next I used Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Primer in Pearl  I use this all over my face, and neck to start with a nice glow. If you are more olive you want to opt for the color opal or moonstone.. I personally like moonstone more on olive skins, if you are darker in tone go for topaz as it has a rich, brown, golden color.

For Foundation I stay true to my Bobbi Brown skin finish with SPF this is a more sheer fluid foundation however I love it. It gives me enough coverage but if you want more look at their foundation stick or creme foundation as it is a bit more coverage. The reason I love Bobbi is because her products are not too heavy looking but truly made to enhance your natural skin. Next for concealer I do normally use the Bobbi Brown foundation stick however I need a bit more coverage and love Kevin Aucoin skin enhancers I use shade 4 and 5.. however I like more of a highlight and lighter concealer under my eyes. I have used this stuff in my kit for years and honestly it is one of my "ole faithful" products.. literally looks like you have been airbrushed! I apply it around my nose, under my eyes and above my brows, not my brow bone but literally above my eye brows and down the middle of my nose. I next buff that in and now comes the fun part.. CONTOUR!!!! LOL! The next product I am using I again have used for a while now and its ahhmmaazzing .. It does have a pricey tag, however it is well worth it in my opinion. Tom Ford Shade and Iluminate in Shade one this product literally looks like your skin where sometimes a powder you are able to tell that maybe those are not your cheekbones. I take the darker one and go under my cheekbones and around my forehead and blend in, next I take the lighter one and dab on tip of nose ( i never say let me powder my nose it's always let me go shine my nose" ha then along the tops of my cheekbones and a little on the cupids bow of your lips.

Normally I would set this with powder however I want the beautiful glow all those girls had from that southern heat that there is no call for any powder!! In fact let's add some more dewiness!!! This next product is all organic and is a great anti- aging balm along with a great cuticle balm and you can put it on your elbows and more. Geisha's have been using this magical balm for centuries so could be one reason they have epic skin after all that makeup!!  Think Egyptian Magic but more suited for makeup instead of a moisturizing cream even though it is one.. lol Basically if you put Egyptian Magic on during the day you might look like you slathered up with Vaseline where this Julie Hewett Camilla Balm will give you a subtle glow even more .. To apply take the product on your ring finger and dab over the highlighter in the Tom Ford shade and illuminate. This will enhance the glow of it. I hate wearing eye makeup during the day so take a little and put on your eyelids to give them a great glossy effect, at night add shadow and apply this over it for a sultry slept in look ( a personal fav of mine). For mascara I am still obsessed with Younique's 3D Fiber Lash.. That stuff make lashes soo long! I get mine at  . The seller Angela got me addicted so THANK YOU! Now to get a sheer wash of color on those cheeks I actually used the lipstick I have on my lips for the cheeks! When doing this with any bright color dab your ring finger on the lipstick and get the tiniest amount of color, then dab onto the back of your hand so it's not to bright and gently dab onto cheeks but just remain on the apples of your cheeks. I used this amazing bright, orange color from Nars called Heatwave this is the most gorgeous lip color! After applying it to your cheeks put it on your lips and this way you have a pop of color on your super simple makeup.

Final step Brows! I know I have said I love the Anastasia Brow pencil and I still do however being a makeup artist I am allowed to try different products and I love the Billion Dollar Brows!!! I still use Anastasia and Kevin Aucoin brow pencil in fact I used yesterday on set however in this photo I used the Blonde Brow Powder  I have naturally dark brows so I use the blonde just to fill them in a bit but if this were nighttime I would opt for a darker brow and go with the Taupe color.


I hope y'all enjoyed this I swear I am working on tutorials but I am not great at uploading and making them lol. I also want to note that not everyone will like every product I recommend as no product is good for everyone it is only my personal opinion and results I personally love. Also if you are oily this look and these products are not for you.. You should use powder versions of what I talked about!


Now go get that Southern Heat Makeup Look! photo (12)

Glossybox June Box!



Hey ya'll so I just started getting these boxes filled with perfect sample size products. Glossybox is an ultra feminine box that comes to your doorstep every month so basically it's Christmas every single month!! And who doesn't love Christmas? Well I do and after opening up the package and trying the products I am giving my review on all the products. 

As a makeup artist and hair stylist I try a lot of products and I love a lot of products however when I travel for work or leisure I wish some of my fav brands were actually sold in sample sizes and sadly most are not. However that is where Glossybox comes in!! I have now used these products in my travel kit and June's box is actually perfect for traveling as you always get dry when you travel and always to moisturize and there were 2 great lotions in June's box.


My fav product out of this box was the Platinume' Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy. I lovveeee hand lotions and after 10,000 times of washing my hands and using alcohol to get off some of that waterproof makeup I have on the back of my hands from work I need something INTENSE and this hit the nail on the head. I know I am a softy for any types of lotions, cream and so forth but honestly this not only smelled good it was crazy in the hydrating spectrum. I now keep in my purse and have actually ordered more as I think it will be a nice treat to my clients as well. This hand lotion is also gluten free and paraben free and not tested on animals so basically its a knockout! 

Another great product out of the box was the Patagonia Ayres Body Butter. This ahhhmmazzing body butter left me feeling completely hydrated without that greasy feeling. With Vitamin E along with some essential oils of jasmine and rosemary it's not hard to figure out why this is a great product! I recently flew to Nashville and I brought this with me and it has a calming scent for an overnight flight that I massaged on my neck and chest to keep hydrated but also to have the essential oil calm my nerves and help me relax.

The next product was the Colorbloc Strange/Beautiful Nail Color. I am very basic when it comes to nails and don't do the crazy nail art.. although I do highly respect those gals. This was probably my least fav product in the box as maybe because I am not a nail polish person I don't understand it. I did like they stuck with the red, white and blue theme and girls can decorate their nails for July 4th but other than that I am more a drug store type gal on polish.

Rusk Texture Spray.. Now ya'll know I am picky about my hair and I honestly have used Fave 4 texture takeover forever and will always use. I thought this one smelled great and I would carry it in my purse for touch ups. I personally thought it was a little sticky on my hair but by no means was this a bad product.. I just have my favorites and the Fave 4 one isn't sticky so I'm in love with this one. However someone that needs maybe a little more hold would love this product! 

Last Product I loved was the Sumita Champagne Eye Shadow Pencil. Now I love easy products especially in the summer time and I love the idea of being able to smear it on and go and you can with this one! It literally did not crease and I actually wore it and hiked in it and was still on no smearing or creasing!! The color is  very subtle darker champagne color and has a slight shimmer. If I ever get to go on a vacation again I will for sure have this in my bag.. In fact i am gonna make it the reason to go on vacation as being a work a holic is getting exhausting and go figure I make my vaca needs about makeup lol. In reality this is a great pencil to have even outside of vacation especially if you have oily lids! I can't wait to check out their other colors!

Well that's it for my review on the June Box!! Obsessed with the lotions and the eye pencil!! These boxes are great gifts too as I'm gonna get my mom a subscription and see how she likes it. Hope ya'll enjoy this review and I am placing a code in case anyone decides to order it where you get  a free Ciate Nail Polish ( extra 15$ value) ! I can't wait for my July Box!!


Enter Code : Ciate at checkout 



Beach Bunny Beauty

Summer is officially here and ya'll have asked me for a go to  "no makeup, makeup"  look for those summer days. I love that this trend is finally catching on as I remember and sadly still see some gals wearing full blown 1990 beach makeup aka "club makeup". Don't get me wrong I am probably the biggest fan of the dark, chocolate brown smokey eye that put Cindy Crawford on the map and yes I will do a tutorial on that soon! However the beach is not the time to wear all that makeup. Here are some reasons, tips and product recommendations for your summer.  

The biggest problem with makeup under the heat in the dead of summer is 1. it is harder to stay on as you are sweating balls and 2. It's bad for your skin to not breathe when it is that hot as your pores are opening from the heat and all that makeup is going in them. This is the common reason girls break out more in the summer. So slather on that acne treatment at night ( Kate Somerville Eradikate is ahhmaazing) and tell your boyfriend to shove it if he comments on it and let your natural, beautiful skin show in the summer.

Opt for a tinted moisturizer.. I know you gals with some acne ( and trust me I am right there with ya) are thinking I'm crazy for just wearing this however I promise your skin will clear up cause it can breathe better. If you have spots you want to cover up more then just add more concealer in these spots, as it honestly will look like you have less to cover to other people as you aren't all cakey from heavier makeup. Also there are tinted moisturizers out there for all you oily skinned gals that is thinkin I for sure do NOT need any extra moisture. When setting the makeup I would choose a nice translucent powder. Here are my can't live without's ... Jouer Illuminizing Tinted Moisturizer The most common shades for skin are opal (fair) Golden (light ) Pearl (medium) Bronzed ( dark/olive) and for all you oily skinned gals Jouer Matte Moisture Tint . The most go to shade is probably Nude ( light to medium tones), Porcelain (fair), Linen (light) Chamomile (medium/dark). My go to translucent is Jouer Mattifying Translucent Powder .. I love their line especially in the summer as it is just soo light and easy.

When wanting to add a beautiful flush to your cheeks choose a nice stain. This way there is a no slip and stay all day policy and you won't look like a total rockstar with pink color stripped down your cheeks. The best part about stains honestly are that they are a 2 in 1 which means pop in on your cheeks and lips and when you are on vaca or at a summer beach party everything will just think you are naturally gorgeous ( and you are but hey why not cheat it a lil if ya can) ha! Most stains will last up to 8 hrs again nothing is completely water proof so if you rub your face in a towel like a frat boy in college chances are some is gonna come off. If you like more of a gloss then you will want to add lipgloss to these as they are matte. Also don't forget to shake them as they are mostly water and the first use you usually squeeze out a good amout of water. My go to water resistant stains are Becca Beach tints  my fav colors are Fig ( the perfect nude on your lips and a great natural blush on your cheeks) I also like Grapefruit ( true coral shade). If you like more shimmer go for their brand new Beach Tint Souffle versions which combine my coveted skin perfectors along with the beach tints for nice glow with color .The colors I like the best for these are watermelon ( great pink mauve shade) and of course fig I swear i am too obsessed with that color and Raspberry which is beautiful berry color and gorgeous on darker skin tones.

If you need a little faux glow on your face mix a bronzer in with your tinted moisturizer as if you try to use a powder or cream I promise you will look cray at the pool party from streaking! Here are some mix in bronzers I like.   Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in #10 ,  Jouer Bronzing tint  and  Dr. Hauschka  Bronzing tint  . Top off this look by combing and filling in your brows like in my previous blog " Brows, Brows, Brows"  and then pop on some waterproof mascara like Kevin Aucoin Volume Mascara as this stuff will not move at all.. like literally you are swimming with the sharks and yet your mascara is still not even touched! 

As far as lips go, whatever you used on your cheeks pop on your lips and enjoy a sunny day at the beach knowing that when every other girl is melting looking like a raccoon you are fresh and makeup in place! Hope you all enjoyed this blog I am gonna try and do more so you guys let me know what you want me to write about.. Til then enjoy your pink lemonade and don't forget to wear sunscreen!!!




If you weren't born a beautiful brown baby..

Due to the fact my momma decided to procreate with another insanely white person I turned out the color of mayo.. Just plain white. I always believe in embracing your natural self and being happy with what we were born with and I am however, I do prefer my skin more on the brown side. I wasn't born with beautiful, porcelain skin a la' Nicole Kidman or I might feel differently. That is why I have tried everything under the sun with it comes to tanning. If you have more olive skin you are lucky because you can truly us ANYTHING and it will look like you were sippin on a pineapple smoothie in Maui, however I will turn orange.

Here are some of the products I have tried and why they did not work for me. I want to stress again everyone is different and something might be amazing for you and not for me so if you use one of the products below it does not mean you should switch if it is working and you love it. Ok here goes my years of being streaked and orange...

Fake Bake : streaked and a little green even after it was supposed to turn brown.

California Tan : President of Orange R US

Xen Tan: This is amazing for olive skin gals and it smells delicious and they have different options... so if you are an olive skinned gal, this is fantastic! this is the one I personally have used on more olive clients.

Tan Towel : Like it for a very, very, subtle glow. I like it for travel and that is super fast and great for beginners as it is so easy. It wasn't dark enough for me but if you just want a little color it is ok.

I can't even begin to name all the drugstore gradual tanners that have turned one leg darker than the other and I was orange.. I have seen these work wonders on some gals but they have never worked for me.

St. Tropez Gradual tanner: Honestly I thought it was good but that was til I found my secret tanner :)


Kate Somerville: I adore your spa and think you should stick to facials because the tanner was ehhhhh...and made me want a scrub

Brazilian Peel Tanner: I def was NOT in Brazil... I was a streaky mess

Guerlain: This pains me because I adore your products butttttt I am better off without a tan in this situation.

St. Tropez Tan Bronzing Mousse/ Lotion and Spray : The only product I got a "brown" tan from however I was soo dry that my skin would itch like crazy!! I would still use it but I would scratch and look like I had ants in my pants. Also it would come off in patches

The Lindsey Lohan Tanner: It was the only thing I truly thing was a bigger mess than she was at the time ( sending prayers to her and happy she is getting healthy again) but please stay away from the tanner.

After being an dried out, streaked, oompa loompa on an orange tree for far too many times I care to count I found the PERFECT TAN! Not only is this product a beautiful, golden bronze but you can actually put it on and wear it that night as it gives you an insane golden shimmer that is STUNNING. Also it is sooo HYDRATING!!!! I am incredibly dry so anything that will hydrate me and not make me be all itchy and will go on smooth I am SOLD! This miracle product I am coveting is ST.TROPEZ DRY OIL!!!! I liked the other products St. Tropez had but they would flake off and the wear was like 4 days then splotchy. This tan literally is soo hydrating and soo naturally golden I am obsessed and can't get enough! Not to mention it literally lasts the 10 days like the company says it does and fades off soo beautifully not like the gross patchiness we all have had happen. This just naturally goes away. I apply it 2 nights in a row as I like it a little deeper. My skin is left hydrated, golden, bronzed and ready to sip on a peach or pineapple smoothie and pretend I am the Hawaiian brown baby I always dreamt I would be.

When I am going to event and want a lotion to enhance the color and add more sheen here are the products I love for lotions..


Prtty Peaushun This lotion is ahhhmazing to give you a glow for the night! I pair it over my tan anytime I have on a skirt or shorts. It comes in different colors for all different colors of skin which I love! I go between medium and deep.. Like I said I wish I was brown! If you are fair skin the light will give you a beautiful glow. This is my secret weapon lotion on set.

Hope you all enjoyed I have tried more tanners than listed however after 12 yrs of trying them I only remember the most recent..


Now brown those buns its summer!



Everday makeup made simple

Image Hey ya'll so because a lot of you asked I broke down my everyday makeup in 6 easy steps! Product links and how to.. Literally this takes me 15 min and is soooo easy! Of course I start with my Eve Lom skincare routine I posted in prior post, follow the next steps to achieve this easy no makeup/makeup look!

1. Foundation and Concealer. I have always used and will continue to use Bobbi Brown skin foundation I put it on with my fingers for a lighter coverage and with a Beauty Blender when I want a little extra. Next I place the concealer in the areas show above with the Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick I don't love their concealer as I like the coverage of the stick as a concealer and it last forever since it's supposed to be a foundation!! After placing on your face in the areas shown above I blend out with my finger as I believe your fingers are the best, cheapest tool you can have and the warmth helps it melt into your skin. Then I set it with Stila Illuminating Powder I hate powder so this lightweight powder is perfect for me!

2. Bronzer and Highlighter. I place the Bobbi Brown Bali Bronzer ( I know this says aruba but I buy Bali) I place it along top of forehead, alongside nose, and under cheekbones like shown in photo and buff out with a powder brush. Next I apply my can't live without it shimmer powder by Becca I am addicted to this stuff and I always put at the tip end of my nose and on top of my cheekbones.

3. Bobbi Brown powder blush in Peony just on the apples of my cheeks! So easy and I am obsessed with this color!

4. Brows and Lips ... I know I used to use and still do use Anastasia but here i am using a new brand as it just debuted like two days ago and I love it as well! It's Kimiko Brow in Coffee I want to be clear i still use Anastasia and highly recommend it but you asked what I had on in this look and well I ain't gonna lie to you so this is what I had on!!  For lips as always I use my favorite Becca Nougat lipliner literally I have 3 of them just to make sure if I lose one I still have a back up or two;) I love this pencil because the cream color on the opposite side helps make your lips look bigger and that is what I overdraw my lips with all the time!! I even will use it on my waterline to help my eyes appear bigger. You can also cover up acne with it if it's your color so it is a mutli use product which I adore!! For lipstick I used Hourglass Nude 2 and patted OCC lip tar in Hollywood over it

5. Use 1 coat of YSL Shocking Mascara .

6. Final Step!!! After applying one coat of the mascara add Younique transplanting gel to the lashes, next follow with their 3d natural fibers, then reapply the transplanting gel over it. Now if you want more drama which I always do I repeat that step ( gel then fibers) then add a second coat of mascara and my lashes are huge!! So all of you that wondered if I had extensions or wear fake lashes all the time you now know my secret!! It's Younique 3d fiber lash!! Literally this stuff is my best secret as everyday someone asks are those your lashes and yes they are but with a little help from fibers;) If you don't like a lot of mascara then skip your mascara and just use the transplanting gel and then the fibers and seal with the gel again.. You are gonna love this stuff!!!

Hope ya'll enjoy



Minimal, Easy, Bronzy, let's make a date!



Ok ya'll so as you might know I am obsessed with winged liner however yesterday morning i had to shoot for Access Hollywood and I woke up late ( go figure) but I was talking red carpet trends so I figured i might as well do one on myself and make it easy!! Well I loved it and did it in about 15 min which is great if you are in a hurry!! Here are the products I used and how I used them!

To get the bronzy eye I first did a neutral pink based shadow by Stila in color Eden I love this color in general as it is a good buffer shade I think. I applied it all the way to crease and slightly above to make it look like it was fading. Next I applied Stila shadow in Citrine it is part of their jewel shadow line and its amazing!! Be careful though and do the eyes first so it's easier to clean up. I took this shadow and actually applied it with my finger to get it more pigmented then buffed it out in the crease with a blending brush. After that i took a eyeliner brush and applied the shadow under my lower lash line to give it a slept in look.  I then applied Stila smudgestick eyeliner in stingray  in the waterline and really worked it into the lash line as well.. Topped off lashes with best mascara in my opinion YSL Shocking you can also buy it at Sephora


That's it!! Literally the easiest fastest bronze smokey eye!! Hope ya'll enjoy let me know if you have any questions!!! I am gonna post about skin soon so stay tuned pretty birds!!




Secrets to Flawless Skin!



Flawless skin is something every girl dreams of and hence why we pray at 15 for our teenage years to pass us by... that is til we now know that with age comes adult acne, scarring ( from those pimples at 15), sun damage and overall loss of hydration. I have tried just about everything as my skin has always had it's issues. I only hope these products help you as they have changed my skin as well as some of my clients. Some are reasonable and some pricey however, if they are on this list I promise to baby Jesus they ARE worth it!

If you are a drier skinned bird here goes! I'm gonna start with the one that literally made me eat off the 1$ menu for two months!! Eve Lom!!! I literally get hearts in my eyes over this product! This Eve Lom Original cleanser has honestly changed my skin completely. It only takes a little bit and you warm it up by rubbing it all over your face ( bonus is it tells you how to rub to help liven up your skin to enhance radiance ) then place the Muslin cloth it comes with in hot to warm water and hold on your face so your skin is absorbing all the essential oils that is packed in this cleanser. Then start rubbing off in circular motions and your makeup has melted off without stripping your skin or tugging to hard like a regular wash cloth does. Then place the cloth in cold water to close your pores! It is so easy and simple which is Eve Lom's way of beauty. The cleanser is an award winning cleanser and after much debate on trying it out I understand why. My skin texture has improved and I used to wake up with flaky, dry skin and I have not had that problem since using this and my breakouts have cleared up as it helps to decongest the skin as well. If you are hesitant on trying it out always purchase the smaller tub and I have been using for 2 months and I am not half way through the product as it only takes a little bit! I have not had a facial since I have used this product, so I look at it as a cheaper facial ha really the only way you can think about it and justify the price.


If you have more acne prone skin and first need to establish your ph balance or have oiler skin I would start with Cor SIlver Soap . This is more wallet friendly as you can try a travel size for 15$ and although clearing up skin isn't on it's list of things it does I promise it will!! Someone told me about this and gave me their travel size. At first my skin was a little itchy because it does dry out your skin a little so I would not recommend for really dry skin like mine. However, on the positive side it cleared up my acne and balanced out my skin so I was not breaking out as much. After this is when I switched to Eve Lom as I need something mre hydrating that helps acne. If you are an oily skinned gal then this would be great for you!! Give it more than week to change your skin and I doubt you will be going back to anything else...

Now my fav thing in the whole world! Moisturizer!!! I honestly believe it is my favorite thing in the world as my skin is more dry than a desert so to me my moisturizer is literally my everything. I have a few favorites but I will start with what I have been using and now am a lifetime customer to it and yes what I will hold down 3 jobs for... you guessed it .. Eve Lom TLC Cream . This cream is part of the reason my skin is constantly hydrated. My fav thing about this is that although it is a rich cream it does not break you out!! I just take a little warm it up in hands and press it into skin like you would an oil. It has arnica oil in it which helps with puffiness and in the morning that is a life saver as I can tend to get puffy sometimes. It also helps the cells turnover as my skin has a much more supple,smooth texture which I have noticed over the past few years has started to change.. ( gotta love getting older) so this is why I consider this my youth serum!!!

This next gem I have been using for years and it is a miracle and even if you have oily skin you can use it!!! It helps with bruises, acne, dryness, wrinkles, texture, scars and heartache ( ok , it might not help with that ) but it does everything else! I have all my clients addicted to this as f they have a blemish or bruise it will make it smaller within a couple days... Egyptian Magic  I have smaller tubs of this in my car as it is also a good cuticle cream and lip balm.. Especially in the dead of winter place on your lips and you will have kissable, soft lips overnight! Kate Hudson has been using this for years as well and let's be honest her skin is perfect! I switch off with this and my Eve Lom every other night.. I would not recommend you to use it before you apply makeup as it can get a little oily with the oils from makeup so only use at night or as a spot treatment. 

My final step is of course retinol! I only use once maybe twice a week as my skin is sensitive so I have to be really careful.. I use Skin Ceuticals Retinol Night Cream I would start with the  0.5 and build your way up... heck I am still on the 0.5! Every woman should start using some sort of retinol in their skin care routine by 25 at latest! Again, this is something you only want to start out with once a week then move to twice and listen to your skin.. if you start getting dry slow down and wait a while and then gradually start back up. I still pair this night cream with either Egyptian Magic or Eve Lom, I just wait abut 30-40 min for the retinol to soak in that way I get all it's benefits. 

Well those are my coveted secrets in my skin care and I promise I will not change as once you find something that truly works stick to it!! After 29 yrs I finally found my true loves in skin! Hope you all enjoy and feel free to ask questions as there isn't a lot I have not tried !



GQ look on Jessie James Decker

eric-decker-jessie-james So a lot of you have asked me what products I used on Jessie in this GQ shoot.. Well lucky for you one of my resolutions is to blog more and post links of the products I use, so I thought why not start with the one person ya'll ask the most about!! My best friend Jessie James Decker. 

I have known her for almost 8 yrs and been doing her makeup most of the time. We always stay true to her beauty icons of Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch. For this issue of GQ we wanted glam but not super overdone. Here are the products I used on her skin to get a flawless, bronzed glow. 

For her flawless skin I always use Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in shade #153  This foundation is perfect for photo ready makeup. It gives a flawless finish and great coverage, however it still looks like your own natural skin. For concealer on shoots and in this one I used my fav product ever Kevin Aucoin skin enhancer in #8 and #10 . The tricky part about this concealer is that it is thick and needs to be used very, very sparingly. Also, with this one you must blend and warm up on your hand to help it melt better into your skin. Next apply under your eyes and bring up to your hairline to help highlight and contour your face.. I set her makeup with Make Up For Ever multi-use powder foundation. Most people love a translucent powder, however I love one with a little color a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. 

For her bronzy glow I use Tom Ford shade and illuminate in intensity one.  .If you are not comfortable with cream DO NOT use this product. It is very expensive and you need to be 100% sure you can work with it..I only use this for photo shoots only not meant in my opinion for a day to day basis..  If you are not comfortable with a cream and want something for more everyday use go for a more price appropriate option like Bobbi Brown in Bali which is what I went over the Tom Ford with in this shoot.. Also it is a fav of Jessie's and she uses it everyday almost as do it! To get a glow I lightly dust Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone on her cheekbones, above her lips and on the tip of her nose. This is the exact product I use to get my glow too.. Its my can't live without product!!!

Finally for her cheeks I actually use a lipstick in a very sheer peachy/nude color and I also use the same on her lips.. I use Hourglass "the nudes" lipstick in #2  and dab it along the apples of her cheeks for a very subtle wash of color. I then take the Bobbi Brown lip liner in Beige and slightly over line her lips.

I know it seems like alot of steps but keep in mind this is what I used in this shoot not for everyday makeup.. Studio makeup needs to be a little more in depth and this is what I used to create Jessie's skin in this shoot and how I do it for most of her shoots.. Hope you guys enjoy!!!